Friday, June 26, 2009

Surya Roshni...........another Gem!...cmp Rs 40.00

I am again giving you a same type of stock which is going cheap.
Surya Roshni is the company I am talking about.Again same parametres can be compared like Gayatri Project Ltd.It has a turnover of Rs 1000 cr and it cmp is just Rs 40.Means a Rs 1000 cr company is available at just Rs Rs 104 cr ! That is a great deal.
I just read the annoucement that they are going to invest Rs 550 cr in next 1 year and they are targetting to make Surya Roshni a billion dollar co.Means the sales will rise to Rs 4500 cr by 2012 and that is achievable as they are already at Rs 1000 cr.
Looking at the last qr result they have performed very well on earning front and they are exporting in many countries.
This is another multibagger in making according to me.
I have mentioned about Agro cos in my last post and gave some name.One need to look at those and buy some stocks in that sector.
Coming back to Surya Roshni I would like my readers to find the order book position etc.......But the reason to recomend it here is,it is in lighting sector and in they make eco friendly bulbs and with US Prez putting more emphasize on eco friendly sector it is good for Surya Roshni.
It has also got a Steel division which makes Pipes and that is an added advantage for this multibagger in making....


  1. Rajeev bhai,

    Good pick from u and also a timely one. Pls try to come up with more of such picks whenever u get some time.

    Also, are you still tracking transwarranty finance and lawareshwar poly.


  2. Rajiv, any thought on meghmani organics ?

  3. Hello Rajeev

    Is this a short term pick and when should i exit from this.


  4. Dear Shiju,
    I have already written that this Surya Roshni is a Gem in making.It is a multibagger in making.
    Hence there is no question arising that this is a ST call....and I never give any ST call.
    When one wants to exit that depends upon each individual at what price one wants to sell....
    My work is to show stocks and rest leave it to readers.......

  5. Hi KRispnotes,
    Meghamani Orga is good but it is 1 paidup and earnings are still not that good.
    It has a big eq of 26 cr and 1 paudup and hence to touch 10 eps for 1 paidup it will have to earn 260 cr np.That is a huge task for Meghamani Organics.......So at rs 17 it is alreday at Rs 170.....