Monday, June 22, 2009

Don't panic............

Market was going to give reaction.I wrote it here few days back that we can have correction of 2000 points and that is what happening now.But take this as a chance to buy your favourite stock in this dips.
Market is good and after a hefty runup from 8000 to 15500 it has to take rest.Cash gr stocks are sheding some of the gains and one need to select which one they wants to buy in this dip.
I read somewhere that Ril MF has come out with a prediction this a Monster Bull run is in offing and they are starting Microcap MF where they will invest in Microcap and when they will feel that those stocks are overvalued they will sell them and will invest in Bonds and debt intruments.While reading this one can come to the conclusion that Microcaps are going to outperform the market in a big way.
According to my belief , budget is going to be good for stock market with some relief in STT and ST Capital gains Tax.There will be disvestment in PSU stocks to control fiscal deficit.It will be infrastructure oriented and that will push up infra spending.I have been emphasizing on this sector since long and have also listed co in this sector.Another sector to watch out is irrigation sector where I have pointed Rungta Irrigation and EPC Ind as a dark horse.
Keep a watch on Agri stocks like Aries Agro,Nagarjun Agritec,Usher Agro etc.....I like these stocks as they have potential to outperform the market in a big way.
I would like to have a special mention on Excel Crop which is United Phosphorous gr people.Excel Crop is a gem in making.Even United Phosphorous is an excellent buy.


  1. Rajeev,

    I could not find any stock called Excl corp. Did you mean Excel Crop Care Limited ?

  2. Yes vasanth..........that is Excel Crop care ltd...same....

  3. Hi Rajeev Ji,

    By Nagarjun Agritec, did u mean Nagarjun Agritec or Nagarjun Agrichem.

    These are two closely related names.

    Nagarjun Agritec - trades around 5 INR

    Nagarjun Agrichem - trades around 124.

    Please clarify.


  4. Sumit,
    It is Nagarjun Agrichem.....