Saturday, June 27, 2009

What a move!

Market went up by over 400 points just making all technical analyst prove wrong.
There are two sides on any given day for market.Bulls and Bears....and as we saw SS giving a bear call yesterday, market went up.As soon as bulls saw that short position is created due to bearish view from their master,SS, bulls took the market up..........
But it implies that now Bulls had got the strength to take the fight in Bears camp and give them run for their money.Small day traders and speculators needs to understand that they needs to understand the market better then following expert.

I again reiterate that we can touch 20k-21k by Dec 2009 instead of 2010 which I use to write in past and we can even touch 30k-31k by Dec 2010.......

We are now in a start of unfolding a new bull market which should take us to newer high which I have been writing here since couple of months.Buy stocks which has gone down so much with good fundamentals.I have given you an example of Gayatri Project where I wrote all the things one needs to see while investing and I can still say that there are many more things I have still not written in that post which looks good for the co.
The journey is up and market is going to get better and better.Reactions or correction are going to come.More and more MF managers are now becoming bullish.Viz: Maorgan Stanely(Ridham Desai),Nomura, Credit Sussie,JP Morgan etc etc.RJ already said in his last interview at CNBC that this was a bull market correction.......


  1. Absolutely agree with your post..."logon ka bolne main kya jata hai:)".
    Rajeev, have you ever tracked Bartronics India...good co with improving Q results. And moreover in a race of being a part of National Identity Project (might get a piece).


  2. Om,
    I am trcaking Bartronics since it was around 50, 3-4 tears back when we were in Bull Market and I like this co which have great potential but the only concern for me is eq is getting bloated every now and then.The eq was then something around 8-10 cr.
    They kept on increasing the eq every now and then and that I do not like.Otherwise I like this co and I remember I wrote about this co at mmb and other forums as well very early but offlate I am not tracking it so well though if I come through some news on Bartronics I do stop and read them.....Valuations are high but they can still go up as market discounts the future and not the past.....
    For the National Indendity Project apart from Bartronics have a look at my old pick Vakrangee Soft.....