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Jyoti Ltd....cmp...74.15...My old call....

Jyoti Ltd is not new to my readers.I have given call on Jyoti Ltd long back...and kept on recomending time and again here.The price I use to recomend was in 20's or 30's and it has already more then doubled.
Jyoti Ltd has remained my favourite stock as I have been recomending it here whenever I use to give a list of my pick....
One can almost always see Jyoti Ltd in my list along with some of my other favourites like India Glycols,Lumax Ind,Navin Flourine, Max India, etc......
Well, as I feel Jyoti Ltd is still looking good even at this rate and on dips, I am writing on Jyoti Ltd today.....
Jyoti Ltd has a Mcap of just 96 cr and sales for last year is 291 cr....do the math...just imagine when I use to recomend at 30....what must be the Mcap?
I donno what reason one wants to invest?I think the problem here is every one wants quick money and hence not ready to look at LT......otherwise Jyoti Ltd at 30 was a screaming buy.....even when market was down by 171 points yesterday Jyoti  was up by 5% and actually made a new high....

Jyoti Ltd:

Jyoti Ltd  was established in 1943, Jyoti Ltd is a leading ISO 9001: 2008 engineering company offering reliable quality products and services to clients in India and in the international market

Service Areas :
Jyoti Ltd. today is serving the vital sectors of national and international economy such as
Power (Thermal, Hydel and Nuclear) generation, Transmission and Distribution.
Agriculture, providing irrigation through pumping systems.
Water supply and sewerage schemes.
Defense-particularly Naval and marine establishments.
Core industries like steel, cement, paper, sugar, fertilizers, chemicals and Petro-chemicals.
Virtual Engineering :
Jyoti’s Pro/ENGINEER Design Service Center is the first of its kind in the western region of the country. The center aims at Virtual Engineering by providing CAD/CAM/CAE solutions i.e. to improve designs, manufacturing process and enhance the product quality on one hand to reduce cost and time on the other.
Marketing Network :
The wide range of products and services offered are engineered by different product and service groups manned by competent professionals specializing in their respective fields. Jyoti has a country wide marketing network of Zonal and Branch offices and System houses. System houses serve as an extended arm of the network catering to the complete technical and commercial needs of customers.
Jyoti Limited today is a Rs.291 crore company having its presence in core sectors. Today JYOTI is well recognized in Power, Irrigation & Water Supply projects. JYOTI has recently commissioned 14 MW pump each delivering 7 cu mec. of water against a head of 140 mtrs. These pumps are installed in the state of Andhra Pradesh. JYOTI is already executing Circulating Water system of 3 x 500 MW Indira Gandhi Super Thermal Power Project for Aravali Power Company Pvt. Ltd. wherein six Circulating Water Pumps each having capacity of 30,000 cum/hr are to be supplied and commissioned.

JYOTI has recently received turnkey order from M/s Bhartiya Rail Bijlee Company Limited (Joint Venture between NTPC & Indian Railways) for Circulating Water system and Make up water system equipment package for (4 x 250 MW) NABINAGAR THERMAL POWER PROJECT. The scope of work involves Design, Manufacture, Supply, Erection & commissioning of Circulating Water Pumps & Motor, make-up Water Pumps & Motors, Station Auxiliary Circulating Water Pumps & Motors along with Allied equipments like Butterfly Valves, cranes, Piping, Instrumentation, etc. The order is worth INR 16.5 crores.
JYOTI is also executing a Raw Water System for MAHAGENCO worth INR 8 crores.
JYOTI has received a prestigious order from Director General of Naval Dockyard through M/s Hindustan Construction Company for INR 85 crores for re-construction and completion of Dry Dock. The order includes supply, erection and commissioning of complete Electro-mechanical work and the pumps to be supplied are in special Material of Construction suitable for sea water application.
JYOTI has wide presence also in Irrigation & Water Supply sector and have recently received order from Jammu Tavi Irrigation Department, NVDA (Narmada Valley Development Authority). JYOTI has also received three orders through IVRCL for various Lift Irrigation Schemes in the state of Karnataka.
Today JYOTI is geared up to meet all challenges and is determined to play a very important role in the core sectors of Power and Water Management to support infrastructure growth of the country.
Hydel System

