Thursday, December 10, 2009

Supremre Petro...cmp 27.55

I have recomending fundamentally sound stocks time and again here.
I have already recomended Supreme Petro .

I will be writing on Supreme Petro today which is a Taparia Gr co with the leader in Supreme Ind.
The earning has been increasing steadily for Supreme Petro and is paying div regularly.

The shot in the arm came when it signed an MOU with Ultrabatch s.r.l.Italy.....

Just read the MOU and I think everyone would love to buy this Co.
Actually I was surprised why there was no query on Supreme Petro?That also says the lack of due diligence from readers.
Supreme Petro comes from a great promoters and gr group.Co has buy back shares from open market as well as open offer.This also shows that Promoters are bullish on future of the co..

First read about what Supreme Petro stands for:

Supreme Petrochem Ltd (SPL), owns and operates a state-of-the art Polystyrene facility, with an installed capacity of 2,72,000 TPA located at Nagothane in Raigad District, about 100 Kms south-east of Mumbai city. The facility also includes a world class colouring and compounding facility with an installed capacity of 17000 TPA.

The Plant is based on technology from the erstwhile Huntsman Chemical Corporation (Now NOVA Chemicals) USA with basic engineering by ABB Lummus Crest, USA.
SPL is the leader in Polystyrene business in the Indian market place with a share of more than 50%. SPL is also the largest exporter of PS from India, exporting to over 80 countries around the globe. Currently SPL's exports are over 100,000 Tons/Year.

The Product range covers the entire spectrum of Polystyrene. GPPS range covers MFI of 1.6 to 20, HIPS covering both extrusion and moulding grades, ESCR, High Gloss and super High Impact grades.
The specialty range includes UL listed Ignition Retardant HIPS (both V0 and V2 rating), Mineral Filled HIPS, Micro floppy diskette grade, UV stabilised PS, Toughened PS and custom coloured PS, filled PP for automotive/appliance industry application, high quality white and gray colour masterbatches for injection molding as well as film, sheet extrusion applications.

To hasten the development of new applications and use of these materials Product Application Centre has been established, where joint programmes with customers are initiated.

SPL's reputation as a reliable supplier is due to its internationally acclaimed safety record in plant operation and total compliance with global and local standards on EHS. For these SPL has been awarded with 5 star rating from British Safety Council.
Its operations are ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:1996 and OHSAS 18001:1999 certified. A strong online customer feed back system on quality of products and services is the essence of SPL's quest for continuous improvement.

To strengthen the competitive position further, the company is keenly pursuing it's minor port project in district Raigad, Maharashtra to handle the import of it's raw materials.

The company has taken over management control of Shin Ho Petrochemical (India) Ltd, an existing player in Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) in Chennai, (Southern India) with an installed capacity of 6000 TPA. Name of this company is being changed to SPL Polymers Ltd and capacity expansion of the plant is under implementation. New EPS project of 60,000 TPA capacity is under implementation in Nagothane Styrenics Complex.

Read on the MOU(Memoredum of Understanding) This MOU was done on 30th Sep 09

MUMBAI (Commodity Online) : One of India’s leading Polystyrene Producer, Petrochem Ltd (SPL) Wednesday announced the signing of a MOU with Ultrabatch s.r.l, Italy’s leading manufacturer of high end additive Masterbatches.

With a key focus on agricultural films this initiative will provide Supreme Petrochem access to Ultrabatch state-of-the-art additive Masterbatches manufacturing technology.

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Analysts said this tie up will help move up the value chain in the Petrochemicals business and help India modernize its agriculture and horticulture sector.

The agricultural film business in India is in a nascent stage and is poised to grow rapidly in the next few years due to the emphasis being laid by the Government to modernize agricultural and horticulture activities.

As part of the alliance, Supreme Petrochem will also market Ultrabatch products in it’s stronghold markets like India and overseas while Ultrabatch will promote Supreme Petrochem range of Masterbatches in many parts of Europe.

The total size of the high end special/additive Masterbatches market in India is pegged at 12,000 mt per annum which is valued at Rs. 250cr and is posting a CGAR of 15%.

