Wednesday, December 23, 2009

SNL Bulk Deal.......

I saw a Bulk Deal on bsesite for SNLBearing.....

23/12/2009 505827 SNL Bearings SHAREKHAN LTD A/C Diversified Equity B 37000 18.50

So from some 41750 shares traded ,37000 shares went to an a/c of Diversified Equity fund with Sharekhan.....Seems someone is buying for LT.....
One of the reader named Deb was asking me what about those stocks which are not running and standing still or have gone down after my recomendation.
Well, I want to give answer to all here so that no one has any question left in future.Though I have been writing giving reasons what happens and what needs to be done....but seems followers are not reading me properly means they just read my post casually....just for the sake of reading other wise no one should be able to end up asking some question which are not supposed to be asked......
Anyway, now let me come to the point......
It is obvious that
1)Not all stocks that I recomend is going to run immidiately.
2)Not all will give multibagger returns.
3)Not all will run in this Bull Run...
4)Some will also underform
5)Some will also give negative returns.....
6) Some will give average return....

Now one will look at this list ,the negative list is bigger then Positive.....
Hence forward keep this point in mind before buying any stock that I recomend here.
I am at all not responsible for any negative return or no profit......If anyone feels at anytime that after buying stocks , it is not worth holding , he should sell it without letting me know......or need not ask me whether it is still a hold or not.......Its yours money and your money is at stake ......hence the decision should also be yours......when one should sell and what should be done , I have discussed in detail .....
What I am doing here is just pointing out some undiscovered stocks.....that's all.........
It is obvious that no all picks can give multibagger return.What I write here is stocks which has potential to become multibagger.....and when I say potential,means there is a story in it, and it may comeout good or maynot........that RISK will remain always...........

I am at all not responsible for any loss or profit of any readers who buys or sells reading my calls......As whatever PROFIT they make from my calls is theirs, so is the LOSS they make from my calls........


  1. Rajeev bhai,

    I would like to add a point here since i have been following you for past 3 years.

    Those who follow you blindly did not loose a penny. I can guarentee you that. Infacet i have posted the perecntage gains of most of the stocks that you have recomended recently in your blog.The returns are fantastic by any standard. Surely there are some stocks in the list that have gone down even to the extent of 20% from ur recomended price but on avg the returns from your picks is not less than 200%(including negative returns).

    So,like always rajeev says just buy some token quantity and buy more stocks if you believe in the story.But donot chase stocks when they have gone up from the recomended price by 100 to 200%.Becos when you buy at that price saying that it was a recomendation from rajeev it doesnt make any sense.Buy gold for the price of silver and not silver for the price of gold.

    I will soon post all the returns from your recomendations.


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  3. Hi Rajeev,

    I hope you knew this stock M.M.RUBBER, please throw your views on that stock. I follower of your blog and made good gains. i only stick to 3-4 stocks to buy more volumes to make good money. Many ppl stick to more then 10 companies which they endup little money. when stock rise they are happy without asking why its rising...when its starts falling they try to exit with blaming the market and recommended person. Its a common in the market :). So continue your efforts and Enjoy Holidays in USA :). Investing in penny stock needs brave heart with great conviction.

    If person wants to exit after stock doubles i request them to convert to free that their capital is back and rest shares will be make money which lets you have sound sleep @ night. :)

    Stay Healthy


  4. Hi Rajeev,
    you have made your point crystal clear in this post.
    I have one query. Is Nestle India overvalued or any-time investment stock. I like their never-die monopoly products like Maggi, Nescafe & Cerelac.
    May be i missed it at 1600, so feel now its overvalued.
    Whats your opinion?
    With Regards,

  5. Vikas,
    I will answer this question on front page....

  6. Hi Rajeeb,

    your reply to my query and this follow up write up is quite explanatory and meaningful. I have no doubt or concern over your recommendation. As I mentioned I made a lot of money from your other picks.

    I intend to say for the stocks which are not moving in comparison to your other picks that there should be some follow ups like the successful picks.

    At least the follower of your blog whoever is holding them will get consolidation that "Yes, one day will be my day."

    As per your write up I assume that Gremach and XL tele are still hold.
    Please advice on finolex and JBF at CMP and their outlook…


  7. Hi Rajeev Ji, I tried purcahsing SNL@15 many a time in last one month after seeing your recommendation but couldn't from icicidirect. It was giving some unusual error but after that stopped trying. Not sure y icici was not allowing.
    Also i need your help on determining when should i book profit in Accentia. I had it 200@ 120 level from a long time and currenty in some healthy profit.Please advice.


  8. Dear Deb,
    JBF Ind is fundamentally very sound stock.It has not run atall in last bull maybe time this time to outperform the market....
    Finolex....which Finolex u r specific......and save my time.....

  9. Saurabh,
    I don't understand why don't you call icicidirect and ask them why u r not able to buy SNL.......
    U r paying brokerage to them and other fees , u have all right to ask them y your trade is not going through......
    u need to act immidiately....awareness is equally important..What u need to do on Accentia is your decision....I can't say anything....

  10. Mahesh,
    I know MM Rubber but lost it since long.I do not track now.....

  11. Rajeev,

    Thanks for reply. MM Rubber it is very very low floating stock with Rs. 1 crore and lot of hotels projects are in pipeline in india. MM Rubber ultimate supplier of MM Foam to all the hotels.

    It is expected to post EPS of Rs 12/

  12. HI Rajeev,
    Sorrry for not specific from myside. I was referring to Finolex Industries.
    I have couple of more questions. Your old Pick Gayatri is moving day by day to north. Whether it si still buy at CMP.

    Also please mention your call on Pharma sector and specific picks from the sector. Going back to your old picks I got 2 picks from pharma (Neuland lab, Sharon bio…)
    Are they still good or do you have any other pick. What your take on Opto Curcit.


  13. Mahesh,
    Seems you have good info on MM Rubber.They have reduced the eq..
    Can you write me about their Hotel projects ? not able to gather information from anywhere about Hotel projects....Just wondering why promoters stake is so less with such a tiny eq..

  14. Rajeev,

    Followin are the customers of M M Rumber

    Taj Coromandel, Taj Residency, Ambassador Pallava, Taj Garden Retreat, Oberoi, Le Medidien, Adyar Park, Ashoka.

    The thing is replacement frequency of MM Rubber Products is good because pillows, mattress should be replaced every now and then, its not like we bought TV set and replace it after 10 years. That replacement frequency gives an edge to the balance sheet of MM Rubber just like replacement frequency of Bike Clutch (Clutch Auto stock is good in this segment).

    wanting to learn more lessons from you and more multi-baggers from you :).


  15. dear mahesh

    mmrubber has all the ingredients of a good multibagger,the point which worries me is its promoters equity,if its such a good company i am sure somebody by this time should have spotted and would have taken control of if it by having more equity than the promoter.

    am i missing something? or is it a share to give a miss.

    your take please

  16. Hi Rajeev,

    In your comments to Deb, you mentioned about JBF Industries.

    It has the PE ratio close to 5.5, where as the Industry PE is close to 12.

    The all time high price of this scrip is Rs. 208 (Jan 2008).

    If all fundamentals of the company work correctly, will its value reach at least 175 in 8 to 12 months?

    Please let me know your opinion on this.


  17. Yes Prashant,
    JBF Ind can touch 175 and more in 8-12 months time.....with Textile sector coming back in play...