Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kalyani Forge@87 and Tin Plate@ 46...........Twin recomendation

Dear Friends,
I was going through the bse site and looking results for June qr and I find the results of Kalyani Forge and Tin Plate appealing.The reason I am recomending them here is, Kalyani Forge comes from a very reputed house,Bharat Forge and BF Ultilities gr ,owned by Baba Kalyani who is a very dynamic person.
Looking at the results I saw that promoters have increased the stake in last qr as I saw that the public stake has decreased which is visible in the results.
With Infra sector to boom Forging co will be beniffited in big way and when a co of Kalyani gr is there they are definately going to prosper.Moreover Kalyani Forge is having a very tiny eq of just 3.69 cr ,means 36 lacs shares.Out of it almost 60% is held by the promoters and 22% by private co boides and HNI's.
Tinplate Co Ltd is a Tata Steel co and hence belongs to a very reputed and trustworthy business house.I think I have already recomended here sometimes back in a list and I remember I also recomended way back at mmb.
I think these both stocks are worth a look and if found good then one can buy for superb gains in times to come.
I recall that I gave a call on Sesa Goa in a list of recomendation of A gr stocks along with others like Torrent Power, ABB etc twice and at that time Sesa Goa was at Rs 69 and it is now Rs 232 !What type of returns one wants then, making up more then 3 times? I have always written that I will only look at the stock only if it is going to give me return more then 2 times otherwise I do not look at it and when the valuations has come down so much the returns can be even much bigger then one expect.Within a year, 6 months to 9 months, if someone gets return of over 3 times what needs to think of.That is great by any standard.
I do not go for 30-40 % return.
Readers ask me why I do not give A gr stocks and hence I remember I came out with a list of that wherein Sesa Goa was also recomended.I donno those who asked me bought anything from that and earned and made profit from it.I am unaware of that.Sesa Goa has tripled from there...I have written many times here that if world economy is going to come out of shambles then Commodities will have a bull run first.First sign for recovery will be lead by commodities and hence I have written here many times that watch for CRUDE prices.The day crude price starts going up we can infer that global economy is turning around and if someone remember I have become bullish after crude start going up.
Copper, Zinc,Mines, Coals are going to outperform the market so investment in these cos will fetch great returns.

Usually I do not recomend GOLD but it is a precious commodity world over and perticularly in India.According to me GOLD is truely an International CURRENCY.You take GOLD in any country and you get the currencies of that country.One has not to think about the loss of currency exchange.One can buy gold as a defensive investment.Buy GOLD and go to sleep and after 10 yrs it would be atleast 3 times and more.It will never go down more then half in any given bad circumstances and hence the loss which one see in stock can never be seen here.
Lakh na bar hajar nahi thai .In India those parents having daughters use to buy Gold every year on Dhanteras in Diwali or on Guru Pushyamrut day.They buy a very small quantity each year like say 12 g means 1 Tola every year but at the end of 20 years when the daughter is getting ready for marriage the GOLD is already there to give her on that occassion.That is a great thing in our country.So if someone keeps on buying 1 tola Gold(Sonu) everyyear it can become 20-21 tolas and at the time of marriage of daughter ,parents has not to worry about the price of GOLD nor has to dole out big amt for that occassion....

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  1. lumax now at 131 from 94 in a week. great call