Monday, May 24, 2010

Podddar Pigments....making new highs....

This is an update for Poddar Pigments that it made a new high on 20th may at 47.25 and now at 44.00....which I recomended at 36 on 24 th Nov.....the journey has just started as I wrote in that post that Promoters were constant buyer at that time.....
I am not surpirsed to see that Np for Mar qr has gone up from 1.31 cr to 7.92 cr , which is whopping 550% increase....from last the eps for Mar qr ends at 6.76 and with buyback taking place the eq has lessened hence eps is more.....
So for the full year Mar '10 ,eps for Poddar Pigments now rest at around 13 ....and stock going at 3.5 p/e......looks still a good this I leave it to my readers....
 When market is tanking these recomendations of mine goes up or will remain steady and readers have not to lose much on it.....what else one need....
Like say, if someone has bought Poddar Pigments at that time, maybe it didn't move from Nov but as of now, who ever is holding is in PROFIT.....that is the beauty of .........(Fill In The Blank)...
I donno how many must have bought it.....but when I give a call, it looks like not a good call but ultimately it comes good.....


  1. Hi Rajeev,

    I purchased Poddar Pigments after you recommended it here in this blog way back in last November. I was studying the charts of some scrips and identified Poddar Pigments for buying but could not do it solely based on charts. But when I saw your recommendation, I have decided to purchase with confidence because your recommendations are generally based on some fundamental strength or some story not yet known to the general public at large. Moreover, the buy-back by the promoters was another significant factor that influenced my decision coupled with your call. The CEO said there will be a 20% capacity expansion by August this year. The company has announced stunning results for FY10. The scrip is available even now at an attractive price keeping in view of the fact that its latest P/E is only 3.8 whereas the average Ind P/E for this sector (as per Capital Market database) is 17.8 and the price is also quoting near the scrip's book value.

  2. Dear Rajiv,

    I am 60 yrs and have approx.50 lacs to invest; pl suggest me what to buy at what prices and for how long.should I buy in one go or in small lots.Being incumbent to this investment need yr valued guidance.I can log for a period of 2 to 3 years.thanks.

  3. Hi antique,
    Giving advice where to invest Rs 50 lacs is a high task with lots of responsibility.....It becomes PMS and I have yet not started PMS.....

  4. Dear Rajiv,

    appreciate yr prompt response. I would not like to invest immediately the entire sum as such need yr guidance to start investing in the scrips.being new,no not much about the shares shall appreciate if you could just guide what to buy ,quantity and prices and for how long in order to get substantial profits.thanks.
    m.atique vohra

  5. Dear atique,

    My humble request is do not invest the full amount. Put only that part of the amount that you don't mind becoming zero.
    Other ways consult a portfolio management.

    It is your hard earned money. Take good care!!