Monday, June 1, 2009

Some Results.........

SKS Logistic has come out with excellent results.
The sales has come down by 38% to 8.30 cr the NP has increased by whopping 135% and that is 1.13 cr.
That is the reason why SKS Logictic was in upper circuits since last few days.
My old pick Laffans Petro has also come out with great results.


  1. Dear Rajeev,
    Did a lil bit of study of PSL Ltd results and also posted a reply to a border on moneycontrol.
    Kindly clarify if my judgment is correct ??

    Dear Readarticle,

    Do not mind my saying this but u are being very very short sighted in your assesment of a companies outlook . I have not only my eyes opened but also have my thinking cap on.

    Ask economist and they will tell u that the market recession be in india or even the US is started easing and that in the next six months to a year they will start growing. While the growth might be smaller but it will a lot more better than degrowth that is happeing currently.

    So why vorry about recession when it is almost behind us now.

    Now coming specifically to PSL . Jst chck the results of PSL in detail.
    1) Topline grew from 655 cr to 1216 cr which is spectacular in these times.

    2)Net profit went down from 18Cr to 13Cr. BUT WHY ??

    Consumption of RawMaterial shot up from a discount of 59% of Topline to 35%. In other words their cost of raw materials was still high.
    Now are raw material prices decresing or increasing. Ask Yourself.

    Also their other expenditure went up from 173cr to 224 cr . this can easily change in any quarter.

    Interest cost went up from 16cr to 29cr. again where are the interest rates headed ?

    Also think about the demand when the pipes get laid out to meet the great demand to transport gas in India.

    And likewise see if promoters or any of the Big Fund Houses invested in PSL have sold any share in the last one year. They have by far more knowledge than you or me. and I see no one having sold PSL

    In my opinion, going forward three a lot more things going for PSl in its favour than against and hence i am positive of its outperformance and multibagger returns.

  2. Dear Rajeev,

    Whatever shares i am holding (eg. xl. tele, indowind, sujana tower etc) coz of your recos and I know their +ve returns in near future. Today I entered in PSL (50 shares) in accumulation mood. As you adviced me in your early reply that buy 25% now and in every decline.


  3. Mitz,
    That was a good answer.
    BTW,do you still hold Bhagwati Gases or sold out?

  4. I sold out. As I had told you i got hugely disappointed with the promoters attitude and most important thing was i lost trust in them.

    I strongly belive that when one loses trust in a co, it is best not to invest in it no matter how compelling the reasons.

  5. Rajeev:

    Any comments on Ghruh Finance , it HDFC promoted company


  6. Hiren,
    Yes it is HDFC promoted co and is good for steady gains.
    But don't expect fire works in Gruh Finance like we see in other cash gr stocks...there will be no rocket like movemnet like we are seeing now in XL Tele, Gremach, Sujana Towers etc.....

  7. Hi Rajiv,
    \Please share your valuable thought on Ansal hosing and Infra.
    The P/E around 3/4. Is it right time to enter.


  8. Dear Debasis,
    This whole Ansal gr is a good gr with good managemnet and hence the stock u r talking is a good buy at this rate and in dips....