Small Hydro Power (SHP) is one of the important non-polluting renewable sources of energy which can substantially contribute to Power Generation to meet ever increasing demand for electricity.
Small Hydro Power project essentially harnesses energy from flowing or falling water from rivers, rivulets, artificially created storage dams or canal drops.
In India, Jyoti Ltd. pioneered designing, manufacturing and installing Hydro Electric Generating sets for SHP projects in late fifties.
A) Turbines:
Hydel System
Type Head M Output KW) Application
Pelton 100-700 100-10000 HighHead
Turgo-Impulse 40-200 30-5000 Medium Head
Francis 30-160 50-10000 Medium and Low head
Axial Flow
Conventional 15-50 500-10000
kaplan or Propeller 3-40 250-10000
Tabular Turbine 2-25 5-8000 Low Head
B) Main Inlet Valves (MIV)
Butterfly valve 300-3200 mm
Spherical valve 400-600 mm
C) Governors
D) Hydro Generators
LT 10-1000 KW (Synchronous/Induction)
HT 400-10000 KW (Synchronous)
HT 400-5000 KW (Induction)
E) Micro Turbine Generator Set
Type of Turbine Turgo - Impulse
Speed 1500 rpm
Design Head 35 Meters (115 Feet)
Design Flow Rate 35 lps ( 124 m3/Hr. )
Type of Generator Brush-less AC Generator
Rated KVA/KW 6.25 / 5.0 KW
At Jyoti, Hydro Turbines to match varying heads and outputs are designed and manufactured in wide range. In addition, the auxiliary hydro-generating equipment such as Generators, Inlet Valves, Governors, Switchgears etc. are also designed and manufactured. This single source responsibility guarantees uninterrupted performance of the entire Hydro Generating System. Jyoti is one of the very few companies in the world to assume such single source responsibility.

Jyoti undertakes Design, Manufacturing, Installation and Field Testing of Pelton, Turgo Impulse, Francis & Axial Flow Hydel Set on Turnkey basis as single responsibility.
Jyoti Micro turbine generating set is a very compact and portable equipment to convert Hydraulic energy in to Power.
Jyoti Micro turbine is a very useful source of energy for the places without Grid power, such as remote villages in Hilly regions and Military camps etc. Jyoti Micro turbine generating sets can supply the electricity to run the lights and fans, water heaters, and other household appliances and communication equipment.
Jyoti Micro turbine generator set supplies power continuously for 24 hrs. at rated capacity. Electronic governor splits the load between actual load and ballast resistive load depending on the actual load.
Jyoti Micro turbine generator set is very easy and handy to transport and install on the site. The penstock of flexible HDPE hose-pipe is very easy to install. Hardly any civil work is required.

Jyoti is pioneer in development of small Hydro-Power and has installed Mini/Micro Hydel Power Stations long back in 1961.

Out of total 180 MW installed capacity of mini/micro Hydel sets in India, JYOTI'S installation contributes to 140 MW.
Jyoti installations are in service, even after 35 years.
Till now Jyoti has supplied more than 400 hydel sets, out of which more than 60 hydel sets are exported to countries like Bhutan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Ghana, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, U.S.A. etc.
Till now Jyoti has supplied more than 400 hydel sets, out of which more than 60 hydel sets are exported to countries like Bhutan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Ghana, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, U.S.A. etc.
Jyoti has installed a Hydro Electric Power station at Rongtong in Himachal Pradesh at a height of 3900 m, the highest in India.
Jyoti has installed and commissioned, India's first unmanned remote operated, fully automatic (single push button start) small hydro power station near Bombay at Bhivpuri Tail Race Power House, of Tata Electric Companies.
Jyoti is one of the very few to assume single source responsibility of designing, manufacturing, supplying, erecting and commissioning complete Hydro Generating Set.

