Saturday, July 18, 2009

Am I repeating.......!

Many readers who reads me regularly must be thinking that why I am repeating Kwality Dairy time and again.Well,the only reason that pops up my mind with Kwality is it is still running and not taking name to get stopped.
I have many such gave a call at mmb of RTS Power at Rs 70 and when market was tanking ,it was making newer highs and I think it touched something above 350.
Flex Foods is another stock which I gave a call below 20 and in all these bear run it has not gone below that level.So no money losing here.
Maestros Mediline is another stock which has not budge down an inch.
Lancor Holding is another stock which is in talk now from analyst which I gave a call on ISG at 156 , 10 paidup and it is 40 ,2 paidup, so it is also 200 means no loss in this counter as well.
There are many such counters where people have not lost a single paise and have been able to save themselves from the loss in bear run.
I have given a call on Ackruti City at around 350.It is already at 500 and it is now recomended by analyst and Tips givers.I also gave a call on TRF here at Rs 325 and it is already 990.
Even Sahyadri Ind is rock solid from where I gave a call before bear run started at Rs 43.
I was cautious about my call on Elpro Int after I saw the selling of Mavi Invt and take the call back,but my reading on stock and fundamental was perfect.
I remember I gave a call on Elpro Int at Rs 272 on 21 Apr 09 and today after 3 months it has exactly doubled.It is now at Rs 550.....
I can go on giving many stocks examples like that.But I don't boast about these things.

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