Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Some Old Picks.........Scan Point Geomatics...now 39.45...

Scan Point Geomatics...........I wrote about this stock as a dark horse and it was something around 17?yes I think that was the rate when I wrote about Scanpoint Geomatics....
Scanpoint Geomatics is making new high and ended at 39.45.....
Well, someone has bought it , I donno whether he has sold or still holding.
I just read that Dr Vikas wrote that he was apprehensive for PAE to go ahead and buy or not but got inspiration from tt comments and now he is confident to buy PAE.
I have been writing time and again that keep the mind open.Don't try to think more if the stock is looking good.Just go ahead and buy it.Buy even a small quantity but buy it.That will keep you tracking that stock and one day when you will find somegthing great of that co you will not repent that I missed a golden opportunity.
One of my friend and a reader of my blog as well, just told me that he was having Kwality Dairy 4000 shares at my recomended price ..i.e. Rs 17 ...but he sold all between 40 and 60...just imagine 4000 shares and Kwality Dairy is Rs 1300.....means 52 lacs rupees.....and the cost of buying is just Rs 68,000 ......Wow!...
People may not believe or do not like my way of seeing things .I know many have apprehesion always that what I am writing is good enough to even have a look or not....because I sometimes comes out with a stock which looks like a JUNK........
I wrote about Scanpoint Geomatics on Aug 6th 2009 means 4 months back and it has runup from 17 to 40 and donno where it will go ........Once stock comes in operators grip then there is no fundamentals and nothing counts.....Can anyoen tell me what is there in Kwality Dairy that it is Rs 1300?
So when I see people giving opinion that certain stock is overvalued and needs to be sold I just laugh at them because they don't know the game of stock market....
Now what will happen is , someone will comeout to ask me whether ScanPoint Geomatics is still a BUY......now that is what I don't want my readers to do....why don't you buy when it is recomended?Why don't you do due diligence and buy it.....buy small quantity but buy it.....
I have already recomended CatVision Product,Frontier Spring, SNL Bearing and many more at very very cheap rate but no one is ready to take a call and go ahead and buy it and then after it runs up by 100% or 200% they comeout to ask me whether they are still buy or not?What is the meaning of that.I actually becomes sad when someone ask me like that.I feel , why didn't you buy it when I recomended it?
I am again writing that if I can pick up multibaggers sitting in USA then anyone can do it from anywhere in the world.
Well, I can understand that not everyone has same pasison and zeal to find such type of stocks.All the things what I do when I go through while finding such stock may not be there for everyone.My mind is just set for it as I have done it for years togather and my hand will go to the mouse to click where I needs to click on bsesite or website of the co.....
But when I have already wrote about a certain stock then one should be able to diggin as much much as he can but that is lacking.
The only thing one can do is either blindly follow me without asking any question, but then there is a problem here, and that is , if the stocks goes down people gets afraid and end up asking me what to do.
And to avoid that one needs to try and find everything one can and then buy it so there is always conviction.I know there are certain things that needs to be read, like taking clue if what is coming that we call it reading between the lines.
I have so much explored different ways that I keeps on analysing them ,like what is the Vol, how much delivary is going ,looking at all the bulk deals daily,looking at the results daily after every qr untill the results stops coming,and many more thing.
One of my friend asked me , he also look at scoreboard of Capital Market whenever it comes and it is always same untill next qr results are declared , so how you find gems from them.....seeing one and one results make no sense and take you nowhere.
But raeding same scoreboard and trying to see the results and Promo holding ,BV,NPM,OPM, etc again and again will get imprint on your mind and when one read something about that Co in Newspaper or somewhere else you will remember the eq, BV etc and your mind will start calculating the statistic immidiately.
This I have been doing for years and I am use to it so ,I have not to make any effort ,what I have to do.I have become accustomed to do ,all that is to be done and that is why I am able to analyse things mush faster then others.But remember all that I have written is not the only thing that needs to be done but start somewhere and you will find your own way to pick multibaggers....ScanPoint has rose 235% in 4 months and so yearly the return comes to 7 times......
But let me write here that be ready to believe in any story.In stock market anything can happen and remember this bottomline forever.......
Losing in stock market is the fees you are paying to learn how to invest in stock market and everyone pays that.I have paid......so no grudges......learn from your mistake....No mistake done ....all lesson learnt....
Take mistakes as pinch of salt , don't go on analysing it..don't get shocked...learn to book loss.....very important...anytime you feel that your decision is wrong sell it.Don't hesitate to sell....and I have written manytimes here but again writing that "DON'T SELL STOCKS WHERE YOU ARE IN PROFIT THAT IS YOUR CORRECT DECISION"Don't try to reverse your good decision to make up with your bad Call.......sell the losers......




