Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Anils WINS the case against Mukesh......Kudos to Anil.....

I have a liking for Anil Ambani and that I have written here many times.
I congratulate Anil Ambani for winning the case against his big brother Mukesh Ambani.
There is nothing in RNRL , it is just a Khokha unless it gets the gas from Ril Ind RNRL is ZERO but now as they have won the case RNRL become a value play as it is going to get 28 mmcmd gas at $2.34 per million British thermal unit (mmBtu).
Mr.Mukesh Ambani will go for the upper court to fight it our there which is Suprem Court and he has already decided to do that and that was the reason why RNRL went down yesterday.
Well,coming back to market I would again say that don't panic in any downside.Market direction is up only.
The best Budget pick would be PSU's which I am writing here since long.
Here goes the list again.
3)All smallcap PSU banks
7)Rungta irrigation(dark horse)
9) All Infra co
10) National Fertilizer
There are some stocks I can't recall.I have been writing about HPCL,BPCL and IOC since long.I have also written that finance sector can outperform market and that is coming true.Even when some of the starlwarts were sceptic on giving call on finance sector I wrote here that this sector can outperform the market.
I would like to have a special mention on Max India.This is my favourite counter and if I remember correctly I told to one of my very good friend , jigs,who also writes at mmb still with the same name, when Max India was 10 paid up and 200 and I gave a target of 1000 at that time to him.He was not sure Max India can touch 1000 but was sure that it can touch 450 something.Ultimately Max India touch 1000 and more and now it is 2 paidup and it is still Rs 227 , means it is still rs 1135. I still say that if one will buy even now then Max India has the capacity to touch again Rs 1000 even with 2 paidup.It is a real multibagger in making
I would also like to make a special mention on Srei Infra which I have recomended many times.It is still a buy.
All my old calls are still worth looking at.Viz: Innocorp Ltd,SKS Logistic,Jayaswal Neco etc etc ....they will move when their time will come.
I am sorry to write here that I have no time to go through my old recomendation and hence not able to write them but if anyone wants to know do ask me.There are some calls which I gave here may not move at all and they are my blunders.They were rank bad calls as I was not able to guess it properly but that was a human error and I have tried my best to recomend here for all readers as best as I can.
As you all know I am not a good analyser of BS and likes and so that can happen with me.


  1. Rajeevji,

    Everybody makes mistakes. But the intention is important. You are a genuine person with good intentions. God bless you!

  2. Dear Rajeev,

    Thank you very much for The best Budget picks provided. At least a common investor (like me)can buy those one without paying any second thought coz, these all are your picks. Hope market will get its upward momentum by Friday.

    Best regards,


  3. Are you still tracking India Glycols?? Thanks


  4. KPR,
    That is my another favourite counter.I like this co and though it has posted loss for lasst qr the table can turn any time and no one will have time to catch it because the operator will move ahead of good results.Take my word, this will exactly happen with India Glycols.
    Those who have patience should buy India Glycols and it will give multibagger returns.....

  5. hi rajeev

    whats ur opinion on trf .. it has declared bonus of 1:1 .. at 860 odd levels is it still a buy.i bought earlier but very few shares.. company intends to incease its turnover 5 fold by 2013.its equity is only 5.5 80 rs eps still looks a tempting buy to me..

  6. Ho about Marg, XL and sujana towers all are going down?

  7. Yes Ravi,
    TRF is still looking good.

  8. wk,
    Marg , XL,Sujana all are good stocks.Reactions are bound to come.
    Remember XL went up from 27 to 72,Sujana from 7 to 37, Marg from 50 to have patience...

  9. Rajiv ji
    in this list u hav mentioned small psu banks & infra stocks. u hav recommended too many infra stocks from time to time , but not get any banking stock from ur side, any particular choice in these 2 sectors pl share if time permits, RIL CAP is it reliance capital , whts urs target on ifci

  10. Rajeev, Any thoughts on your old reco Acrow India? Would also like to know of your views on Bihar Caustic, Rohit ferrotech and Ahmednagar forging. Their financials seem excellent.

  11. Vikas,
    Ril Cap is Ril Capital.Difficlut to write the targets here......for IFCI

  12. Hi KRispnotes,
    Bihar Caustic, Rohit ferrotech and Ahmednagar forging atre excellent LT investment.
    Acrow India is fundamentally good stock with a very low eq base.With a slightest turnaound it can flare up..

  13. Ravi,
    Sorry to answer late.I compleyely over looked comment.
    TRF is a buy even at this price......That is my old call at mmb at just Rs 170....which went on to touch over Rs 1000 .......