Friday, July 17, 2009

Lumax Ind......cmp...Rs.96......Auto Anciallary play....

I have written about Finance sector that it can outperform in a big way when sensex was at its lowest and when most wellknown analyst were sceptic on Finance Sector .That has come true.I have been writing to have a focus on Oil Exploration cos as well and I have written about some stocks time and again like Dolphin Offshore,Shiv Vani, Alpha Geo,Selan Exploration etc.They are up by big way.
ABB, Seimens, Thermax,Alsthom Pro, L&T have also given great returns in the mean time after I wrote about them.
I will be talking on Auto Anciallary sector this time.If India needs robust Infrastructure then she needs to spend on that and that is what FM has done in Budget.It is very simple to analyse that if Infra sector is going to have big spending then Auto Anciallary co will have good times along with Capital Goods sector which are the backbone of Infra structure sector.Without Capital Goods sector coming in play this sector cannot get completed.
It is obvious that without LCV's and HCV's the work cannot go on.Trucks and Trailers are neccessary ingrediants for Infra and if it takes a front seat then this sector will need LCV's and HCV's and they will have great days in times to come because for moving things they will be needed very badly and when this happens Auto Anciallary co will also prosper.
I am talking of a co named Lumax Ind which CMP is Rs 96 and they did a buyback in last Jan 08 when market was at the peak at Rs 540.They buyback some over 82 lacs shares at Rs 540 and Lumax Ind is now at Rs 96 after making a low of Rs 60.Lumax Ind is an excellent co with great fundamentals.Even though it made loss of Rs 1.8 cr it still went up.I remember in last bulll run I gave a call of Lumax Ind at Rs 152 to one of my friend for a target of over 500 and he missed it at that time and was asking me to give him another same type of call as he has missed the bus.
This is just for information to let know how things happen.
Kwality Dairy is at Rs 270...up from where I gave a call at just Rs 17......couple of years back.It didn't run atall when sensex went on to make new high of 21k but ran when sensex was at 8000 and I think that is the best part that happens because when everyone is losing money your stock is making new high and you are very happy.
Lumax Ind is also same type of call.One need to be patient with it if one buys it now.Lumax Ind is an internatioanl Auto Anciallary co making head lights with Japanese parents.It is a name in itself.What needs one do is buy it and sit on it.It may happen that it may not run with the market but when market is down it will go for upper circuits(UC).....
One should go ahead and have a look at Lumax Ind and if feel comfortable then go ahead and buy in SIP manner.This stock will give great return in times to come.
I have wrote about couple of dark horse here.One was Rungta Irrigation and other was EPC Ind and both below 20's when I gave a call.They both are making newer highs at 46 and 49 respectively and in UC daily.
The bottomline here is one have to wait for the time to come for a perticular stock.The wait can be as big as 2-3 yrs but when they shootup it give multiple returns too.
Coming to market , I think from around Mid Aug 09 the market should start its upwards journey very distinctively and what I am writing here that sensex can touch 21k by Dec 2009 can come true.
These are all my views and I may prove wrong in a big way.I don't want to claim anything here.I may go wrong in big way so please do your homework before acting upon anything I writes.....


  1. thanks for the excellent write up.

  2. yes sir, i missed kwality dairywhen he said it on moneycontrol. i missed milkfood. i missed maestros mediline. i couldnt buy rungta and epc ---trying it daily. i have very few qty of flex food india foils. actually these two came to my memory only on reading this article. i m willing to wait till they give multifold returns-if u keep on checking them day by day it would appear as if they are not at all moving. u just forget it. suddenly they will run like anything and in amatter of 1 or 2 months they would have tripled or quadrupled. so investing in good scripts and waiting............. is the key. i will definitely buy atleast 100 shares of lumax and w a i t thankyou rajeev ji.