Jyoti Ltd. is the only supplier in India of Turgo Impulse Turbine for medium head application.
Large number of Hydro Electric power stations installed by Jyoti has paid back the investment in 3 years.
Jyoti has received award for outstanding contribution to the development of Small Hydro Power in India, as Equipment manufacturer from International Association for Small Hydro (IASH).
Jyoti has successfully developed, installed and commissioned fully Digital Electronic Governor with built in Logic base Auto-synchronizer.
Pelton Turbine

Manufactured for high head with horizontal arrangement with single and multi jet configuration. The control mechanism can be either deflector or spear and deflector as required by the customer. Turbine efficiency is high irrespective of load variation. Due to its simple construction, the maintenance of the Turbine is very easy.
Francis Turbine
Manufactured for low and medium head, this turbine can be supplied in two configurations i.e. Monoblock, a two bearing system in which the turbine runner and flywheel are mounted on generator shaft. The other one being Dual-block in which Turbine and Generator have their own bearings thus making it a four bearing systems. The Hydel set can be offered in vertical or horizontal axis orientation.
Turgo Impulse Turbine
This turbine is suitable for medium head. Due to its small size and higher specific speed compared to equivalent Pelton Turbine, making it the most economical one. The construction and control are similar to Pelton Turbine.
Horizontal Tubular Turbine
This turbine is most suitable for canal drops. There are three types of 'JYOTI' Tubular Turbine
- Kaplan (Both runner blades and guide vanes adjustable)
- Semi Kaplan, Syphontype (Guide vanes fixed and runner blades adjustable)
- Propeller (Guide vanes adjustable and runner blades fixed)
Kaplan turbines are used where head and discharge variations are high. Propeller turbines are used where head and discharge variations are low and semi Kaplan turbines are used where head and discharge variations are high in comparison to propeller turbines.

‘Jyoti’ Governors are capable for single / double regulation of turbine. Two types of Governors i.e. HYDRO-MECHANICAL & ELECTRONIC are designed, manufactured and supplied
Hydro Mechanical Governor
Hydro-mechanical Governor with motorized pendulum assembly for speed sensing and motorized oil pumping unit for controls up to 100 KW has been designed and manufactured at Jyoti Ltd. and supplied with many Hydel sets.
Electronic Governor
Keeping with the strides made in the field of Electronics, Jyoti has developed a microprocessor based, Electronic Programmable Digital Governor. The governor has successfully undergone extensive field tests. The governor is running satisfactorily at various sites. It can also perform additional governing and control functions such as :
Level regulation
Central governing & control system
Flow regulation
Storage volume regulation
Power regulation.
The main advantage of Electronic Governor is its capability to change control parameters ‘on-line’. This means when turbine is operating, control parameters can be changed simultaneously. This is a sophisticated governor, which can be interfaced with PC/PCL for remote and tele-opeation.
Inlet Valves
Developed at Jyoti's R & D, these valves are used for emergency shutdown of the unit. Two types of valves are manufactured at Jyoti.
Butterfly Valve
It is used for head up to 250 meters and are manufactured in solid disc or bi-plan type construction. Opening of the valve is by Oil pressure and closing with the help of dead weight.
Spherical Valves
Mainly used for head above 200 M and is opened by oil pressure and closed by dead weight.
  Jyoti has been in forefront of Switchgear technology as manufacturer of Medium and High Voltage Switchgear in India for over 40 years.

Minimum Oil Circuit Breakers (MOCBs)
In 1957, Jyoti pioneered manufacure of 3.3 - 36 kV MOCBs in technical collaboration with Calor Emag, Germany. In 1967, 145 KV MOCBs were introduced first time in India in technical collaboration with Oerlikon Engg. Co., Switzerland. In 1973, first indigenous 33 kV, 750 MVA outdoor MOCB was type-tested at High Power Laboratory, Czekoslovakia. The Indoor MOCB (12 kV, 40 kA / 7.2 kV, 44 kA) was developed and tested at KEMA, the Netherlands and Central Power Research Institute, Bhopal.
Jyoti has received Import Substitution Awards from Government of India thrice for development of MOCB range of products.
Vacuum Circuit Breakers (VCBs) and Vacuum Contactors

