Saturday, July 25, 2009

Some stocks making 52 week highs......

Dear Friends,
I have been recomending stocks to buy since long and they includes A gr as well as Cash gr.
I just went through the ET paper on internet and saw some of the stocks are already at 52 weeks high.Some already have made it and I have missed it.But as much as I can recall I am listing down here.
52 week high stocks recomended here are :

1) Alsthom Project
3)IFB Agro
4)Khaitan Elec
5)Era Infra
6)Kwality Dairy(whopping figure life time high Rs 327 from Rs 17)

etc ......well, I have my bad calls as well.Like Allied computers......
but I just read in annoucement section at bse that ABC Ind is going for pref allotment at Rs 43.
That is a great news for those holding it on my call and have not sold it.
Kwality Dairy type of stocks can wipe out any losses an investor has made.We donno which is that and hence we needs to buy all we think are suppose to give multibagger return.Buy 200, sell 100 at double and make 100 FREE.Now one can see here that even 100 share can make FORTUNE , if one is holding it.At Rs 327/-....if one have just even 100 shares it can fetch Rs 32700 ...which is great by any standard especially when it has become FREE OF COST.Just if one have bot 1000 shares at rs 17 of Kwality Dairy and sold 500 at Rs 34 and hold on 500 then it is worth Rs 163,000.00.........Rs..One lac sixty three thousand.....and I think a small investor will be able to wipe out all losses......and that too in just one stock........
Just went through a Report of GSPL.......a Buy Call for GSPL..........from Merill Lynch......


  1. Hi Rajeevji,

    I Have been following you from last 3-4 months, found to be very fantastic.
    Thank you very for your analysis.You are doing gr8 job.

    I have purchased few stocks as per your reco.and they are in green zone but it was purchased at higher price.

    Request you to suggest stocks alongwith the buy value, also at this levels which are the good stocks to enter into it.

  2. Hi,
    All the stocks listed under "Buy and Hold " post ,which I wrote few days back , are buy even at the prevailing rate........
    One should keep in mind that these stocks are not for 30-40% return and hence if they have gone up by 10-20% they are still buys.....

  3. I am looking for UTV,GSPL, Tinplate, Gayathri, Kalyani forge, just wanted to reconfirm once again will it be good idea to enter now.

  4. Dear wk,
    I can suggest that they are great buys at this levels but I can't advice.
    All risk lies with the readers.I just write my views and I may go wrong very badly as has happened in past for my view on market as well as on stocks....

  5. Dear Nakul Rajeev,

    Happy greetings to you.
    This is Kalyanmitta writing.

    I was traveling for a couple of months and sort of out of touch with stocks-n-shares world.
    In last 2-3 days, on my return I have read all your posts.
    I had been eyeing GSPL for a while.
    Bought half the quantity at 66.00
    Will buy the remaining half at a suitable opportunity.

    Nakul, I still hold 2500 shares of Artson. I was convinced of it then, and I am still.
    I did not see it mentioned in your recent posts.
    I request for your view on it.
    Are you still as positive on it.

    I did some good buying when the market was low.
    Welspun Gujarat, Bartronics, Bharati Shipyard, all much below a 100, Tata Chemicals, a little above hundred, L&T around 650... Satyam and EMCO at 32-33/-
    and added XL Tele at the around 34/-
    XL_Tele growth seems to have lost momentum....what is your view...

    I wish you to know that I was following your posts all along.
    Your position and perspective
    was a great help to buy when chips were down, so to say.

    Thanks and regardsa, as always.


  6. Dear KM,
    Artson has now become a Tata co as it was taken over by Tata Project.
    I have faith in this business house and I can atleast say that they are not cheaters.
    We know that it is an Eng co and when its time will come it will also move.
    The growth seems not visible as of now but one never knows what is there in future with Tata's at the helm of affairs.ABC India was just as good as dude and suddenly they annouced that Pro are issuing pref allotment at 43.....
    My view has been vindicated for Satyam as I gave all reasons to buy it and that has come true.Satyam has crossed the 3 figure mark which no one was ready to believe at below 20 and when we discussed here at my blog.....
    Regarding XL, the growth will also come and momentum will also come....

  7. Hi Rajeev Ji,

    Can you please share your thoughts on the scripts given below. I bought these at the rates given against them.

    Do you think these are still hold for long period and if any one of them is not worth holding any more and it is better to book loss then please adivse.

    Esp. share your thoughts on Tanfac, I have close to 1700 shares of tanfac at 53.

    2) Pitti Laminations - 90
    3) Pix Transmission - 60
    4) Sujana Industries - 20
    5) Tanfac Industries - 53
    6) Viceroy Hotels - 100


  8. Dear Sumit,
    As I have written it is difficult to advice Portfolio.

  9. Hi Rajeev Ji,

    I was not trying to seek advise on portfolio. But I just picked few scripts from the basket that I hold and thought will ask you if there has been change in fundamental of any of these. And therefore, if any of them has entered a sell zone and is no more a hold.

    Portfolio advise was never my intention when I was writing my former post, its like I was having close look at scripts in my demat accnt and thought will ask you on these. I also have Artson , Innocorp, Kir Ferrous and Electric, but as I have seen mention of those in your previous posts therefore I did not included them here.

    And I never saw mention of these scripts like viceroy hotels in your previous posts and therefore included them here.


  10. Dear Sumit,
    There can be no answer on day to day basis for each and every scrip.Moreover, there can be calls where my calls do not fare well.Each and every call cannot work.I try to write and cover as much I can.
    Remember one thing.There can never be a success rate of 100%.Some are bound to fail.Some stocks are such that they never run after one buys and some run after remaining dorment for couple of years.....