Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Good chance to getin in next correction..........

Well Friends,
Good chance to getin in next correction.Well , it is upto you who needs to decide that this is a start of a new Bull Market or we are still in the Bear Market and this is a bear market rally.
According to me the trend has changed and we need to think in that way and that is why I have written CORRECTION.
Market can still go up by 400-600 points around and then can react for couple of thousand points.That will be best chance for the investors to buy stocks they feel like buying.But remember one thing that the prices we saw at 7700 or 8200 will not be there and hence one needs to decide at what price they need to buy stocks.Market if reacts from 15200 , then it would be just 6000 points away from the all time high of 21000.Now what we saw the prices at 21000 was far far higher then what we are seeing now.The bottomline here is for these stocks to reach the same high or even 50% of the highs at 21k they need to OUTPERFORM the sensex ina very big way.And that is the reason we are seeing stocks like XL Tele, Gramach,Sujana Towers, KLG Systel,Selan Explo,Dolphin Offshore, PSL Ltd ,Marg Ltd etc etc............are going up and up.They are way below their highs even after this runup and hence they will go more up then sensex stocks can go up.
And they will still outperform the market in big way as they have to.So one needs to pick up good fundamental stocks and buy in any reactions that may take place.
I saw today that PSL Ltd wass up by almost 17% at 159.I started recomending here from Rs 69...then again at 88 and then again at 133.Marg is also going up and so are others stocks I recomended to buy here.


  1. Hi Rajeev;

    What should be good strategy for guys like me who have missed the rally from 8k to 15k. The only investment I made in last 6 months was to accumulate biocon at Rs95. Apart from that missed out all other stocks.
    What do you suggest for investors who have missed out.


  2. Dear Hiren,
    I think I have clearly written what one needs to do now.I have explained everything here.
    I have written that all Cash gr stocks are way below their all time high and hence they are still a buy as they are still ging to out perform the sensex in a big big way.
    Well,the conviction that I am talking off since long is this.If one is still not ready to believe that this is a reversal of trend then one will never be able to invest now.
    Conviction is related to everything.Be it buying stocks and holding for big profits or buying stocks in market.Conviction is needed in both of them.....

  3. Thanks for your insight Rajeev


  4. Hi Rajeev,

    Any comment on CAIRN INDIA?


  5. Hi OM,
    I am sorry for niot ansswering about Cairns India in past.Good u asked again.
    Well, it is a great co but remember that the return we are seeing for Cash Gr stocks will never be there for Cairns India.
    It is a stock which can give steady return but not multibagger return..Maybe in 4-5 yrs it can give but that is too long.
    Why don't u look at Selan Exploration or Dolphin Offshore or Shiv Vani ....etc....

  6. Dear Rajeev,

    What I feel about your thought is fully correct.

    I am holding PSL, Indowind,
    xl Tele all because of you and I am happy for that.

    With best regards,


  7. Hi Rajeev,

    Thanks for providing ur comments on CAIRN...i looked into all the co u have mentioned and compared them by SHP,Q results and score cards--
    Dolphin Offshore and Shiv Vani looks great...

    Thanks for taking out time..

  8. Hi Rajeevbhai:

    Please let me know which one is better Dolphin Offshore or Alphageo.


  9. Hiren,
    RJ has stake in Alpha Geo and Dolphin Offshore looks better then Alpha Geo.
    Take your call.....