Jyoti has technical collaboration with Toshiba Corporation, Japan for manufacture of VCBs. 'Jyoti' 7.2 kV Medium Voltage Switchgear panels and Outdoor VCB's are serving Thermal Power Stations while 12/24/36 kV 'Jyoti' VCB panels & Outdoor VCB's are in service in utilities and Core Industries.
At present, more than 10,000 Nos. VCBs are in satisfactory service. Entire range of Switchgear is fully type tested at independent testing stations in India at CPRI & ERDA. Additionally, Jyoti's 12 kV VCB & Panels are type tested at KEMA, The Netherlands also.
The Switchgear Division has received ISO 9001 certificate from TUV CERT, Germany for establishing and applying Quality system.
Roating Electronics Machines

Alternators/ Generators
Medium/ High Voltage Motors
Special Purpose Rotating Electrical Machines
Generator for Wind Turbine
Largest Rating Vertical Motors for Lift-Irrigation schemes
Jyoti has pioneered the development of Rotating Electrical Machines for more than fifty years. They include :
Alternators/ Generators
Alternators/ Generators have been significantly contributing to the core sector of power generation. L.T. Alternators - Self Excited Self Regulated (SESR) and Brush-less are coupled to diesel and gas engines as well as to steam or hydel turbines.
There are special alternators for Navy & Marine alternators.
Alternators with special design for thyristor load upto 60%.
Special design for telecom installations.
H.T. Alternators are developed for captive power generation. They are working in parallel with grid systems and are coupled to D.G. Sets.
Large number of Alternators are serving in the process industries. More than 55% of sugar industries in India meet their captive power requirements through 'Jyoti' alternators.
The Hydro Generators are serving Mini/Micro Hydel Stations to generate power from water falls . They are specially built to withstand high run-away speeds based on turbine characteristics.
Medium and High Voltage Motors
A wide range of medium voltage Motors (Slip-ring and squirrel cage Induction Motors) provide a drive to number of fluid, air handling, material handling, mines, sugar industries equipment.
High Tension Motors are installed at Thermal and Nuclear Power Plants, Core Industries and Water Supply & Irrigation Projects.

Special Purpose Rotating Electrical Machines
Jyoti has developed special purpose rotating electrical machines, custom-built to meet specific requirements of users. For Indian Railways, Asia's largest Rail network, Jyoti pioneered the development of Amo Convertors for single to three phase conversion in A.C. electric locomotives.
Similarly there are Frequency Convertors for 50 Hz. to 60 Hz conversion for repairs on berthed ships and for 50 Hz to 150 Hz for Rayon industries, transformer testing etc. Further, 150/200HZ M.G. sets for Transformer Testing are also developed.
Sugar Industry has a long association with Jyoti. 'Jyoti' multi-speed sugar centrifuge motors are serving 60% of sugar factories in India.
There are two-speed pole amplitude modulated (PAM) motors for energy conservation. They achieve dual speeds with single winding. They are suitable for a wide range of fluid and air handling equipment.
Generators for Wind Turbines
In the non-conventional energy area Jyoti created major niche by developing Induction Generators for Wind Turbines to generate power by using wind energy.
Largest Rating Vertical Motors for Lift-Irrigation Schemes
Jyoti has successfully designed, engineered, manufactured and tested [In- House] the Largest rating Vertical Motor of rating : 2250 kW ( 3000hp) 6600 Volts, 595 r.p.m. (10-Pole), Vertical -Mounting with Closed -Air- Circuit - Air - Cooled (C.A.C.A.) Motors for Lift-Irrigation Schemes.

My Comments:
This is just a tip of an iceberg.If one will go to the site of Jyoti Ltd one can find many more things where they are in.....
I donno, why noone ever asked me about Jyoti Ltd. I have been constantly recomending this stock for over a year or I can say from the starting of my blog....Dec 07....
Jyoti Ltd still looks good as it is in Irrigation system, Pumps, Motors etc etc........
According to me the journey has just started.......


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