Sunday, May 9, 2010


Buffett predicted that "people in India will be living a lot better 20 years from now."

These sentence keeps on coming up in my mind.The forcast that came from non other and the Oracle of Omaha....Warren Buffet...Why he is the 2nd richest person in the world.Because he can forsee what is going to happen in next 20 years or 30 yrs or 50yrs....
That makes Warren Buffet single out from other investors and celebrities.
When WB says that people in India will have better life in next 20 yrs then what he is seeing.He is definately seeing growth in Indian Economy and also seeing thereby the standard of living going up for Indians.
That is a bullish sign for Indian Stock Market as well.

Well, while coming back to the heading"Destiny"I have written many post here on Destiny or Luck....
I have seen people arguing agaist Luck and feels that there is nothing like LUCK and one makes his own life.
But it is not so.
Since 4-5 months I am seeing Lift Kare De show of famous producer Karan Johar.Wherein he use to call some film stars of yesteryear as well as current time and try to find the best follower of that film star and those follower try to sell something and that money they earn is multiplied and is given to one family where Karan and his team went to that place and found that they live a very bad and pityable life and give money to them and that is as good as 10 lacs and more.
Now if we try to find such families in India, we will find lacs of such families where they are in acute shortage of money and their living standard is way below poverty line.....I write.....again...poverty line...
Now the faimly who gets this amount from Karan Johar Show......what we can say for that?
That family made his own life?
They made extra effort to show to Karan Johar and his team that they are extra poor and they need money?
Why it happened that other family that also needs money are not having that money as they are not chosen by Karan Johar Show at SONY TV....
Can anyone answer me this?Why other families who are also equally poor or even more poor then these family is not getting that benifit and why these are having the money from Karan Johar Show?
I would like to have feedbacks on these from my readers.....
Well, I have seen that there is a section of people who always feels that one can make his own life and you can do whatever you think ......
Well, I have also seen that these thinking I see in people more who have in middle of not so rich or super rich and not so poor but good standard of living and more with people who have excellent qualification degree and have a good salary which is more the enough for their family.These people always think that they are there because they planned it.They are there because they worked for that......and I have also noticed that these people never be able to go beyond certian level of earnings.They remain steady after a certian point of saturation.
While I have seen, that Actors, Hollywood or Bollywood,Artist,Businessman etc....they always feels that they were Lucky enough to be at the correct place at correct time.
I quoted in past of Nadan Nilkeni of Infosys , that he once told that he was lucky to be in correct place at correct time.Though he was an IIT and was acadamically brilliant he still said those words, because he has passed through all the steps and what happens in between in knows very well.
I have been always met with a counter argurment that one need to do something for getting such a big amt of money and I always believe that if money is going to come to you it will come anyway.That is what we are seeing in Karan Johar show...Right?Us family ko paisa milna tha to Karan Johar ke show ke jareye mil gaya...yahan mahenat kahan ayi......
There is saying in India.....
"Waqt se pehle aur kismat se jyada kisi ko mila hai aur kisi ko na milega"and that is true.
What is there in an actor that he becomes a billionar and have 20-30 cars and have big houses and servants etc?His /Her face?His/Her acting?What is there?
Now many actors actress have charismatic face.They looks beutiful on screen.Their smile is excellent.Like say, Rani Mukherjee.She has an excellent smile but when we looks at her voice , it is heavy and not good for an actress but still she is a successful actress and has earned crores.
Now there are many woman who have excellent smile and even they must have tried to come in film ind but didn't make it up while Rani made it up and one reason was that she was coming from a filmy background.
Can anyone tell me how many successful Actors or Actresses are there in Bollywood who have non filmy background?Can anyone tell me?
Let us do the maths.
1) Abhisek Bacchan...Amitabh Som
2)Amir Khan........producer son
3)Salam Khan......Writers son
4)Rani Mukherji.......producer daughter
5)Kajol...........actress daughter
6)Hrihtik son
7)Akshay Khanna.....actors son
I am not writing the whole list but anyone can complete it.
Now Ashwariya Rai, Sushmita Sen, Priyanka Chopra , Lara Dutta are all Miss World or Miss Universe.
What I am trying to emphasize here is if one is actors sons or something like that one gets more chance to show his/her mettle.Why others do not get that much chances?
There are barely actors and actresses like Sha Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar where they did it on their own.But I have always seen and heard them saying ....."upper wale ki maherbani hai".....
Do you think they are humble enough to say these and giving credit to God?No, they mean it.....they know that these type of wealth is made only if God favours you and not by hard labour.....
Now if someone has got charismatic face that he/she has got from birth.Can anyone say that the face he/she got he got it himself or herself?Face , we inherit from our birth.We can't do anything about it and if face is a criteria for being successful , viz.Film Ind, then those having not a good face has very less chance to be successful in film Ind.That is called destiny.....Shah Rukh Khan knows that he is a God chosen child.The success and wealth he has generated , no man can do it without LUCK.......Why not everyone can makes money like ShahRukh Khan?Is he so excellent that what he is earning is good for what he does?
What ShahRukh Khan has done in his lifespan as a Film Actor that good to make a fortune like he is possessing?
I don't think so....and that is why when someone gets more then what he is doing....and he sees that...arre maine aisa to kuch nahi kiya tha ki muje itna mil jaye.....there comes the LUCK.....that is call LUCK....


