Friday, December 4, 2009

CCAP Ltd.....cmp Rs 41.70......

CCAP Ltd is my old call at mmb between 15-20.It is long time back and one of my reader here reminded me about it as well as CCAP was going up.
10-15 days back when I saw the price it was around 30-32 and now I am seeing the price of 41.70 and hence I decided to write it here before it shoots up more.....
The reason I had a look when it was 30-32 was that there was an open offer at Rs 80/share when the price was just 32....means when I read the annoucement the price was 32....and now it is 41.70 because the open offer is now closed......

CCAP - Open Offer :

Announcement: 7th Aug 2009...

Sumedha Fiscal Services Ltd ("Manager to the Offer") on behalf of M/s Ramayana Promoters Pvt Ltd ("Acquirer") has issued this Public Announcement ("PA") to the Equity Shareholders of CCAP Ltd ("Target Company"), pursuant to Regulation 10 & 12 & other applicable provisions as required under the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Takeovers) Regulations, 1997 & Subsequent amendments thereto ("Regulations").The Offer:The Acquirer is now making this open offer to the shareholders of Target Company (other than the parties to the Agreement) to acquire from them 7,14,033 fully paid up equity shares of Rs 10/- each, representing 20.00% of the subscribed equity share capital & 20.07% of the voting share capital at a price of Rs 80/- per fully paid up equity share ("Offer Price") payable in cash ("Offer or "Open Offer") in terms of Regulation 20 of the Regulations. As on the date of this PA, Target Company has 12,500 partly paid up equity shares of the face value of Rs 10/- each & the total amount of allotment money in arrear is Rs 43,000/-. The Offer Price for partly paid up equity shares shall be adjusted to the extent unpaid as per Regulation 20(10) of the Regulations.Schedule of Activities:Specified Date - August 21, 2009Date of Opening of the Offer - September 23, 2009Date of Closing of the Offer - October 12, 2009 ....

My Comments:
Well , the open offer is closed 12th Oct which was the last day.......and the stock hass started moving up because it is still below the open offer the price should atleast catchup with the open offer price.
Well, it may not always happen like that but it seems to be case here....
Before buying DD is a must.
Herein also , there is one more stock to take note of that....any guess?
Well, the stock in talk is Sumedha Fiscal (I hope readers find this name in this post )and it is a listed entity and it is the Manager of the offer and they will get good money from this type of work.So the point to be noted here is one needs to see who is the manager of the offer and if the name keeps coming with some other offers then we need to understand that the Co is having a very good name for the open offer management as generally the manager use to value the co and put a price for open offer.....
So, friends according to me Sumedha Fiscal is looking good and I have given a call at other forum in last bull run around 10 and it went on to touch something like 28.....
Sumedha Fiscal is a Calcutta base brokerage co ....
Now in very desi language I will say, ki ab Sumedha Fiscal ki janam kundali nikalo along with CCAP..........
Got it.......!


  1. Hi Rajeev

    Sical Logistics up 10% today with second highest volume on NSE since 2000. Any story shaping up.



  2. Amit,
    Don't try to find reason whenever any stocks goes up.
    It is a good co with good management.
    Market takes its time to read the value.Sometimes it is late sometimes it is early.
    When I say market takes time, read like, operators become active as they have cornered good junk of shares.
    For any stock to move up cornering is neccessary.There should be paucity of floating stock so that when people try to buy they do not get and when they do not get, people try again and again....and hence upper circuits for days togather.....
    Ecah and every stock needs opeartor to stock can run without technical terms, it is called Market maker...they are also called old terms..It is a bit complicated but I tried to explain...
    Why Geomoetric is running now?Went from below 50 to over 60 in a week?Had the fundamental changed?NO....that hasn't and still it went up...
    Kir Ferro is up from 27.30 to 33.80this week and that is a jump of 24% , Rs 6.5,now what has happened to Kir there anything new came out?No....

  3. Hi Rajeev,

    Many Thanks for your reply,Genuinely I must admit that your reply fully matches to my thinking and it has reinforced my confidence in what I think. Thank you once again for giving my confidence a boost up. Rajeev ji, I always feel that in stock market one should always check there assumptions about there investments. If your assumptions are resulting according to what you have thought it gives you great amount of confidence about your independent thinking, Which I feel is very important.

    Rajeev Ji, I read each and every word of your blog (though I am not that active participant in the discussions on various topics of your blog)which I started reading a few months back.

    I must give credit to you for such wonderful work you are doing to educate investors.

    I would like to meet you one day, I don't how and when.

    Best regards


  4. Hi Rajeev,

    I'm a new follower of your blog and found interesting ideas and discussions here. I wanna know your openion about these three stocks related to Carbon Credits (CC) - Navin (338), SRF(197) and Gujarat Fluorochemicals(135). As per today's news Navin got order of 5Lakh CC from UN. And it is expected that SRF will get 9.5 Lakh and GFL will get 15 Lakh CC orders.
    Which one of the three stocks do you think will benifit the most from these CC orders in terms of future valuation.
    I heard a lot about this CC thing and planning to invest in any one of the three stocks. And right now I am thinking of GFL. Which one would you suggest as the best scrip at current price?


  5. Raj,
    That is a very difficult question to answer.
    All 3 are great.....

  6. Hi Raj, I know you asked the Q. to Rajeev, and he said all three are good, I take the liberty to write my view-point on this.
    First of all, call of Navin was given to me by my broker when it was below 100. But as I read somewhere related to WB books, being cyclical industry , i avoided all chemical sectors. But after my discussion with Rajeev, I came out with open mind and decided to buy one of the 3 stocks. Purely CMP wise I thought Guj. fluoro was cheap at that time. So purchased at 165. But it came down to 135.Then again studied all 3 stocks, then I
    realized that GUj. Fluoro. is only FV-1, so if you make it FV-10, then it will be trading around 1350, which i thought very costly compared to other two. So I sold it with loss and on basis of better EPS choose Navin Fluoro around 300. Though I dont repent my decision, but may be SRF would have been better. All this is my personal thinking.
    And you will realize, RAJEEV will not spoon-feed you. You have to study yourself and decide on your own.
    Best Of Luck.
    With Regards,

  7. Thanks Vikas/Rajeev,

    I investegated about these three scrips and wanna have expert openion on this. What I found was that GFL is a big name with diversified buisness. On the other side Navin and SRF are quite smaller ones so will have much +ve/-ve change in their valuations even with small change in CC pricing or orders.
    And that is what my concern is whether to go for a diversified buisness or a specific product co...


  8. Hi Raj,
    Again my personal view. When you think of diversification, you have to make sure as Peter Lynch says its not diworsification.
    Let me give you few ex.
    Unitech going into already cut-throat competitive telecom industry. Also ITC going into FMCG sector where already many of established old companies are there.
    I would love it(if it happens) if Colgate buys Gillette India, some thing like that where one brand-name / consumer monopoly gets combined with another consumer monopoly. ITS THE BEST COMBINATION.
    While two competitive businesses together like Unitech is worse combination.
    I hope my point is clear to you.
    This is my personal view and followed from the New Buffettolgy Book by Mary Buffett & David Clark.
    But last decision is yours to take.
    With Regards,

  9. Nice example Vikas. Thanks for making me clear about this point. I'll surely look into this aspect before investing my money.