Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yashraj Containuers.....cmp..24.45.....Value Buy...

Yashraj Containuers is in containers and packaging sector.


Starting with the manufacture of metal barrels, of 180 - 235 liters capacity, in the year 1993, YASHRAJ has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of industrial packaging solutions in India with a wide range of standard and specialty steel barrels in different sizes and thicknesses with a choice of internal as well as external coatings and configurations. Since its birth, YASHRAJ has committed to Excellence through continual improvements in Customer service and product quality along with developments of new technologies and processes.
Easy access to raw materials manufacturers & customers, ready markets, fully automatic plant incorporated with latest engineering technology, well implemented quality management systems, innovative strategies give YASHRAJ significant advantages over its competitors.

Professionally well qualified, highly accomplished, experienced and committed personnel are the strength of this organization. Active participation of all employees in continual improvements and tackling real business problems helps them to learn practical insights and a pragmatic approach with a clear business focus, which in turn helps YASHRAJ to achieve its goals.

The Machine
YASHRAJ's strategically located fully automatic Steel barrel manufacturing plant at Daman is having an installed production capacity to manufacture 400 barrels per hour. The plant is equipped with machines from renowned manufacturers such as 'General Macchine Impianti s.r.l, Italy ( Main barrel manufacturing line), Thermax Ltd ( Barrel Pretreatment Line), Nordson Corporation, USA ( Hot Airless Spray Painting Systems), Deltax ( Electrical Resistance Welding Machine) etc.

Conveyors between each & every processes in barrel manufacturing, EOT Crane, Hoists and other low cost automations incorporated in the plant help to achieve minimum manual handling of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products.

Our properly designed finished goods storage space that can store 15000 barrels at a time and the designated trucks for barrel transportation are also playing their role in quality improvements.

Strict implementation of Total Productive Maintenance of plant and machineries helps to maximize processes reliability and optimum machine turn around & plant utilization capacity.

The Technology
Barrels are manufactured in our ISO 9001: 2000 Certified Daman plant under the dimensional and performance standards set by Bureau of Indian Standards, Indian Institute of Packaging, UN Performance Level or our Customers itself. "Electrical Resistance Seam Welding" technology (with an overlap of 2.2 mm) is used in Vertical Seam.The top & bottom lids are mechanically seamed to the body shell of barrel using "Triple Seam" technology that guarantee leakproofness of barrel.

"Three Stage External Barrel Pretreatment System" (which consists of Hot Degreasing, Rinsing and Passivation),there after water drying through oven ensure the elimination of dust, rust, grease, oil etc on the barrel surfaces before painting.

Hot Airless Spray Painting Systems, Paint Baking through a continuous oven and the barrel Cool - off system ensure safe performance of the product.

Specially selected and imported as well as indigenous barrel manufacturing machines equipped with Programmable Logic Control systems, aided by Siemens and Allan Bradly Softwares, ensure precise and fine control of the finished product properties.

Continual up gradation, implementation and strict Maintenance of world class quality has been the reason for YASHRAJ being a major success in the industry. We provide the best of our services to assist our customers to fulfill their requirements at a very competitive price through our design of custom made superior quality products and the use of special purpose manufacturing techniques.

This superior quality, the state-of-the-art processes and the committed work force has helped YASHRAJ to find a name for itself in the list of elite companies awarded the ISO, BIS and UN Certifications for its products and processes.

We offer various packaging options to our esteemed customers such as 'Closed Top' & 'Open Top' steel barrels in a range of sizes and thicknesses with a choice of coating for safe packing of materials for petroleum products and oils, chemicals and pesticide, paint and varnishes, food, pharmaceutical and hazardous chemical industries with a high degree of internal cleanliness, leakproofness and external appearances.


YASHRAJ Close Top steel barrels with a capacity of 216.5 liter, which are ideal for liquids, complies with IS 1783 standard or other major international standards for steel barrels as per customer requirement. These barrels also comply with stringent UN regulations for packing non-dangerous and dangerous goods in the packing groups 1, 2 and 3.

YASHRAJ steel barrels are provided with rolling hoops and thinner gauge steel barrels are provided with extra corrugations for better mechanical strength.

Electrical resistance seam welding of body shell, Triple seaming of top & bottom lids to the body shell and the superior quality systems checks implemented throughout all phases of barrel manufacturing processes ensure the best performance of the products.