  1. Rajeev ji,
    I agree on the sentence written by you "Well, I have seen that there is a section of people who always feels that one can make his own life and you can do whatever you think ......"
    There is a story in mahabharat to show the reality - Once lord krishna was roaming in a forest. He saw a sparrow on a tree. Lord closed his eyes and with his clairvoyance ability he saw the sparrow's future. He immediately felt very sad as he saw that the sparrow is about to die in few hours. But he was surprised on one aspect of the death. He thought lets say this to the sparrow so that she can safegaurd her life. He said it to the sparrow about her death. After hearing the sparrow felt very sad and started flying very high in sorrow. There in the high sky came a kite and asked about the tension. Sparrow told the whole story. The kite replied that only Mahadev Shankar can stop the wheel of destiny so lets go to kailash parvat and pray for your life. Kite made the sparrow to sit on its back and flew to kailash parvat. Immediately fater reaching the kailash parvat the sparrow died. And this was the surprise element that lord krishna was having as he foresaw that the sparrow was to die at kailash parvat but how will it reach there in such a short while. But destiny has to take its course and it happens in any way.
    Moral of the story is that there is no escape from the destiny and there is no need to be arrogant about our achievement. All happens because of luck which is nothing but God's wish in disguise.
    As Amitabh's father said "Mann ki ho accha hai, aur na ho to aur bhi accha hai kyonki woh Ishwar ki marzi hai".

  2. Rajivbhai, a pretty long write-up on 'success, luck, haves vs have-not, attitude' etc.

    Success comes in many forms and it comes as a result of God's blessing, a Bit of Luck (right place at right time), Attitude, Ability to take risk, although the element that carries the biggest weighting is 'focused hard work towards an aimed-goal'.

    For example, how many readers in the US are buying homes for the low-low-low-sales prices, renovating it, and selling them? This is a simple formula to riches, but yet, every city has 100-200 people doing it. Rest do not have some of the biggest elements noted above, and 10 years from now, we will find out that Mr X, Mr A, Mr B, Mr M etc got rich by taking advantage of the 'sale of the century'.

    Success comes in many forms, but never has one factor ever. It is a combination, but some carry more weightage than another. Governor Schwartnegger came from a small town in Europe and struggled for many years, and then got his fame. And, behind every success there is usually a lot of the factors mentioned above (and I am missing a few factors in there also).


  3. Nice post and anology.. appreciate ur thoughts.. :)

  4. Rajeev,
    This is a tough subject to argue. In my opinion, I think the main difference between a lucky and an unlucky person is in their way of thinking (positive or negative) and the persistant passion to achieve something. The one with positive thinking and passion will hit luck sometime or the other in his/her lifetime. I have come across "the secret" and have read the book and seen the movie which i found to be very useful. If your are interested, you can visit the movie site "" or watch the movie. Please delete this comment if it is not appropriate with your blog's objectives.


  5. Rajiv bhai
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  6. it is a pure luck 1994-95 infosys was merely 100 and idbi was 130 IPO price. see luck works person invested for 12000 shares in idbi at that time is still at same price after some small bonus...but infosys price around 10000 with no of bonuses and hefty dividends.. 10 k in infosys is morethan 1 cr now..idbi at same price...this is luck