Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mr Market up by 700 points.........

400+700 = 1100 in 2 trading session ! What can it called?A Bear market rally or a start of a bull market.
I wrote here that this rally can take us to 12200 to 12500 way ahead of any analyst predicted.
12200 is already achieved.The rally can still go for more 500 points.There should be a reaction after that but after that 3200 is going to act as a great support level.
There are stocks like Areva, L&T,Seimens,Alsthom, Thermax,Patel Eng,ABB are my favourite counter having great fundamentals.One can blindly buy them.Even if someone buys at this level and they goes down one need not to have worry as they will have a comeback anytime.
The shorts that are still there will take the market more up.But there is a clear sign of global economy turning around.I am bullish on our market.
Seen the XL Tele result.It is bad.XL can go down but I have faith in my pick.It will bounce back at appropriate time.
Have faith in my picks.One of my reader was telling me that Kwality Diary is now 140.I also saw that Mastearos Mediline is still at 50.
My smallcap pick like SKS Logistic,Kirlos Ferro,Jayaswal Neco, Jyoti Ltd etc etc will go up when the time will come.
But this is the best time to buy Cash gr stocks.Buy as and when one have money.Have conviction.Try to find everything you can.Have a time of 2-3 yrs so that you have not to worry and remember what I have written.Sell 50% stocks as soon as it doubles and keep the rest FREE.That is the best way to invest.
Buy 200 and sell 100 at double.Buy 300 and sell 150 at double and keep the rest FREE to have the maximum profit.
Market is defying all techincals and charts.Had any chartist predicted of 700 point rally todaay?I don't think so........
If charts were so great to guide you then anyone could have become millioner but that has never happened.All the wealth created by big name in stock market viz: Warren Buffet,Peter Lynch,Rakesh Jhunjhunwala,Ramesh Damani etc have made money by investing.Had anyone seen these people talking of charts or technicals?


  1. Dear Mr. Desai

    i have been follwing your blogs for quite sometime. is it possible that you can provide me with you personal email id.

    thank you
    best regards
    amit khatri

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  3. Hi Rajeev,

    I have seen in the news that Maestros Mediline is planning for buyback not more than Rs.75. The buyback is planned to be completed within oct, 2009. I think that news is keeping it at 50 level.

    I have observed a same scenario with Gitanjali gems, which is one of my investments.

  4. Hi Amit,
    You can mail me at desairi@yahoo.co.in