Two openings of 2" & ¾" provided on the barrel allow easy and convenient filling and removal of materials. Gaskets ( rubber / nylon / plastic) on closures are provided depending up on the application of barrels at customer end.

Barrels are available in various sizes ranging from 180 to 235 liters and thickness of steel ranges between 0.8 to 1.25 mm along with a customer specification of external decorative paint coating which is resistant to humidity, sunlight and heat.

YASHRAJ barrels can be internally coated with a phenolic, epoxy-phenolic lacquer or a special coating in accordance with the customer requirement. Technical assistance is provided to customers to determine the suitable internal coating for their specific purpose. Different types of sealing compounds are used depending up on the compatibility of that compound with the product to be filled in the barrels while manufacturing barrels.

YASHRAJ offers special ISO barrels of 210 liter capacity For exporters, 80 of which can be stacked in one 20 foot freight container. G.I coated barrels are also supplied to customers for their specific purpose.


YASHRAJ Open Top Steel barrels are suitable for storage and transportation of liquids, pastes and solid substances. These barrels comply with UN regulations for packing non-dangerous and dangerous goods in the packaging groups II and III. These barrels also comply IS 13997 standard or other major international standards as per customer requirement.

The full open top removable cover and closure ring allow easy filling and removal of all contents, including high viscous liquids and powders. The full open top removable cover can be provided with different gaskets and 2" & 3/4" closures . The barrels can be provided with a Lever type or Nut and Bolt type closure ring. Different types of lever in various sizes and steel thicknesses and rings of various steel thicknesses
can be provided as per customer requirement.

Electrical resistance seam welding of body shell, Triple seaming of top & bottom lids to the body shell and the superior quality systems checks implemented throughout all phases of barrel manufacturing processes ensure the best performance of the products.

Open Top Barrels are available in various sizes ranging from 180 to 235 liters and thickness of steel ranges between 0.8 to 1.25 mm along with a customer specification of external decorative paint coating which is resistant to humidity, sunlight and heat.

Open Top Barrels, provided with rolling hoops and corrugations depending on the thickness of steel used in fabrication, are available. Customer specified plain open top barrel with out any rolling hoop or corrugations are also available. In addition to that, YASHRAJ also offers internal coated (with epoxy lacquer), ISO container type and Zinc coated / Galvanized open top barrels.


YASHRAJ Composite barrels have a double shell protection. The inner is a blow moulded plastic liner made from virgin high density polyethylene. This is surrounded by high quality cold rolled steel to provide unrivalled protection.

Composite barrels, in a capacity of 210 liters, are designed for packing dangerous and corrosive materials. These drums comply with UN regulations and Indian Institute of Packaging standards.

Two openings with 2" plastic closures are provided on the top lid of such barrels for filling and removal of contents. Vent holes or 3 /4" closure is provided on the bottom lid of barrels.

Electrical resistance seam welding of steel body shell , Triple seaming of top & bottom lids to the body shell, best quality plastic liners and the superior quality systems checks implemented throughout all phases of barrel manufacturing processes ensure the best performance of the products.

The chemically cleaned surface of steel barrel, special stoving enamel paints, high quality application of painting and paint baking give a cutting edge to YASHRAJ Composite barrels for excellent resistance to humidity, heat and sunlight.


Our client list includes leading companies in the government public sector undertakings, defence services and private sector companies. Few among our major customers are Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, IBP, Bharat Shell, Gulf Oil Corporation Ltd, Jubilant Organosys Ltd, Tide Water Oil Company India Ltd, Asian Paints Ltd, United Phosphorus Ltd, Reliance Industries Ltd, Micro Inks Ltd, Ranbaxy Fine Chemicals, Mitsu Ltd etc.

My Comments:

Yashraj Containuers is constantly showing great results and in last qr the NPM also went up.Need to see whether it get sustained or not.

Mcap of Yashraj Containuers is just 22 cr and sales is 112 cr means 5 times more then Mcap.Eq is tiny at 9 cr and hence looking excellent on fundamental front when we look at the earnings , its products and clintele list.

One of analyst who use to come on CNBC , not frequently, but use to come every 3-4 months or 2-3 months has taken stake in it and one can see his name in the SHP.I would not name him but would like to know from my readers who is he......He is there since 3-4 years and has not sold a single share uptill now.

