Sunday, May 17, 2009

Market can make a Gap up opening by over 500+ ......on Monday......

The verdicit is out.Congress is going to rule.That is a welcome mandate by the people of India as they have voted for reforms and has given a clear mandate to Congress to go ahead with reforms.
Market has got just it wanted.Stability.Market was in doubt what can be the outcome of the election but now as there is going to be a stable government , market will show it full color in next one year.Now I am sure that my projection of touching 21k in by Dec 2010 is going to happen.It may even happen early and we may see even a new high by DEC 2010.
The new high may just not be just couple of thousand points but almost 40-50% above the previous high.Yes, you are guessing correct.We can touch 30k.
The stable government will infuse confidence in FII's and they are going to pour money in billions. India will again will be a hot destination for FII's and Pension Funds.
I again write that those who have invested in Cash gr stocks with good fundamentals will be able to make big return from the market.Cash gr is going to blast like anything in next 6 months and people will curse themselves for not buying stocks at such a low level.
But stocks which I have written here time and it A gr or Cash gr.
Seimens , ABB, Areva, Alsthom , L&T , Thermax, are going to be the star performer in next 3-4 years.
The sector to watch out are Power(Hydel power,Thermal Power,Nuclear power),Infra, Realty,IT,Cement,Water Management, Ports ,Irrigation ,PSU Oil co(HP,BP,IOC) are some sectors which needs to lookout for.I will discuss other sectors in times to come.
But these are hot sectors.
I can't say anything about Monday.We can even go up by 1k points and more.The election has given a new confidence to bulls .One of my friend asked me about the market reaction.He asked me if there will be any market reaction after say market touches 12500-13000.
He asked me before the elections results were out.
I told him that market can surprise Bear like Market surprised Bulls in year 2008.I told him that as market went down straight from 21k to 7700 without any proper pullback rally and bulls were grind to dust , the same can be in store for Bears as well.Market can go up and up without big correction which bears may not be used to of since last year and a half.They are already seeing the trailer since last 2 months as market hs gone up by 50% without any big correction and the election has given strength to bulls .

The year after election has always proved good for market and seems to be the same this time too.But the crux is , to predict what can happen and how much maket can go up and which stocks will go up and which sector will outperform the sensex.

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  1. Dear Rajeev,

    Hope market will hit uppper circuit tomarrow.

    I want to know what are the Cash Group stocks as mentioned in your above post.