Friday, July 10, 2009

I can't resist.....

I wrote sometime back on being LUCKY.......
and many of my socalled wellwishers who claim to be so,argued that there is nothing like plan it and life goes that way.
I even gave some examples how LUCK plays major part in ones life and again I got argued that those are all tales and nothing more.
I also gave example of Nadan Nelkeni , CEO of Infosys Techonlogy, that once he wrote that one needs to be lucky being in some place.
Well,The co-founder and co-Chairman of Infosys Techno , is leaving Infosys to take another job and I am just pasting his speech ....along with the link so that those who read me can't call it a fake speech......

BANGALORE: At 4 pm on Thursday, computers fell silent at the steel & glass Electronic City campus of Infosys Technologies as 20,000-odd
employees logged out and headed to the convention hall, to hear Nandan Nilekani, their co-founder and co-chairman, who is leaving to lead the national ID project. He logs into his new job next week in New Delhi. Nilekani took the floor at 5 pm to a standing ovation, saying, “I am generally very articulate but this is not the day or place where I can be articulate. I’ve been wrapped up in Infosys for 28 years. My only
identity is Infosys. I will be going to lead a programme to give identity to every Indian. But today I am losing my identity.’’ Of his journey, he said, “It’s not the question of being at the right place at the right time. It is also being lucky. You get the right person to guide you in life,’’ referring to Infosys chief mentor N R Narayana Murthy. “He gave me the first job. Then, when he started Infosys, he invited me to join as a co-founder,’’ he added. Recalling the early days of Infosys, he reminisced about carrying his first computer on his lap as a precious possession when travelling from Mumbai and Bangalore. Obviously, Nilekani has no illusions about the world he’s entering. “I am leaving an organized world. Here, standing at the top of an abyss, even if I were to fall, I may find water. But, in my new role, I’m supposed to work with 600 government departments knowing fully well that no two government departments get along with one other.’’ But, public service has been a lifelong calling. His ambition, he said, was “not to be on the board of any company. Also, because my father was a huge public service guy. My uncle was also in this domain. And here I am, heading to it.’’ For 1 lakh Infoscians, he had this to say in the end, “I’ll watch how Infosys is progressing, watch you getting into the next growth orbit from outside.’’ The roar came back, “While you watch us, we will also watch you!’’ The Infosys founding team had interesting anecdotes about Nilekani. Kris Gopalakrishnan, who took over from him as CEO and lives in the same lane as Nilekani, remembered him as a friend and dreamer with the ability to think big and make it happen. “How well he can delegate work. You’ll never find anything in his inbox. If you give him any work, he will delegate it so well that it will go off to the outbox. How he delegates, no one knows.” For HR head and director Mohandas Pai, it was Nilekani’s elephantine memory and his great networking abilities that were amazing. Also, “If Narayana Murthy is to be convinced, only Nandan can do it. How he does it, no one knows,’’ he said.

This is the link and one can open it and see it for any authenticity one needs to have.

I have always said that LUCK is very important in ones LIFE.I have highlighted the sentence with big fonts.I have also heard Bill Gates saying the same thing that he was lucky enough to be so successful.One needs to be destined to do certain things.

Those who wants to believe may believe and those not wants to needs to be with it.No imposition.I never impose anything to anyone.Everyone has right to think whatever one think and believe.

I hope that now that this has become more public that X CEO of Infosys also feels that there is something like LUCK in life which take one life to another Sphere then it is this.Here Nadan Nilkeni attributes his success to the founder Mr Narayan Murthy that he gave him chance to prosper.....and here comes my another belief that one think that he is successfuldue to his planning and hard work, he still is stepping on someone shoulder to do that.Someone did give him a stepping stone to go further.I don't understand how people forgets things so easily and attributes his success as his own!

When a person like Nadan Nilkeni becomes so humble to give credit to Narayan Murthy how people with so little sucess claims to be sucessful on their own?I think everyone knows what Infosys is and how big a giant co it is.....but I must praise Mr Nadan Nilkeni that he is saying that he was do whatever he did in LIFE.....very less people can do that.....That is what I call HUMBLENESS....many many thanks Mr .Nilkeni to say it here.......Let the successful arrogant people know that. This says that even you have loads of cleverness you need to be at the proper place at proper time to be successful and that is impossible with everyone.


  1. Hey rajeev,

    Luks like we are havinf\g a steep fall despite the fact that we are getting better than expected news. Infy results were gud and IIP nos were even better and yet FIIs sold 1000 Cr worth of stocks.

    Is it to create an entry point for all those who missed out or are we in for a deeper correction ??

    Anything that you see in the US that should make us wary ?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Read An article in todays Economic Times. Great for all Pipeline manufacturers i guess

    Numerous gas findings have been reported in the country over the past few months, but with a cross-country gas grid system nowhere on the horizon, the Indian consumer’s wait for gas, like in the US and Europe, is getting longer.

    While developed economies have a well-developed gas trading market with gas exchanges, futures and city-wide gas pipelines, India has none of these, and has a total pipeline length of just 10,600 km. In comparison, even Pakistan has a pipeline length almost five times at about 56,400 km.

    The US, on the other hand, has one of the largest networks with a total pipeline length of 18.3 lakh km. India also has the unique distinction of having one of the lowest pipeline spreads per sq km of land at .003 km of pipeline per sq km of land compared to the UK (1.08 km) and the US (0.19 km).

    A widespread gas transmission system is critical to the development of an economy. While the Henry Hub in the US connects nine inter-state and four intra-state gas pipelines in Louisiana, India has no such hub. With a transportation capacity of 1.8 billion sq ft, Henry Hub acts as the pricing point for Nymex gas futures.

    Currently, two major pipelines run across the country, connecting the North to the West and the South to the West. The HBJ pipeline operated by GAIL acts as the backbone, connecting an ONGC delivery point in Hazira (Gujarat) to Jagdishpur (Uttar Pradesh) and Bijapur in Madhya Pradesh.

    It is the largest at 3,187 km long. The other pipeline — Reliance Gas Transportation India’s transports gas from Kakinada on the Andhra coast, the landfall point for gas from the Krishna Godavari Basin, to Bharuch in Gujarat is about 1,386 km, connecting south India to the West.

    GAIL has extended the pipeline connecting an Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminal in Dahej, Gujarat to Uran in Maharashtra
    . RIL plans to connect its KG Basin finds with Chennai and Bangalore.

    But there is still a gaping hole in the East, with no existing or a future pipeline pointing to that direction. Even northern states like Punjab, Rajasthan and Bihar, which have a desperate need for energy, have no new pipelines being set up in them. According to reports, the government may announce plans to build a 6,000-km pipeline, at a cost of over Rs 30,000 crore soon, by laying a gas cess

  3. Yes Mitz,
    These are great news for Pipe Line manufacturerors.I have always emphasized on these sector.