Wednesday, December 30, 2009

SNL Bearing and Sujana Towers....and others.....

I am happy to note that SNL Bearing has doubled from my recomended price of Rs 11...which I wrote here on 24 Nov...means it has doubled in 1 month.......time to Bookprofit for early birds...those who bought at 11 should bookprofit and sell 50% and make the rest FREE...
Sujana Towers has come out with excellent results for this Sep qr showing almost 4 EPS...the sales is up by 50% then last year same qr......promoters has increased the stake and are now holding over 60% stake in it.....the NPM has also improved....
Sujana Towers is going to play major role in Power sector.........
One of the reader told me that Venus Remedies and YashRaj Containeurs are also doing good along with my other Tinplate Ltd which I recomended CR......Venus recomended at 220, is now 280.....great going.....
This is just a short note....there are many which are moving steadily like Laffans Petro, Jyoti Ltd,Rasandik Eng ,PAE etc...and some are remaining steady like Geometric Ltd,Kirlos Ferro, KPIT Cummins etc after a good upmove...Sahyadri Ind has crossed 100 mark and now ready for next upmove.....
I gave a callon CCAP Ltd at 41 citing all reasons...I donno whether someone bought it or is 55 now.....
With Textile sector coming back in favour,keep track on stocks like Super Spining, Super Sales, Suryalata Spinning , SuryaJyoti Spinning and Suryavanshi Spinning....these were market darling stocks in 90's ....the first 2 stocks have 50% eq due to Bonuses.....they were very good Co...the happy days are back again .......


  1. Thanks Rajeev for your recent picks SNL bearings and Supreme petro.
    Can you please suggest any two good picks for coming budget

  2. Hi Rajeev,

    Thanks for all of your reco's they are just superb. Your blog is my home page!!!!!
    Can you give some comments on Prime Focus and if you have any company in this sector belonging to your list.

  3. Rejeev,

    It is always great to see your blog. It is very helpfull for all of us. We all are making profit from your calls. It would be helpfull if you make any comments on KDKN, AMLM and LVCA. These stocks are from US market. Why all these stock are correcting togather where US market is performing moderate.


  4. Varun,
    Primr Focus is looking good and I like this co....

  5. Hi Rajeev,

    Can you give your comments over AMP Industries in the same business as Suryalata Spinning Mills i.e in Synthetic Blended spinning. It's available at CPM of 41, BV 251, FV 10 and promoters holding 62% with 4.9 % pledged.

    In case you haven't tracked it. Please have a glance it might be truly helpful to me and fellow boarders.

    Have a very prosperous and may god give you everything you wish and deserve in the new year and years to come.

  6. happy new year to you and your family