Monday, June 8, 2009

A list...........

List of stocks which can still give multibagger returns........
1)Jai Hind Project
2)PSL Ltd
3)Marg Ltd
4)JMC Project
7)Madhucon Pro
8)Shriram EPC
9)IMP Power
10)RTS Power
11)Areva T&D
12)Alsthom Pro
14)XL Tele
15) Sujana Towers
16)Gremach Infra
17)Vishnu Chem
18)Kir Elec
19)Kir Ferro
20)Jyoti Ltd
21)Religare Technova Global
23)Flex Foods
24)Sabero Organics
25)Selan Explo
26)Shiv Vani Uni
27)Alpha Geo
29)Assam co

These are the stocks which can still give multibaggers returns.I may prove wrong in one or more stocks but I am writing here again.Couple of them are new stocks and some I have written after very long time.
Remember one thing , even if one see the price over 100 or 200 or 300 or even 400 ...those stocks have still the potential to give multibagger return from hereon ,means from this price.
Multibagger means more then 3 times of CMP , that is the minimum.....
Take your pick and invest ...........for couple of years........
Best Of Luck........


  1. Dear Rajeev,
    As expected correction has set in and most of the stocks are now in downwards freeze.

    Do you see them correcting by 10%-20% or more ???.

    Thanks in advance. BTW nice comprehensive lst of stocks to chose from.

  2. Dear Rajeev,

    Thanks for the list of great picks. I am 100% faith & confident on you that, most of the scripts listed out by you are going to zooooom with in the couple of years. Even I need not go and check its fundamentals coz these are all ultimately your picks.



  3. Hi Rajiv,

    I would like to know is it "Jai Hind Synthetics"?

    Is it "Gremach Infrastructure Equipments and Projects"

    I have been following your blog for a long time but this is first time I am asking.


  4. Dear Dhiman,
    It is Jaihind Project Ltd .If you will write Jaihind in bse site you will find that.CMP is Rs 99.35.
    I gave a call at around 42.
    And the other one Gremach is the same you wrote.....

  5. Dear Rajeev,

    This information is related to One of the promoter of "Gremach Infrastructure"; his name is Rishiraj Agarwal.
    HE SOLD 129500 SHARES OF GREMACH INFRA TODAY (8-JUN-2009) @ Rs.52.61/- ON BSE.
    Please let us know whether this implies anything serious for the future of this script.


  6. Well Dhiman,
    I am also seeing that at bse site in Bulk Deals.
    But according to me there can be no fundamental chnage in the co hence I would prefer to hold and buy Gremach at declines.

  7. Dear Rajeev,

    There are several paople that are now talking of a massive correction in the markets all over the world. Infact they are talking about sensex going back to 10K levels and giving ubsurd targets for the rupee such a Rs 100 to the dollar in eight months

    Do u thing such a thing might occur ???

    As far as i can understand, the fundamentals are improving world over and things shud not go so bad. However i do not know anything bout operators and their games.

    Some stocks have already gone considerably down frm their recent highs. While I understand that it is definately good for the stock to buid a base, where do u think it might stop.

    Specifically speaking about gremach, sujana twrs and om Metal.

  8. Dear Rajeev,

    Awaiting your kind comments.

  9. Mitz,
    Forget 10,000....we may not even see 12k again.Same with Rupees against dollar.Rs at 100 is a dream.
    I am actually seeing rupee appreciating against dollar with the FII and FDI flow again coming in there is no way rupee can depreciate against dollar.
    In couple of years we should be back to rs 39 against dollar.
    Correction will come but no Mayhem for days togather.....
    The world economy is showing signs for early recovery then expected which I have written at the front page many times......

  10. Thanks for the reply on India Glycols.In your list RTS Power price close to 52 week low.When searched about there was some bad news on ET about the promoter...

    Any idea about RTS


  11. Hi KPR,
    Yes, I did give a call for RTS at around rs 70 at mmb and then it went on to touch 350 and over.Those who bought it at that time must have made a killing.
    I think with power sector still one of the most seek after sector, I think RTS power is looking good at this point of time when it has come down from 350 high to just rs 70....