Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gayatri Project Ltd.............A Gem in making.........cmp Rs 166....

Gayatri Ltd is a gem in making.It is fondly known as GPL.
It has a BV of 170, eps of almost 40 and 10 paidup,40% dividend even in bad scnario last year and has over 7000 cr project in hand and to be exact it is Rs 7643.45 cr .Let me put it in this way.A 1000 cr turnover co is available at just Rs 166 cr !..Isn't that a great thing to buy this stock as early as possible?It happens only in India.....The bear market has brought down the valuation of such great co so low that one miss tracking it....that is how bear markets are......they give life time opportunity...
It has interest in Infra projects that varies from Highway Projects,Irrigation projects, Ports and Airports,Dams,Canals etc etc....
I am briefing some of the details they claims they have executed.........

The company was originally incorporated on September 15 1989 as Andhra Costal Construction Private Limited in the state of Andhra Pradesh for undertaking construction activities. The name of the company was changed to Gayatri Projects Private Limited with effect from March 31 1994 and was converted into a public limited Company on December 2 1994. On April 1 1994 Gayatri Projects Private Limited took all the assets and liabilities of Gayatri Engineering Company a partnership firm which was established in the year 1975 as a "Special Class Contractors" on a going concern basis. Gayatri Engineering Company had been undertaking civil and engineering works of various state governments central governments public / autonomous bodies / corporations.

The Company has executed different construction projects during the last 16 years and gained adequate experience. We have constructed about 644.00 Km of the Highways and 1113.00 Km of Irrigation Canals. We have executed 21 irrigation projects amounting to Rs. 58399 lakhs. We have completed irrigation projects such as Construction of five packages of Narmada Main Canal comprising of the 50.60 Km Upper Krishna Project comprising of 44.00 Km Sriram Sagar Project comprising of 954.00 Km and KC Canal comprising of 64.00 Km. We have executed 7 projects for construction of dams and reservoir amounting to Rs. 7533 lakhs in which major ones include construction of Kaniti Balancing Reservoir for Vishakhapatnam Steel Plant construction of raw water pond for Jindal Vijaynagar Steel Ltd. construction & raising of ashpond dykes to ancillary works for NALCO Ltd. etc. We have executed 9 highway and runway projects 8 site leveling projects and 3 industrial projects amounting to Rs. 57562 lakhs Rs. 9433 lakhs and Rs. 3478 lakhs respectively. Our projects are largely concentrated in the Southern and Western Regions.

Our Company owns a fleet of construction equipments comprising of heavy earth moving machines such as hydraulic excavators loaders dozers earth compacters concreting plants such as batching plants concrete mixers transit mixers concrete pavers road equipment such as vibratory tandem rollers electric paver finishers mechanical paver finishers hotmix plants static rollerstruck mounted pressure bitumen sprayer integrated stone crushing plants quarry equipments like wagon drills jack hammers air compressors transportation equipments such as cars and jeeps tippers tractors water tankers trailers fabrication and erection plant such as welding generators gas cuttings sets work shop equipments cranes generators and other miscellaneous equipments.

We are currently executing projects amounting to Rs. 105 016 lakhs of Public works /Irrigation Departments of various State Governments namely Andhra Pradesh Madhya Pradesh Chattisgarh and Gujarat and for other clients. Out of the projects in hand the highways constitutes projects amounting to Rs. 40 700 lakhs irrigation projects Rs. 63 068 lakhs and otherworks constitutes Rs. 1 200 lakhs. In addition we are also executing projects in our various joint ventures in which our share of contract value to be executed works out to around Rs. 69 000 lakhs. Most of these projects would be completed within period of 36-42 months.

Our Company is an ISO 9001 - 2000 engaged in execution of major Civil Works including Concrete/Masonry Dams Earth Filling Dams National Highways Bridges Canals Aqueducts Ports etc. "

My Comments:

Recently one gr of investors are taking stake at Rs 135 for 9% holding and they are supposed to raise the stake finally to 15% and then 36%.Apart from over 60% is held by promoters private corporate bodies are holding 19% stake which takes the holding to almost 80% and rest only 20% is with public.That is a very good scenario according to my mind.


Gayatri Projects Limited Secures Two New Orders
Thursday, 19 Feb 2009

Gayatri Projects Limited announced that it has secured two new orders along with Ratna Infrastructure Projects Pvt. Ltd under Joint Venture namely (GAYATRI - RATNA JOINT VENTURE) with a total projects cost of INR2,131.62 crores (INR.21316.2 million) M/s. Gayatri Projects Ltd share is 80% and Ratna Infrastructure Projects Pvt. Ltd share is 20%. The entire works has to be executed with in a period of 54 months.


