Friday, May 14, 2010


I am posting a list of stocks which looks good to me....
1)Jamna Auto
2)NFL Ltd
3)Garg Furnace
4)Artefact Projects Ltd
5)ABG Shipyard
6)Srei Infra
9)Standard Ind
10)Sujana Towers

They are many more....I can't recall it now...
but there are some dark horses as well...
1)IKF Techno(The reserve is constantly increasing and hence the BV is also going up....
2)First Object Tech..
I am adding 2 more dark horse here....
3)Socrus Bio(Old Tanu Healthcare)
4)Octant Interactive Techno

Well friends, I may not be able to write from Mid July onwards as I will be coming to India to meet my parents, relatives and friends.....for 1 month....depends on how I get access of internet .......not sure......and how much I will get time to do all these things.....


  1. Thanks a lot Rajeev, you made my day. I am holding IKF for almost more than three years with a hope that one day it will definitely get its true worth. I never tried to offload it even after sitting at 50% loss on a huge amount invested. But now after seeing this in ur reco list I am feeling very happy. Now I will hold it for another 5 years without any dilemma. Thanks a lot rajeev.

  2. Rajiv bhai
    i m surprise to see jamna auto in your list.
    i buy this share on 15-05-09 @ 15.80 and exit @ 40.00 on 07-08-09.after sale i wait for reenter at lower level but scrip up above 150% from my sale price.
    i m fool in this mkt who start sale any scrip in which i see above 50 % profit but you are great U know real value of gem . for me SAB DHHAN 22 PASERI.
    gmr ferro alloy show some buy intrest and cmp.i think i cover my sale position now which i sold at higher level.
    thank with best regard and happy AKSHYA TRITYA to you.

  3. Dear Rajeev,
    Thanks for your new recomendations. Hope you enjoy your hoildays in India.Please give my best wishes to your dear parents! We all will miss you.

  4. welcome india Rajiv bhai in july
    your so many friend waiting for you

  5. Dear Rajeev,

    I think you are on cloud 9 to see India :).

    Wel come back with bang. Have a great frenzy with parents and friends.

  6. Dear Rajeev,

    Fantastic Results posted by Parekh Akuminex. Topline is at 208 cr and net profit of 14.7 cr despite higher depreciation and interest, thus resulting in an EPS of 11.5 (annualised 46) for this quarter. Also a div of Rs 3 has been declared.

  7. Rajiv bhai
    IDBI is underperform all the bank and market from 1993.those who buy any bank like bank of india near 10,bank of baroda near 60, pnb near 40,indusind bank near 9,icici bank near 25 or any any bank at ipo price or low level make huge money but those who hold idbi from long time never make money.
    i also hold idbi from ipo time and think exit but at present when i see idbi in your buy list i hold idbi in next 2 year.

  8. Hi Rajeev, my name is Jagrit and I have been holding IKF since early 2004. I am holding a pretty big quantity and I have also hoped that it finds its true value some day, but it has not happened.

    Book value is fine, but I think the biggest concern for IKF is that promoters hold abysmal 8.92 percent in the stock. Do you still think market will rerate it?

  9. Jagrit and share,
    If what they have planted Jatropa in lacs of hecters of land in different state and also in different countries and if they are growing in better way,then in next 1or 2 yrs IKF should get these are huge plantation of Jathropa they have done and the Bio deisel they will extract will also be huge.....
    But it is all if and buts..and that is why I have put it in dark horse category.....but reserve is increasing every year...I want to know how that is happening with no big sales and profit coming....are thet alloting stocks at premium and that is why reserve is going up?

  10. Sir Rajeev, mera gaav se 1 room booked for you so please visit my room before you leave back to US. Full setup made for you, original local food etc..


  11. Hi Rajeev one thing I noticed in IKF is that they keep postponing the production date of biofuels. Earlier they said by 2009 they will start production but now its 2010 and there is no news about the production, there are lot of talks in this company but nothing substantial happens. JV they do as if its a play. They have MOU with Indian oil for transferring biofules technology, they have JV with some biofuel company in abroad also. Now they have JV with wapmerr and so on. I only hope that all this remain true and they actually progress.

  12. @ jagrit
    For both of us till IKF finds it true worth, "All is well".

  13. Thanks Kapil for the kind gesture...but I am not sure whether I will coming that far to your city...

  14. Dear Rajeev Sir,
    Could you please tell which is your native and which places are you going to visit.
    It would be fortunate to spend few hours with you, if you could find some time

  15. more on IDBI - "The bank has been growing at a very high rate, of late. Its loan book grew at 34% year-on-year in FY10. At this rate, it grew twice as fast as industry’s pace"