Thursday, July 2, 2009

How can be the market.....

Market is taking it's own time and some consolidation is taking place.
To my mind budget is going to come good wherein it will take care of fiscal deficit,by selling some stake in PSU's, and some expenditure for Infra projects.
FDI in Isurance and Atomic energy space with Nuclear Power stations coming on, which will be talked when Ms Hillary Clinton will visit our country in near future.
Areva T&D, Alsthom, ABB, L&T, Thermax, Seimens etc are going to be beniffited immensly from that and I have been writing about them since long.They have already given great returns after that and have potential to out perform the indices in big way.
Well, coming back to market , if 4700 is crossed and also 5100 after the budget comes good then we will see 6200-6300 very quickly within say 3 months after 4700 and 5100 is breached convinsingly and it becomes obvious if Nifty touches 6200-6300 then it will be new high and that can come in this year itself , by Dec 2009 which I have been writing here since long.
I am more inclined to go for Solar Energy space then for the wind power.There are many obstacles that comes while dealing with Wind power.The blades gets splitted , the turbine may not work etc etc.While I see less problem with Solar Power hence would like to go for Solar sector more then wind power.
We have already seen what Suzlon Energy has passed through and many others wind power co.
Even I am not much keen for the Bio Fules sector , specially when it is produced from Jathropa.As it needs vast lands and takes atleast 4-5 yrs to grow and then it needs to be proceesed.But some of the co like Southern Biofuel Ltd has already done the homework and it can be a winner next time.Southern Biofuel I have already recomended here long time back.


  1. Dear Rajeevji
    You are absolutely right on wind energy front and there is lot to go in the field of Jatropa as it cannot be used directly even after cultivation. In addition it may not be economical substitute also. Solar and nuclear hold the key to the future.
    Sudheer Pai

  2. Dear Sudheer,
    What I wants to write here is one needs to able to understand where to invest.If one invest in wrong sector then it is never going to be good.

  3. silicon semi conductors are very expensive. this is the reason solar energy hasnt kicked off yet even though it has been talked since 10 years.

    i agree that it is a beautiful sector to be in. I am more bullish on bio fuels than solar energy.

    Southern online bio has already started building its 3 rd unit and it will be a huge multibagger in 1 year time frame. Also at RS 13 there is very little to loose when promotors have take warrents at 30.

    I am waiting to add this stock in huge quantity at 10.

    anyways thanks for brining up this topic.