Winning a single project of Rs 2100 cr at a time speak the capacity of executing such type of projects ,where Gayatri Project is having 80% stake.According to me this is just another PSLLtd in making.Order pipeline is at the high and showing equally excellent performace on earnings augurs well for the Company.

I can say that I have fallen in love with this stock and I curse myself why I wasn't able to recognize when it went down to just Rs 40 in Mar 09!Maybe I was not tracking it very religiously at that point of time.

But even at this price of Rs 166 which has come up from a low of 40 ,is still a great value buy and one can earn multiple returns from this co in next couple of years.

Gayatri Project Ltd latest Order book position copied from other site:

One may think how I can bring the exact order book figure and hence this listing....

It is easy.What one needs to do is google and open all link to see what is there and one can find it.......It is a question of how much one is keen to have all information of a perticular co....where one wants to invest........

I can only say here that if I can do it from America then any one in the world can do it for any perticular co at any given time......One needs the desire to find and fire in the belly to go deep .....No one is telling me about any co.I find it on my own......and I can challenge that one will never find a copy from other sites as well in what I write......One of my friend has come out with a buy call when Gayatri was just Rs 70.....I came to know just today. He use to contribute in many stock market magazine as well....will not quote which magazine they are.....just to hide his idendity ...

Here is the order Book List:

Read on:

1...4-laning from Km.93.00 to Km.60.00 of Bijni to WB Border Section of NH-31C in Assam (AS-10)
2.4-laning from Km.60.00 to Km.30.00 of Bijni to WB Border Section of NH-31C in Assam (AS-11)
3.Rehabilitation and Upgrading of km.104.000 to Km.170.000 of NH-25 to 4 lane Configuaration in the State of Uttar Pradesh (UP-4)
Jhansi, UP
4.Four Lane to Meerut - Muzaffarnagar Section (Km.52.00 to Km.131.00) of NH-58 in the State of Uttar Pradesh
Meerut, UP
5. MPRDC Program Phase - II Road No.19 , SH-26, Khargone - Barwani 85.20 Km (ii) Project Road No.20, SH-31, Khargone - Bistan 21.00 Km - MP 10
Khargone, MP 70.00

6. Four Laning of National Highway from Km 40.0 to Km 60.5 of Maibong - Lumding Section of NH-54 in Assam Contract Package - EW-II (AS-27)
Assam 139.08

7. Upgradation of Roads from Ramanathapuram to Tuticorin (TNRSP 04)
Tuticorin, Tamilnadu 82.13

8. Design, Construction, Development, Finance, Operation and Maintenance of Km.0.000 to Km.49.700 on NH-25/26 in the State of UP on BOT Basis - UP2
Jhansi, UP
9. Design, Construction, Development, Finance, Operation and Maintenance of Km.49.700 to Km.99.005 on NH-26 in the State of UP on BOT Basis - UP3
Lalitpur, UP
10. Rehabilitation and Upgrading of Ambikapur (Km 4) to Sernersot (k 65) Section in Chattisgarh
Ambikapur, Chattisgarh
11 ..Rehabilitation and Upgrading of Kapsara (Km 38) to Hathidad (Km 62) and Rajkheta (Km 83) to Dhanwar (KM 110.6) and Ramanujgaj (Km 0 to Wadrafnagar (Km 53.80) Section in Chattisgarh
Kapsara, Chattisgarh
12. Design, Construction, Development, Finance, Operation and Maintenance of ORR from Bongulur to Tukkuguda - AP-4
Hyderabad, AP
13...Improvement of Naranpur-Pandapada - Harichandanpur - Brahmanipal - Duburi Road
Duburi, Orissa
14..Construction of Eight Lane Access Controlled Expressway as Outer Ring Road to Hyderabad City in the stretches from Patancheru to Shamirpet -Package 2
Hyderabad, AP

