Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Has the trend changed?

Has the trend changed?That is the moot question that is in the mind of investor.
Some are asking me whether mid/samllcap rally will continue?

Well,looking at the global scenario it seems that trend has changed.Don't go by Marc Faber interview.They know nothing about Indian Market.Even Jim Rogers do not know anything.
But according to me the trend has changed and every fall or reaction is a buying opportunity.
The only thing I would like to write here is don't look at stocks which are still to show the performance.Buy stocks which are already giving good results and they are plenty.
I have written many times here recently that 21k can be crossed by Dec 2010 and sensex even may make a new high of 30k by dec 2010.
The momentum seems again gaining the velocity and FII's will come in droves to invest here.Some atleast $20-30bn is supposed to get invested through FII in 2010 and just imagine what can happen then.
Don't look at the prices,how much it run up.Good stocks are going to be lapped up by HNI's etc.
There will be reactions but I am afraid to say that we may not be able to see the Oct 08 lows or Mar 09 lows.
I don't understand what one have to look at for a stock like PSL ltd ?It has already got Rs 6,000 cr order and it is giving an eps of 24 even in this slow economic scenario.Even at 150 it is a buy.
Gremach Infra is having Coal Mines in Mozambique with 75% stake.What does one wants?The promoters are increasing the stake.
XL Tele is one of the best co in the Solar sector.Just read all the annoucement at BSE Site.
I am doing nothing here.I read all the annoucement and give a call here.No inside info nor any operators calls.I don't need to have that.
I gave a call on IndoCastle MultiMedia and it has started running.The only thing I have got is I track most of the stocks and any one can do that.The thing that is needed is PASSION.
My old call of Jyoti Ltd is also a great fundamental stock.It is back to Rs 50.
Just try to follow stocks which I use to write here.I do not give detail analysis for each and every stocks because I wants you all to find information so that you have your own conviction to hold it.
I have written here many times that if the stock is not going to give multibagger return I don't even look at it.Keep this always in mind.I may go wrong sometimes in my pick but that happens to everyone.
Sriram EPC, Madhucon Pro,JMC Pro,Jaihind Pro, Marg Const,PSL Ltd , Patel Eng, Era Const etc are multibaggers in making.Without Infra India is never to be going to a force to reckon with.It is the back bone of next bull run.
Power sector is another sector to look upon.Kirloskar Elec is a Gem of a stock and one needs to buy at this rate even.It has doubled from where I wrote to someone but still it is a buy.
I am seeing that TRF Ltd is going up and up.I gave a call to my friend at 230 some thing it is 560! Wow!There is a Bonus meet for TRF.
Some day India is going to dealinged from the global movements .It is going to happen one day that world market will be down but our market will go up.
The left out feeling is going to happen from now on.Everyone is going to feel like that.


  1. Dear Rajeev,
    Yes you are right . It makes no sense in selling stocks like PSL, Madhucon etc where we will make atleast ten times returns in the next five ten years.

    What do u think about HEG LTD ??? Do u think it is also a multibagger in the making ?

  2. Yes Mitz,
    HEG Ltd is a multibagger in making.

  3. Tnx . Now my entire portfolio consists of potential multibaggers.

    Enjoy ur profits too and yeah some day u can disclose ur real identity too. Would like to know by which nick name u wud be written bout in the newpapers....'silent operator, pink panther......'

  4. Hey Mitz,
    Silent Operator is a very big man, very big and Pink Panther is also very big operator.
    Pink Panther is also known as Big bull and also as One Man Army.
    Silent Operator is a real silent guy and very less people knows him by name as well.
    I am no where near to them.
    Then there is a Lord of the Ring and one known as a man in White and White on and so forth....

  5. Ha ha...Gosh so many people and i dont even know even one of their real names except "one man army" and that too only because u mentioned it sometime back.

    So what would u like ur alias to be ?? Nyways i guess u must still be in the US . How r things coming along out there.

    Some change in sentiment i presume. But are ground realities changing. I mean are people a lil more relaxed and have started living a normal life or are they still worried ?

    And i hope u r doing great out there !!

  6. Hi Rajeev, nothing beats the success of small and micro caps.

    Just saw the previous quarterly results and past 10 years financials of PSL and XL Tele. Looks good, time to get their post-mortem done tonight.

    I too like to read the announcements as they get the company quarterly results through fax (and also other info) before any other source.

    I have created a feed and added in the reader for more easy tracking. Might be useful for you too.

    Good posts (reached here via Twitter).

  7. Thanks Pratyush for the link......

  8. Dear Rajeev,

    I want to know your advice on
    whether it is the time to accumulate the shares like; Sujana Tower, Xl Tele, SBTL, Indowind, Vijaya Bank, PSL, HEG, Marg etc or wait for another correction which is expected by July'09. All your recos are performing well and most of them are in UC.


  9. Hi Jaypal,
    That is the delima people are feeling.Whether to buy now or wait for correction.
    But suppose if we wait for correction who knows when it is going to come and before that market can run or stocks can run up and in reaction which we expect it is still higher then the present price?
    So best things is buy 25% now and then wait for correction.Don;t miss the opportunity to get in....

  10. Dear Rajeev,

    Thanks for your advice.

    Best Regards,