Friday, May 21, 2010

Petron Eng....

I gave a call on Perton Eng on 17th Sep09..@rs 169.. and in 6-7 months it made a new high of Rs 429....on 22nd Apr 2010.....i.e.153% return...

Here is what I wrote at that time:

Petron Eng and Construction Ltd....cmp...169.60.....A Star in making....


I have come out with another virgin stock named Petron Engineering Construction Ltd .

This co is having a Sales turn over of Rs 457 cr and Mcap is just 127 cr.Eps is just around 8 but still it went for 20% upper circuit and ended at 169!

I will not write more on Petron Eng as someone told me I use to write from the website and hence I would say that you all will look at the website and read it........

My job is to bring out stock undiscovered and that I have done........


  1. Rajeev,

    One more gem probably you forgot. Patel Airtemps was reccomended at 60. Now it is 125.


  2. yes dhiman, u r correct and Patel airtemp has still long way to go...

  3. rajeev ji any comment on murudeshwar ceramics have you see any upside in this

  4. rocky,
    I do not track Murudeshwar Ceramics....

  5. Rajiv bhai
    one of my friend recomand jai balaji @ 225 tgt 1000 min in 5 year cmp below 200 but he still bullish and say in 2014-15 this co is in top 5 steel company in india.
    he still say in 5 year this scrip quote in 4 digit.
    Rajiv bhai
    your view please

  6. Rajiv Bhai...

    Whats ur view on Windsor Machine...I am holding dis script since Rs 30....

  7. kumra,
    Sell 50% now and keep the rest almost FREE..for higher gains...

  8. Rajeev Bhai,
    How r u? Dear I also do trading in stock market. I newly added to your blog so i missed your recommendation about Patel airtemp & petronet. So any recommendation according to current scenario. I believe real estate sector or infra structure will be boom soon.. what yo u say?