Sub Total : Rs..2,962.31


15...Construction of Earthen Dam of Hiranyakeshi (Sarafnalla) Medium Project, Kolhapur
Kolhapur, Maharashtra
16..Polavaram Project Right Main Canal- Excavation of Canal from km.71.50 to km 105.10 (Pk-4)
Polavaram, AP
17..Veligonda Project - Closing of Sunkesula Gap. Excavation of Feeder Teegaleru Canal
Veligonda, AP
18..Flood Control Measures for Visakhapatnam Air Port
Visakhapatnam, AP
19..Investigation, Design and Earthwork Excavation of GNSS Main Canal from Km 119.00 to Km 141.350
Kadapa, AP
20..Raising and Widening of flood bank of VLB from Km.0.000 to Km.24.000
Dowalaiswaram, AP
21..Package II - Nagavali - Formation of Flood Bank on Nagavali River
Nagavali, AP
22..Raising and Widening of flood bank of GRB from Km.50.000 to Km.60.000
Dowalaiswaram, AP
23..Raising and Widening of flood bank of GRB from Km.60.000 to Km.85.100
Dowalaiswaram, AP
24..Rajiv Sagar Lift Irrigation Project, Dummugudem - Package No.33/2006
Dummugudem, Khammam
25..Execution of Canal System of Indira Sagar Project Main canal from R.D.130-935 to 155-00 Km
Khargone, MP
26..Package No.9 : Dummugudem Nagarjuna Sagar Project Tail Pond Link Canal From Km.206 to Km.244 (upto tail end) i.e., to carry 19000 Cusecs
Dummugudem, Khammam, AP
27..Package No.8 : Dummugudem Nagarjuna Sagar Project Tail Pond Link Canal from Km.182 to Km.206
Dummugudem, Khammam, AP
28..Chintalapudi Lift Irrigation Scheme – Detailed Investigation, designs and construction of Lift Irrigation Scheme - Chintalapudi - Package -1
Chintalapudi, Eluru, AP
29..Chintalapudi Lift Irrigation Scheme – Detailed Investigation, designs and execution of Main Canal - Chintalapudi - Package No.2
Chintalapudi, Eluru, AP

Sub Total : 4,313.63


30..Civil works for Madharm Mines for Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited
Madharam, AP
31..Construction of 678 ML Capacity Summer Storage Tank at Repalle
Repalle, AP
32..Construction of Internal Road in JSL Plant Premises AT Kalinga Nagar Industrial Complex, Duburi, Jajpur
Jajpur, Orissa
33..Roads, Drains & Culverts (Part-A) for DHDT Project of M/s.BRPL
Bongaigaon, Assam
Civil Work for Beneficiation Plant No.2, at Toranagallu
Toranagallu, Karnataka
35..Civil Work for Jaggayyapeta Mines (Zone - II)
Jaggayyapeta, AP
36..Civil Work for Track Hopper in RMHS
Toranagallu, Karnataka
37..Civil Engineering Works of 14 MM Power - Phase II - facilities for Coke
Visakhapatnam, AP
38..Civil Engineering Works for Construction, Modification & Expansion of Phenol Waste Water..Treatment Plant of Visakhapatnam Steel Plant
Visakhapatnam, AP
39..Civil work for Road and Drain, Welfare Office, Community Centre, Security Post etc., at Gobarghati
Gobarghati, Orissa
40..Civil work for Road and Drain, Welfare Office, Community Centre, Security Post etc., at Gobarghati
Gobarghati, Orissa
41..Civil and Structural Work for our 0.6 MTPA Pellet Plant and 15MW Captive Power Plant
Bellary, Karnataka
42..Civil Work for Sub-Stations & Other Building & Cable Tunnel for power Distribution System
Jamshedpur, Orissa
43..Civil Engineering Works of Coal Handling Plant - Phase II facilities
Visakhapatnam, AP
44..Structural Steel Work for Sub Station
Jamshedpur, Orissa
45..Civil Engineering works for Coal Handling Plant
Visakhapatnam, AP
46..Civil Engineering Work for Installation of By-Product Plant (Phase-II)
Visakhapatnam, AP
47..Civil Construction Works for 1.2 MTPA Pellet Plant Project, MSPL Limited, Halavarthi Village, Koppal Dist., Karnataka
Hospet, Karnataka
48..Neelachal Ispat Nigam Limited - Civil Works of Auxiliary units for Phase-II Project of integrated Iron & Steel Plant being set up at Kalinga Nagar industrial complex, Duburi
Duburi, Orissa
49..Neelachal Ispat Nigam Limited - Balance Civil Works in BOF, GCP & CCP Area for Phase - II Project of Integrated Iron & Steel Plant being set up at Kalinganagar Industrial Complex, Duburi, Orissa
Duburi, Orissa

Sub Total : 284.00


50..Construction of Park Hyatt Hotel at Hyderabad
Hyderabad, AP

Sub Total : Rs 83.50

Grand Total : Rs..7,643.45


  1. Thanks for the write up. Thought i have seen gayatri at 45 i thought madhucon was cheper than gayatri and bought madhucon. Had i know the poetntial of this company surely i would have bought this in tons.


  2. Please let me know about HDIL

  3. Dear Sanjay,
    HDIL is a great co and I recently read in ET that Morgan Stanely or JP Morgan took some over 5% stake in it.
    I like HDIL and looks good to accumalate at this price and at any dips.