Yashraj Containuer is looking good to me and I would recomend it as a buy as promoters are buying constantly from the market and I think in last couple of days they have lapped up some 1.75% shares from the market.

Well, friends I have given one more stock where one can invest at very early stage and reap benifits from it.

My call on CCAP Ltd which I gave on 4 th Dec at 41.70 touched 58 couple of days back and is still at 51 and that is a return of 40%.

Someone asked me that the stocks I recomends moves more because of market is moving up.It is not my picks that is good.If that is the case then he or anyone can pick any stocks and make millions.Anyone has that liberty to do that way.I have recomeded stocks in Mar 2009 when no one was ready to give a buy call for market or for any perticular stock.

I still say what I have written in past when market was bad and that I write it again.

It is easy to buy stocks when chips are down.It is always difficult to buy stocks when market is running or is good.When chips are down like we saw in 2008 all stocks were available at cheapest rate.L&T available at 557,Thermax available at 151 and many more like Siemens, Areva T&D,Alsthom Ltd ,Torrent Power etc ...these were A gr stocks where one has to just invest and forget...and I did recomeded in Mar 09. and one can see where they are now.So when chips are down u find everything at cheap rates but when market starts moving it becomes more and more difficult......

When market is good and when everything is running it is difficult to find stocks which are undervalued and that is what I am doing here......but if someone feels the otherway I can't help in anyway.Best thing is he should find stocks by himself and then buy it and see where it goes.I am not saying one can't do that.One can surely should be able to find stocks on his own and buy it.

There is no neccessity to visit my blog for my picks if one feels that my picks runs because market is running.


  1. That gentleman is K. R Bharat who is holding 170,000 shares amount to 1.89% of total shares in his personal name and he is MD of Advent Advisory Services P Ltd which holds 400,000 shares amounting to 4.44 % of total shares.


  2. hi,

    The promotor holding was 34.57 in sep 2008,34.51 in june 2009, 33.94 in sep 2009. So the share holding of promotor has come down. i also tried looking at the analyst but couldnt recognise him as i hardly watch cnbc tv 18.

  3. Heart,
    u r absolutely right.He is K R Bharat.....

  4. natraj,
    as I have written they are increasing stake since last 4-5 days.....look at the annoucement at bse site....

  5. please advise on sabero org

    i want to know is it worth buying at these levels

  6. Hello Rajeevji, your recommendations are right on target, I think no one can dispute on that, I also see in almost all your post that you mention to do due diligence before some one invest in any of the stock and I think that is the basic, but again as you mentioned if some one does not want to go by your recommendation they should stop visiting your blog, but the only thing which I would say is not many would share the thoughts as you do spending so much of time and effort for people to make money, in our world people do not do that easily, hats off to you sir, think who ever visits this blog their blessing and wishes will always be with you through out. Appreciate all your hard work and effort, take care.

  7. Dear Rajeev Ji,
    I do have great respect for you because It need lot of courage to advice people to buy something as you daily intract with them.what i feel is that I really gained from your blog and I am always thinking how should I obliged you.

    Rajeev Ji any view on Austral coke now rishi raj aggarwal daily offloading it stake. Their compliance officer is changed. Is their is any chance of revival like satyam as coal is becoming precious.

  8. Dear Rajeev,

    I have a question..Do I need to worry about this fact:
    This company has got debt of 76CR..Their sales may be 101Cr...but net profit is only 5CR that is after paying 8Cr Interest..They dont have any reserve as well..


  9. Rajeevji, on the moneycontrol message board there is a recommendation for Avon Organics, currently it is trading at around Rs.37, share capital is 22.5cr with 25cr of reserves but the debts are very high.The point to be noted is about the sales, the march 09 sales is almost double at 125cr as compared to mar08 of around 70cr, also the net profit is consistent at around 2cr per qrtr. It seems it has tied up with Ranbaxy-Dai chi for sale of some drugs, your expert opinion please.

  10. Hello rajeev ji, PAE ltd is now trading at around 46rs. U had recommended it around 25-30 i think. i bought only 500 shares at 32.50.. thanks for the lovely call. today some advisory company has given a buy call in PAE giving a long term target of rs 200/- Jai HO.

  11. Dear RajeevJi,

    Few months back i thanked you for recommending cat tech and you adviced me to book half of the profit when share gets doubled. Thanks for the advice and also for your recent recommendation PAE. Need to ask your opinion on Usha martin infotech. Lots happening there but not sure whether its the right time to go in the share and the fundamentals of the same. Needed your suggestion for the same.

