Monday, July 20, 2009

Buy and Hold..........

Copied the same post at mmb, after a very long time....let me see , if anyone still remembers me.......

I just saw the price of Torrent Power which I recomended here early around 80-90 and it is now 195.This is just nothing.It will be a star performer.The anamoly is now the analyst has started recomending it.
The stocks to keep a watch are as under:
1)Torrent Power
2)Torrent Cable
3)Neuland Labs(though the results are bad)
4)Sharon Bio
5)Kir Ferro
6)Kir Elec
7)Hiedelberg Cement
8)Jayaswal Neco
9)Premier Explosive
10)Kavveri Tele
11)Sujana Towers
13)Gremach Infra
14)Lumax Ind
17)Flex Foods
18)Apar Ind
19)Srei Infra
And I would like to reiterate some in Infra which I have been recomending.
1)Patel Eng
2)Madhucon Pro
3)JMC Pro
4)Gayatri Pro
5)MSK Pro

There are others as well which I have written here in past.
I would like to have a special mention on UTv.I remember I was talking with my broker friend and other guys that why people are not buying UTV.That was in last bull run.UTV was then at 192 when I talked about it with them.When Disney is taking stake of almost over 59% then why one should not buy UTV Soft.It then shoot upto over Rs 1100 ! It is almost now a Disney co.
It has again come down to level of Rs 342 after making a low of Rs 182 which is just below the price I talked with some of my friends in last bull run making it a great buy at this level.
Media is going to be a next big sector and UTV still a 10 paidup stock gives value because I think that after it will cross 1k again Ronnie Screvwala ( a parsi guy) will split it to 2 paidup or 1 paid up like Zee TV.I am very bullish on this counter.

One more stock I would like to highlight is Max India.I have seen lagre selling in Max India by FII's.I donno why they are selling but that is a blunder from them.They shouldn't have sold it but as they have sold, the stock has come lower then it was giving a chance to buy for others.
Grasim, a stock par excellence.I remember when I came down here in USA, I was staying at my brother-in-laws house and there I find a guy, who came down there for a visit ,as he was my brother-in-laws friend and he was having a job in one of the financial Institution in USA.I forget the name of the co but we discussed in lenght about Grasim Ltd.He was also following the Indian stocks and was not bullish at that time on Grasim Ltd , but actually sceptic about the co.I gave him all reasons regarding Grasin Ltd that this is a wonderful co. and so one needs to have some exposer in it,especailly MF's . He was not ready to take that call.Grasim Ltd at that time was hovering aound 1500-1600 and after 1 and half year Grasim Ltd is Rs 3200 ! and I don't think any US co can give a return of 100% in a year.
Some of the counters like Kir Ferro,Kir Elec,Jayaswal Neco,SKS Logistic etc may look dorment but when they will start running it can give fabulous return.
I have already written tons of information on Srei Infra and hence no need to repeat that.That is my another favourite counter.
My last pick Lumax Ind is a stock which can give returns like Kwality Dairy.When chips are down it will goup.When everyone will be crying for the loss, when market will be down , it will go up.
I have already talked on Apar Ind.I think I have written a whole post on it but this is a fentestic co very well run. I have discussed Apar Ind in length. It is a Great buy.
Midcap/Small cap is going to outperform the sensex.Don't panic or lose your patience.Some of the stocks which have not taken part in last bullrun will run now.We donno which are they but try to guess yourself which they can be........

The only problem with my picks are, I find them early.I recomend them when no one knows anything about it and hence it takes time to mature but then we get it cheap as well.Another thing is ,I am able to get the hint what is coming up in that stocks.That is , reading between the lines and that has come after so much of experiance.I can say I just have a PASSION LIKE RAKESH JHUNJHUNWALA.Maybe I am exxagarating here .If time permits me I can breath stocks day and night.That is the only reason I am able to keep track on so many stock and that is why some of my friends calls me , The Encyclopidia of Indian Stocks .They say, Rajubhai , we ask you of any stock and you know everything about it.But that is due to my PASSION.I love to go and try to read whatever I can for stock which catches up my eyes.
Let me write here that I am no BIG a man, financially, becuase I have no big money to invest in tons and buy 10k or 20k or 1 lac or 2 lacs shares.


  1. Hi Rajivji,
    Excellent write up as usual. All the recos are looking attractive and will outperform the market in long /short run.
    Thanks for your time and passion and may God bless you with lot of energy to keep up with your passion.

  2. great work done always

    i am adding in hundreds,to reach the five figure mark of ten thousand, the share you have recommended.



  3. Dear rajeev

    the sks logistics story lies sound ans solid as long the reliance SEZ works out,since the reliance sez is problamatic,i am bit aprreincive in accumulating sks.

    could you please advice in detail the position of reliance sez,coudnt understand the final outcome of the reliance sez,whether it shall come at the prposed place or not.

    please please please please please reply.


  4. Hi Rajivji,

    Nice write up.... I am ISG member since 2006.... I really miss your article.... now i come to knwo about your blog.... not investing much now.... I also came USA last week....for visiting visa....

    When back to India I will start buying or even I stay here and geting some job... then start investing...

    may god bless you..... pls suggest some SIP Candidate so I can start Sipping .....

    Raj Kumar Dewan

  5. Dear Rajeev

    I have position in around Rs 92/-
    But it is in 20% loss at current levels. Can i add more because i am optimistic in its future.Your opinion will be an added assurance.Please....


    Vishnu R Nair

  6. Dear rajeev

    Aegis director board approves bonus shares at 2:3 ratio...
    and Monet ispat at Rs 497/- today. on news of amalgamation.


    Vishnu R Nair