Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Stocks recomended in past......

I remember I recomended Gensys Int at around 100 which has doubled at 201.
I use to recomend time and again Jyoti Ltd around 35-42 range.It was inching up slowly since many days and suddenly it went for 20% UC yesterday to close at 62.75.....
Jyoti Ltd has been my favourite pick and I have recomended it many times here.Looking still good and can be bought in small quantity now and add on dips....
I have been recomending EPC Ind along with Rungta Irrigation.EPC Ind is looking good and promoters are buying big from the open market.Just saw today in ET that Schroder Credit has bought 9,16,667 shares along with Credit Renaissence 1,83,333 shares .....on 11 th Dec....
EPC ind is still looking good at 48......
There is one stock named ASM Technology at 28 which is looking good to me.
Ennore Coke recomended here at 43 along with PAE at 31 has been firing all cylinders......Ennore Coke after making a high of 64 corrected to 51 and now again back to 60 and in circuits.So is PAE....
Both have a long way to go......
I recomended SNL Bearing Ltd at just Rs 11 here and it is making new highs at 19.84 ....and looking good still to me.....
I have been recomending Laffans Petro since long and has been my favourite since my mmb days.Laffans has signed MOU with M/s HUNTSMAN CORPORATION, SINGAPORE PTE LTD which is going to be a trigger for growth for Laffans Petro in future.This MOU will do whole lot of good for this Co located in Gujarat.

Offlate I have been tracking Rasandik Eng and looking good to me at around this level or even 4-7 points up.
The best thing is when a stock is found ,one need to first take a token entry at the prevailing rate and then wait for any correction.But don't miss the entry as it may happen sometimes that stock runsup and we totally lose opportunity to buy it at all........
So first buy token quantity and then have a look and then take a plunge in it after due diligence....We don't know which is going to be a multibagger....like I just saw that Splash Media was only Rs .35 in Jan 09 and now it is Rs.535 in Dec 09....means 15 times return in a complete 1 year.....that is enormous by any standard.....
Who says one cannot get big return .....in stock market......there is nothing impossible in market ...everything is possible.....Remember this FOREVER.....


  1. Rajeev,
    Rakesh Zunzunwala has sold 664,000 shares in Infomedia 18. Any comment?


  2. Hi Rajeev

    Any Christmas or New Year Bonanza? Will be very helpful in these dull days.



  3. Amit,
    It is already in my lastest post....lots of homework to be done...those who wants to diggin....
    I don't know whether you wrote before reading the post...
    I have discussed 10 stocks.....how much u wants for Chrismas.....Lol...

  4. Mukund,
    RJ is selling because Infomedia has come out with liberal right issue and I think he will subscribe for that and will still have the same quantity of shares....

  5. Hi Rajeev,

    What is your view about Petronet? I have this share for quite some time now and i really dont see any improvement. Also, what is your suggestion about RNRL?

    Thanks a lot for all your valuable suggestions.


  6. Venkat,
    Petornet LNG is excellent LT hold....hold only if u do not going to see the prices daily and want steady return where ur money is safe....
    RNRL...no view untill decision on case between 2 bros come....

  7. Hi Rajeev,

    I am a great fan your blogs. I have invested in some of your recommendations. Gremach, Jyoti, Tinplate, Gayatri, XL tele , KPIT… naming a few of them

    I would like to appreciate the follow ups you are given on your recommendations. I made money from some of your picks.
    I would like to get your feedback on some of the stocks in my bucket which are either not moving or moved in negative direction after your recommendation.

    Please put light on XL tele, Gremach, JMC, PSL, Areva T&D. What may be reasons for which they are behind market. I know errors can occur, but we should learn from errors.



  8. Hi Deb,
    The stocks u mentioned will move at its own time.
    It is not always that they move at our WILL.....
    See Jyoti Ltd,I use to recomend since 2009 or even before that but started running now....
    There is no error in my pick.Anything I found I have made a mistake, I have almost immidiately come out and wrote it on my blog.....Areva T&D , I recomended in Mar 09....and see what was the price then and now....
    Gremach, is related with AustralCoke and Austral has created bad name for Gremach as well...JMC ,I recomended in Mar 09 and even before that...see what was the price at that time, same goes with PSL Ltd.....all are fundamentally great stocks ...
    I am not an operator ,it is just merely a coincidence that they run as soon as I recomend.Some runs immidiately and some do not...
    I know there are readers who feels that I am not talking of stocks which are not running and boasting of which is running.....

  9. Hi Rajeev,
    Its true that you have the amazing ability to pick the multi-baggers before to start to go into UCs. And its always my big dilemma to discard which of your recommended stocks.
    OK. I am interested in knowing which of the blue-chips are ever-green / any-time investment?
    As per your suggestions, I know two of them - L&T and Infosys.
    Are there any others?
    With Regards,

  10. hello RAJEEV,am new to your blog took a smalltoken exposure in PAE ,now am happy it has given me 50 % appreciation in a matter of days,yesterday took small positions in PSL,EPC,YASHRAJ.LAFFANS,and also plan to take token exposure in many of the stocks you have recommended earlier,I like your honesty,keep doing well,bye for now sir.KRISHNA

  11. Vikas,
    That is an easy question to answer....almost all A gr stocks are bluechips.....like Tata Motors, Tisco, TCS,then Grasim, Hindalco,India Cement, and then cos like United Phosphorous,Areva T&D,Seimens, Alsthom,BHEL,Eng India,BEL,Bajaj Auto,Hero Honda,BEML,Pharma cos etc etc....the list is long.....take ur pick......and the most interesting part in it is u have not to ask anyone...for opinion....just go ahead and buy it..

  12. Krishna,
    I am happy to note that u have earned in PAE but don't go by that success rate.As Deb has pointed out there are many stocks which has not moved at all or even gone down and readers have made loss in it......

  13. Hi Rajeev

    Do you track Muthoot Finance. Seems to be an excellent long term play.



  14. Amit,
    One of my friend track it and likes it too......he is HKB at mmb...

  15. hi rajeev,

    I am Maj Arjyal. I have been following you from your MMB posts. Yes, I am your fan. A good deed to help people who are new and ameture.

  16. Rajeevji,

    Is ASM technology still a good hold?


  17. Anand,
    I still feel ASM technogy is a good hold.It has ended this year with almost 7 eps....and available at 5 p/e....