    S Mishra

  12. Hi Rajeev,
    Back from my 1 week vacation.
    And WOW! PAE is absolutely on fire.
    Thanks Yaar!
    KPIT CUmmins is also running.
    As I was in hurry, not able to ask you, if Infosys is still a value buy at 2500 level?
    With Regards,

  13. sanjeev,
    Sabero Organics at 62 whereas I recomended at 32 means 100%.It means it is time for people who invested at that time to sell 50% and take the money out what they invested and keep rest FREE.....
    Sebero Organics is a very good and fundamentally sound co but it has already doubled so I am hesistant to give a call now to buy....need to see further how the growth is and then need to decide what to do...

  14. Dhiraj,
    I would not like to touch Austral Coke now.We are not sure whether they possess any coalmines or not...

  15. Dhiman,
    u gave me imcomplete information.U said they have np of 5 cr and pay9ing 8 cr for int but what is the eq?what is the price?
    But if the co can rope in strategic investor and place shares at even cmp and pay the debt then the int can become np and eps can go up and p/e will come down...and hence becomes cheap...

  16. Dhiraj,
    I do not track Avon so no idea...

  17. Saurabh,
    Do not track Usha Martin Info so can't write on that...

  18. Viaks,
    Infosys is a bluechip co.One has not to worry anytime to invest in it...ones money is safe here...

  19. Hi Rajeev any idea about Atul ltd.It looks promising

  20. Rajeevji, today also PAE Ltd up by 20% wats happening???? :-), kudos to you, thanks for this recommendation.

  21. Yes rama,
    Atul Ltd is looking good...

  22. Rajivji,
    Any idea about Confidence petroleum?

  23. Rajeevji, any further thoughts on kwality dairy, it got split and was trading at around 136 range, for a couple of days it was on upper circuit and reached around 145 level, but since then it is on lower circuit and is at 107 rupees, anythoughts on it about the reason its going down like this or if this is a buying opportunity at this rate.

  24. Dhiraj,
    Forget Kwality Dairy now....we need to find another Kwality Dairy...

  25. Hi Rajeev,

    Do you track C&C Constructions. This company has highest profit margins in industry and still approx 20% below its IPO price. What's your call on this, seems to be a good management. Healthy Order Book with Huge orders in pipeline. Looks undervalued to me. Promoters having 70% holding.



  26. Hi Rajeev,
    Posting here web-link from another good Indian thinker based in HongKong. He appears quiet genuine and logical. Hope you dont mind.

    And PAE is n tight grip of operators. we should sit back and enjoy the ride.
    With Regards,

  27. hi rajeev

    can you plz comment on prithvi info
    book value of 245 trading at 64.. eps of 24 why is it trading at so low pe .. should i enter this one

  28. hiiiiii ,
    rajeev what is ur view on anu lab, alok ind, firstsource and jp hydro for long term.

  29. Where can we see/get order books of a company?

    Yogesh Tiwari

  30. ravi,
    I do not track Pirthvi Info no view....

  31. Ashish,
    Do not track, Anu lab and Alok....FirstObject looks good but mt friends says it is a dubious co..JP Hydro I already recomeded it in Mar09 at 27 view now...

  32. Yogi,
    Difficult to tell where one can get the orderbook of any co..

  33. Hi, Rajeev,
    As you said, L&T is stock of decade.Want to invest in stock like L&T.For that I have 2 PSUs on my mind.But not able to decide between them.
    Enigneers India / Bharat Electronics.
    Can you please suggest me between them?
    With Regards,

  34. this shows that since sept 08 who is holding major bunch are confident in their investment and holding it tight even in earlier panic time. How Raju bhai get time to dig out such valued info on a script ?

  35. Badal,
    That is a good observation.....those who are holding since long are still holding....

  36. The information in Indian stocks is definitely of a great use for the readers to get benefitted.

  37. Hi Rajeev,
    Had Bought CCAP at 50 a month back - it is now at 75 - do u see it moving up further ?

  38. Hi Rajeev,

    Can you tell me why kwality dairy stock is still moving, despite of the fact more than 74% of shares are owned by its promoters

  39. abhisek,
    Kwality Dairy is moving becuase still 74% is held by the promoters......Promoters still holds 74% is the reason it is still moving....