  1. Dear Rajeev,
    I had't read your blog that time when you recommend Kwality Dairy otherwise I must buy it & hold it till time. But I noticed kwality dairy in our daily life Like It sells Ice cream much costlier than Amul & mother dairy but its quality is better. It sells Desi Ghee with MRP of 375/- while other companies are selling at 280 MRP. Kwality dairy supplies its Ghee to CSD canteen , where they sell it at 260/- after deducting TAX .I think that is the biggest order of kwality dairy. They are getting better margin than other products in same field because of Quality .Please dont mind I cant stop my self to write the plus point of Kwality dairy.

  2. TT,
    That was there since long.What you were writing about Kwality Dairy ahs not come out suddenly....it was there since many years then why sudden spur in price and that too this BIG?
    Common, TT that is no justification...Even after all these great earnigs what is the eps of Kwality and what is the p/e of it....
    The real reason is, it has gone in operators hand and it is hammered by bears without having delivary and that bulls has got the hint...and now they have fixed bears.....nothing more in it then that.....otherwise no stock can rise that much in so less a time without what I have written...Operators grip...
    Actually, I am sorry to see that what I have written , in totto, in latest post is not understood by you....you are still trying to justify while finding reason...but it is not that way...According to me you picked up the wrong lines from my post...you picked up Kwality example but nothing more then that....your focus was on Kwaltiy and not what I wrote.....

  3. Hi Rajeev,
    I have been following this method for some time,
    Buy a small amount as soon as I see a recommendation by you. Then try to do a research from my side. Then identify the shares which I am comfortable and invest more at a price that I find comfortable. Some time I do miss something, like preferring Sujana Twrs instead of Kwality Diary.

    But it dont matter, as I still have my Sujana Towers shares @ 15rs for FREE!!!

    I believe you will see lot of people coming up and asking you "is it a buy" or "when will it reach 1000?" etc etc...

    But I am sure, there are good amount of people following you with due diligence.
    I am sure that you are making a change in their lives!!!!

  4. Dear Rajeev,
    I had experience of 5 years in stock market.I am very small in front of you .You wont belive I am holding some eighty stocks in my portfolio. Basically I adopt the same policy as you write in your blog and even more strongly after reading your blog.Yes your recomendations are worth holding it , but I am also holding that stocks which are junk now. .Only one of my holding in Adani Enterprises which I bought it at 100 some 600 shares gives me return that kept me alive in stock market otherwise I leave the market.And from May 2009 onwards I followed your blog. Now after reading your recent article I decided to get rid of my Losers.I am really grateful to you because Its is your blog that guide me how stock market works. I am holding almost all your recomendations and I proud of that.Its is your blog by taht makes me to stand in front of my freinds who are big punters and trades in F & O. So again grateful. Regarding your reply about kwality dairy you again tought me how stock market works.


  5. Uno,
    No regrets.You missed Kwality and bot Sujana Towers.Who knows, as you have wrote, Sujana Towers may well go to 1000....as I said anything can happen in stock market....Hold Sujana Towers tight...they have expanded the capacity from just 28,000 to 2,80,000 tonnes, meams 10 times more....and catching up with their peers co like BHEL,KEC Int and Jyoti Structure...

  6. Dear Rajeevji
    I have been amidst follower of your calls. But I had bought telecanor global and it is going down and down. Shall I book loss? Please advice.

  7. Dear Rajeev,

    Can you please inform where you read about the capacity of sujana twrs being increased to 2,80,000 Tonnes ? As far as i know it was supposed to be increased to 1,28,000 Tonnes.

    Infact just this sunday there was an article in Financial Times on Sujana Twrs. The heading read "How to diversify and survive: SQL Star and Sujana show the way" Link Below


    Even in that article it mentions capacity to be increased to 1,28,000 Tonnes.

    Your views will be highly welcome as i continue to hold 7K shares bought at Rs 10 (now free)

  8. Dear Rajeev,

    You were right. I missed one more article that was posted in Jan 2009. It does indicate a capacity of 2,30,000 Tonnes. Its a huge capacity addition.

    No wonder the promoters are busy keeping the stock stuck at 50 levels and accumulating shares through preferential allotment.

    I am pasting below the Article for the benefit of other shareholders

    "Sujana Towers, a company of the Rs 3,000crore Sujana Group, is diversifying into designing customised products like boiler plates, piping and other components for specialty projects across the sectors, said group director VSR Murthy.

    The company has created a technological structural fabrications (TSF) division to handle these projects.

    The TSF division is expected to be worth about Rs 350 to 400 crore at full capacity. “There is a lot of demand for technological fabrications in India and a large chunk of it is now being addressed by the Chinese imports,” he said.

    For instance, a public sector power plant manufacturer itself will need about 300,000 tonne of fabricated material year for various projects.

    To meet this growing demand, Sujana is aiming to have a capacity of about 2,000 tonne a month in nine months and increase it to 5,000 tonne a month in two years to take the annual capacity to 60,0000 tonne a year.