Speaking on signing of the MOU, Mr. M. P. Taparia, Chairman, Supreme Petrochem Ltd said, “We are delighted to tie-up with Ultrabatch and this alliance is in line with our long term objective of moving up the value chain of petrochemicals business.

This partnership will not only provide us access to key international markets but will also enhance our technical know-how in plastic processing business to cater to the growing modernization needs of the agriculture and horticulture sector.”

Mr. Peter Csergo, Director of Ultrabatch, said “We are excited with this new partnership as we are extremely impressed with the quality of Masterbatches manufactured by Supreme Petrochem. We are confident that Supreme Petrochem Masterbatches will be well accepted by quality conscious European market.”

Supreme Petrochem Ltd. (SPL) is jointly promoted by Supreme Industries Ltd., India’s largest processor of plastics and highly diversified Rajan Raheja group.

The company is also a leading producer of specialty Polystyrene compounds, Masterbatches and Poly Propylene compounds with a capacity of 25,000 TPA. The company has a manufacturing capacity of 2,72,000 TPA for Polystyrene at their plant located at 120 kms away from Mumbai.

Supreme Petrochem Limited commands over 50% market share in Polystyrene business in India and export their products to 95 countries around the globe.

Continuous development of new products and focus on high quality has enabled Supreme Petrochem Limited to command respect of customers in plastics, automotive and consumer durable industries

Ultrabatch s.r.l, 11 million euros company promoted by technocrats in Italy in 2003, possesses cutting edge technology for manufacture of high end additive Masterbatches.

Ultrabatch is a renowned manufacturer of UV stabilized Masterbatches for greenhouse films. Ultrabatch also manufactures specialty additive Masterbatches like antistatic, antiblock, antislip, desiccant, processing aids etc. for various applications at their highly sophisticated plant near Milan.

My Comments:
I have already recomended Poddar Pigments which claims to the first to have master batches in various field.No one seems to have given a hard look at Poddar Pigments....


  1. Dear Rajeev,

    I have gone through couple of announcements and what i found was the company bought back only 15 lakh shares against its intended quantity of 75 lakh shares.Why do you think the company didnot buy 75 lakh shares even when it was available at 10 rupees or so?

  2. Sri,
    If they tried to buy at 10 from market it could have reacted and would have gone up at that time...

  3. Hi Rajeev, again an excellent pick from you. All things are well but just for discussion i would like to raise few points.
    -Though No.1 player in its category and with so many accreditations, the last 5 yrs net profit is very haphazard,not consistent
    -Relatively high debt, but good think is in last 5 yrs its not increasing
    -In a very competitive industry
    -OPM,ROCE & RONW are average
    -CMP above BV.

    I know you have the ability to pick multi-baggers, but for discussion purpose i am writing these points.
    Hope you dont mind.
    With Regards,

  4. Vikas,
    What u have written is nice and I don't mind as well.
    But I will say here that what u have written is analyst mind at work and the parametres u wrote I never see.
    I am seeing the growth that would be coming and how the management is.U didn't seee what is highlighted in RED and BLUE letters...if you will try to find negatives you will find it in L&T as well that it is 2 paidup,or Infosys ,promoters holding is too small then how one can invest etc beware of analytical mind.....

  5. Hi Rajeev,
    its like you read my mind. I was certainly thinking about whether to increase my stake in Infosys.And you wont believe I stopped because I thought the promotor's stake is quite less, only 16%.
    What you say is absolutely correct. I am thinking like analysts who only try to find negative points in the scrips and ignore future potential.
    Will try to develop myself to think like you!
    With Regards,

  6. Is kwality dairy down to 132? How if so Can you please explain this new phenomenon.

  7. Sandeep,

    It got splitted up from FV10 to FV1

    Example: If a 100Rs share of FV10 split up to FV1, then its price will become 1Rs


  8. Hello Rajeevji, what price we should be looking for supreme petro, 1 yr or 2 yrs down the line? Recently was tracking Parekh Aluminex, its looking good, suddenly with in a weeks time has gone up considerably.

  9. Dhiraj,
    I usually do not give targets.
    Parekh Aluminex is my favourite stock which I have been recomending time and again along with India Glycols,PSL Ltd, Apar Ind etc......