Sunday, July 12, 2009

Budget and Market.....and a Star named GSPL....

Budget was not as good as expected by the market.Market was expecting some annoucement on disinvestment.That didn't come.Even how the fiscal deficit will taken care of , that also FM spoke nothing about it.
Individual Tax payer, read salaried class, didn't find something to cheer about.The limit was not increased the way middle class was expecting it.
Some annoucement should have come on Infrastructure sector.That ddin't materialize.
These were some of the things that marketman didn't like and bear attacked bulls and came out winner.
Well, in India all the above things can be done out of budget and there is no need to be dissatisfied.Market was ripe for correction and I already wrote that there should be or can be a correction of 2000 points from 14500.Market can't go up in a staright line and it has to correct and consolidate as well.Take chance to buy fundamentally strong stocks in this downtrend.Our economy is bound to outperform the world and hence no need to worry on that front.
Budget gas given impetus on pipeline sector and we have discussed many stocks in this sector,Viz: PSLLtd, Jaihind Project etc etc...
Keep and eye on GSPL.I have mentioned it some time back.While buying GSPL one needs to be LT say like holding for 3-5 yrs and more, but the amt they will produce Gas is very very big which can change the fortune of this company.Just buy it and hold it for 5 yrs.This is a stock like Petro China which Warren Buffet bought and he made something like 5 times in 5 yrs and he sold out after that.According to me GSPL is such type of stock. Those who wants to look at the prices daily should not buy this stock.
Market wanted to give correction and that happened.Don't read too much in it.It will come back again.Warren Buffet said that USA will need another shot of injection in the way of stimulous pacakage as he do not see the recovery soon.The fall has been arrested but to recover from that ground US will need more money to pour in and WB is sure that this will do loads of good to US economy and a new and strong America will be born.
If someone needs any more information read my post of India producing more GAS then OIL and in which one can find how much GSPL can produce gas in a year.Moreover one can always google to find out more facts on GSPL.I would like my readers do that on their own and write me something I do not know.I have not gone deep in this company but I just picked up the clue what this future bluechip is suppose to have from the same post of mine I have reffered in this post.........


  1. Rajiv, Were you referring to Gujarat state petronet (GSPL)? Can you suggest any good gold/silver mining company in India, which is worth investing in? Does Hindustan Zinc belong to this category ?

  2. Dear Anil,
    I think I am taking the proper name.
    There are very few co listed here in India.Deccan Gold is one of them and another is I think Surana Ind.There is one more but unable to recall it.
    Hind Zinc do not come in that category.It is ,to my understanding is a pure Zinc play.
    Yes, I am talking of Guj State Petronet....

  3. Rajeev, your memory is commendable.Thanks for the immediate response! Do you feel that Deccan gold/Surana are worth investing in (for the long term -assuming that we will eventually have a bull run in gold) ? Thanks and regards - Anil

  4. Rajiv,
    Surana seems to be in the steel industry...



  5. Dear Anil,
    I have somewhere read long time back that Surana Ind are in Gold Refining.I maybe wrong.