    Currently, it is supplying components for Reliance's gasification project in Kakinada. It is also supplying boiler plates to power plant manufacturer in Tiruchi.

    Sujana Towers recently completed the acquisition of its Mauritius-based subsidiary TeleSuprecon Limited, an engineering, procurement and construction company with operations in Mauritius, Kenya, Zambia and Malawi, for an undisclosed amount.

    Sujana Towers has a 51 per cent stake and the remaining is held by the parent company. The acquisition would aid Sujana in tapping the telecom and transmission tower market in Africa.

    “Our studies indicate there is scope to grow in the telecom and transmission towers till about 2014,” he said.

    The company recently set up a manufacturing plant for this in Chennai with a capacity of 100,000 tonne per annum.

    The plant would manufacture towers for Central and East Africa markets, where they would be assembled. It has another plant at Hyderabad, with a capacity of 130,000 tonne per annum to cater to the domestic markets.

    It is also setting up a greenfield manufacturing facility for an expanded product range in Khanapur, near Hyderabad with an investment of about Rs 150 crore."

  9. Dear Rajeev, thanks for all your updates and recommendatation, as Uno rightly wrote, "you are making a change in their lives", thanks for all your updates and recommendations, by the way I have purchased Zodiac JRD, deep industries and going to take up excel crop as well, hats off to you, thanks, regards Dhiraj.

  10. mandara,
    Well, there is some problem with the co...I am still not able to analyse what can be the outcome but if you feel unsafe you can always sell it and switchover to some other stocks which are cheaper which I have recently written in my replies and on blog...be comfortable...that is the bottomline...you needs to have a sound sleep after buying and holding stocks....

  11. Dear Rajeev,

    I came across a stock named Uniphos enterprises , a holding company. Its published that it has invested equivalent to Rs.180 per share. The stock is trading at Rs.31. I bought 1000 shares around Rs.36. Mutual fund houses like HDFC , Birla have accumulated 5L and 13L shares respectively.

    Studies reveal that holding companies normally trade 30% lower than their invested value. But this stock is trading at 80% discount.Uniphos investment is yet to be converted into sales and profits. I thought this as multibagger using my little knowledge and analysis. Can you please share your view points on this share.

  12. mk,
    Shares of holding cos are not valued high because their value is calculated on their holding cos.If in the co where they have stake shows bad results and that stocks fells, the value of the holding co also falls...
    You must have seen , I have rarely recomended such cos though I know many like Uniphos Enterprise.
    When we have so much of stocks available at 5-6 p/e why we should go for a holding co?
    Have a look at Jayshree Chemicals Ltd.....

  13. Thanks Rajeev. Jayshree chemicals Balance sheet and last few quarterly results are consistent. looks great . I will try to dig for more details and invest. Thanks once again.

  14. Hi Rajeev,
    I had SBI and ICICI bank which became 2 & 3 bagger respectively. But as I had very small quantity, I had to sell full quantity.
    I dont remember you suggesting any Bank stock. But if you can, which will you suggest as a multi-bagger?
    With Regards,

  15. Vikas,
    IFCI and IDBI looks good....

  16. dear raju bhai

    i have frontier springs and transgene biotech,sks logistics, from your recommended stock in good quantity.

    All are rocking and going strength on strength except sks logistics .

    have not any doubt about your conviction and hence sks logistics a dividend paying company is being accumulate by me uder sip mode.

    goldstone infra is also being accumulated in sip mode

    any idea or update about the proposed reliance SEZ will be appreciated


    as far picking up multbaggers NONE CAN BEAT YOU.

  17. Hello Rajeevji, could you please throw some light on First object technologies (previously IQMS Software), they have a great turn around story, last couple of years has been great for them, it is a hyderabad based company went out to acquire a US compancy, they are more in ERP and currently has entered the E-learning sphere as well, during the current AGM, the face value for Re 1 is to be changed to Rs. 10/- per share, the sales and profit had a real turn around for a couple of years now and also for this year have declared dividend as well, your inputs and expert opinion please :-), warm regards, Dhiraj

  18. Dhiraj,
    Nice diggin.I track this co and I like it too but didn't write here as it comes in penny stock category where one has to invest believing his money is lost and that many are not prepared.
    But Yes, First Object is looking good....small exposer is possible for someone who has courage to forget that amt...

  19. Rajeevji, today deep industries up around 10% looking good, and Genus power around 19%, not sure if the IOC fire has impacted genus alot, it was hovering around 140-145 range for the last one month or so, this is a sudden break up, hope it goes on like this.... Excel crop as recommended by you earlier, pls let me know what should be the price i should be looking down 5 years, gonna add it to my portfolio.

  20. Dhiraj,
    Genus is a wonderful co to hold and even buy at this rate....Genus was my old call bellow 60 at mmb.....which actually one of my friend told me....

  21. Hello, I own a very minor percent of the company by purchasing equity shares.

    Can you tell me what level should it be offloaded?