Sunday, May 23, 2010

An Oppertunity going abegging?

I am not an analyst nor a merchant banker nor a broker who can decide what can happen if something pops up like this on the horizen.....
Well-Yes, I am talking of the news that came out on Friday that Piramal Health Care is sold to Abott at whopping $3.7 bn and that is Rs.16,650 cr.....and Abott is paying Rs 785 /share when the price is Rs 500, here at our browses....
So Piramal Health Care is going 50% cheaper then what Abott paid it can be derived that sooner or later Piramal can acheive price of 785!
This is the 2nd biggest deal after Diaiichi and Ranbaxy......where $4.2 bn was doled out.....
Now Piramal Gr is cash rich by 16,500 cr......

Now this has opend new vistas for Indian Bulk and generic drug Pharma Co and who knows tommorow can be the turn of Venus Remedies or Transgene Bio?

"According to Ranjit Kapadia, the Abbott-Piramal and Daiichi-Ranbaxy deals will increase the significance of Indian assets in the future. He told VCCircle, "The Abbott-Piramal deal will have a huge impact over Indian asset class, especially, in pharmaceutical space. The global pharma majors, whose R&D pipeline getting dried, are keen on the generic (copycat) markets such as India. Obviously, whoever wants to strengthen Indian presence through buyouts, will have to shell out much more due to the higher demand for Indian assets." Those who are reluctant to sell the promoter stakle will start reconsidering expecting such higher valuation," he added."

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  1. any view on sms pharma Rajiv bhai
    some one accumulating this share near 160 in big ways.