Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hats Off to Bulls.........NIFTY UP BY WHOPPING 650 POINTS

Hat off to Bulls.............I have no words other then this to describe this annihilation of bears by Bulls. This upper circuit must have brought many heart attacks for shortsellers.
Heard that Shankar Sharma was in good mood even though market went up.Someone asked me why he was not perturbed.I told me he must have no short position and must have misguiding people from wire media to short but he was not.That is a glaring example of how big heads make fool of investor.
I also heard that one of the most respected person and a veteran in market who use to recomend stock on fundamentals also shorted market and was sure that the verdict will not be so good and we are still in bear market , didn't cut the short position on Friday expecting fractured verdict.Seems he must have made a Huge Loss...........as NIFTY UP BY 650 POINTS.... is not a greart scenario for shorters.650 points in a day for Nifty is HUGE.....
Bulls were moulded and grinded to dust for 12 months for entire 2008 and Bulls picked up the great occasion and left no way to leave bear any respite for an inch.
When I talk of Bulls I have only one name in my mind and that is .........a man known as Big Bull.Yes, the man fondly known as Big Bull.He is the only bull who can do such things when the chips are down in global economy and world is seeing the recession and still Indian market can go for Upper circuit.
What a day it was!No one imagined that Bulls can retaliate in such a manner.
Big Bull is the main man behind this whole massacre for bears.People do not believe that he is active but he is and he is the main driving force of a Industrial House MF's and his personal asset.The only person who is also known as ONE MAN ARMY can only do this and no one in the world can do it.
Well, for taking one or two stock in UC for whole day is possible but holding the market in UC (upper circuit) is not a child's play.It needs an expert hand to do it and that too who has courage and capacity what to do when .Like if selling comes that needs to be absorbed too at the same time otherwise the circuits gets open and market can't have another circuit.
Keeping the market for 20% upper circuit for whole day is surely a very daunting task to undertake and that was done with very great precision , just like doctor use to operate a body with seccisors and with steady hands.
I got the news on Saturday itself that market will go for upper circuit but refrained from writing it here as anything can happens when Bears have made loads of money and to keep market in UC for whole day is an Himalayan task.But they did it.BB did it.One man army did it.No one else has the guts to do it and take on bears.He did it in Akruti Ltd as well and also in Educom as well.
These are my guessing and hence one need to believe it the way he wants to.
But after being in the market for 24 yrs I can guess all these things.I have not met anyone personally but I know the modus operandi of many operators and I can smell who is behind which stocks.That is all due to my experiance and observing the market and trying to find all information from every which way I can.I read a lot.

The resistant of 12700 has been crossed very easily and it is way up from there and market can still go up by 20% in the rest of the week.
Experts says that global scenario has not changed but the thing that has happened is ,India has got a clear mandate and with no interfearance from LEFT.As Samir Arora rightly pointed that not seeing Mr.Prakash Karat on TV is itself 500 points for sensex and if we add Mr.Sitaram Yechury then it can be 1000 points.
Dr.Manmohan Singh will be able to go for reform in full flow and disinvestment of PSU can materialize.This is a big victory for India that a stable government has been formed and that a person of great economic knowledge is at the helm of affairs.It was the same Dr.Manmohan Singh who opened the gate of FII's in 1991 and Harshad Mehta, the original BIG BULL, took the market(Sensex) to dizzy heights from 1800 to 4600 in couple of months in the year 1991.
I wrote at other place that market is hinting some good news coming and the members are ignoring it.They were all bearish and still are bearish.They are still scepticle about the market and expect market back to not at 7700 but at 5000! ............Lol............that is hilarious..........
US housing sector is getting stable and financial crisis is not claiming any more casualty and that is enough for Bulls to make a bull market world over.Let us see what happens in next one year.
Some one asked me about my list of cash Gr stocks which I listed here couple of months back.He needs to look at my past post or if someone can paste it here for others.


  1. I dont know what to say. Still wondering if this is true or am i still in my beautiful dream. I feel terrible that i sold some of the good stocks before election.But still its part of the game. Sujana towes is still at 20 and it can easily double from here. same is the case with Madhucon projects and Gremach infra,xl tele.


  2. Dear Rajeevji,

    Could you please tell where we can find information about promoters for specific company.