Monday, May 31, 2010

In this time of Uncertainty......

We are having ominous news regarding PIGS countries.........LOL..........that doesn't mean  PIGS are ample there..but they are ...Portugal,Ireland,Greece and Spain....the debt crisis there is taking tall and market is exhibiting seasaw movement since last one month.Usually also there is a saying in USA that sell everything in May and come back in Oct.That also means that uptill Oct market will remain range bound after whatever happens in May.
So according to that we are almost out of the woods as May is ending near, just one day left.
Now we can see consolidation period and market here in India can also remain rangebound for 2-3 months but specific stock will outperform in this period as well and we do not know which will outperform.
But what I am writing here today is on Blue Chip stocks, A gr stocks where valuation may come down with the whims of players ,creating  panic and that would be the best time to accumalate them.
Let me list some stocks where one can think of buying in DIPS......
1) Siemens
3) Ril Ind
5)United Phosphorous
6)Areva T&D
8)M&M( After taking majority stake in Reva-electric car maker, looks excellent)
9)Sterlite Ind
11)Tata Power
12)Tata Chem
13)Alsthom Project
15)India Bulls Realty(Laxmi Mittal has taken stake)
16)Neyvile  Lignite
17)Sesa Goa
21)Essar Oil
22)Century Tex

These are some A gr stocks which investor need to buy on any dips.....
Some other stocks out of Agr which looks excellent are
1)Jindal Drilling
2)Selan Explo
3)KLG Systel Ltd
4)JPT Sec
5)KLG Capital Ltd
6)Emmson Int
7)Ennore Coke
8)Sahyadri Ind
9)Patel Airtemp
10)Dolphin Offshore
Barring couple of stocks of both list I have been recomending these stocks time and again ever since 2009 Jan/ readers are not unknown to them......
May have still missed some of them...difficult to recall and write it down here...
Tata Motors which was written off by many analyst , rather all, when Ratan Tata tookover Jaguar and LandRover, as being a bad deal ,has come out with stunning numbers....Rs 2516 cr as net profit! and so was the case for Tisco when they tookover Corus Steel a giant Co from UK and all discussion was on that the deal is costly and Tisco will be done under the debt burden and see how Tisco is faring on the brouses.....


  1. Rajiv bhai
    no fertiliser stock in your above list i think
    RCF and NATIONAL FERTILISER is good pick on dips.
    Both are disinvestment cannidate also and both stock show good strength today.
    your view please Rajiv ji.

  2. ashok,
    I have already recomended NFL in past list...I do not repeat again and again same thing.
    Tata Chem is a fertilizer Co....which I have listed in this post...check it..

  3. Dear Rajeevbhai,

    Your old call JPT Securities is rocking ... looks like it is your next 'Kwality Dairy'... thanks a lot...


    JPT Securities Ltd has informed BSE that the Board of Directors of the Company at its meeting held on April 22, 2010, inter alia, has transacted the following :

    The Board has decided to explore the possibility of merging with Pipavav Power Company, which is developing a 250 MW Thermal Power Plant in two tranches at Pipavav, based on imported coal.

    Merger ratio would be finalised with the help of investment bankers.

    The project is expected to be implemented over a period of 24 months after financial closure. Part of the generated capacity would be used to cater to the captive requirement of industries in the immediate vicinity on the basis of a long term power purchase agreement. The balance would be sold on a merchant basis to other users in the area.


    With a 1200 crore power project plan it is ridiculous to see JPT Securities having just 25 crore market cap.
    The journey has started just now and looks like only sky is the limit .. Thanks once again rajeevbhai for your wonderful call...


  4. Hi r,
    You got it absolutely right.All maths done right.Same goes for KLG Capital Ltd.Both the Co are now owned by Nikhil Gandhi , right hand of Mukesh Ambani and owner of Pippav Port and Nikhil Gandhi is also coming out with IPO for SKIL Infra, viz: Sea King Infrastructure Ltd.SKIL Infra is also buying out Punj Llyod stake in Pippav Port and so SKIL Infra is coming out with IPO....just have a look at SKIL Infra website and you will get to know everything...
    Nikhil Gandhi is the owner of Awaita Properties and when I saw the name of Jay Mehta added as a Dir in JPT , another MA close cronies, I was expecting some news coming out and that happened ultimately which you have written here...Power Plant..