Thursday, March 18, 2010

4-M's.....Man Ind, MSK Project, Mcnally Bharat & Marg ......

These are the 4 M's I have recomended here and from that Mcnally Bharat, MSK Pro and Marg Ltd has been my very old call.All 3 I have recomended in the range of 50........and the last Man Ind I recomended it at 55......
Mcnally Bharat is now at 275, MSK pro is now at 128 ,Marg is at 178 and last Man Ind is at 76.....
Among them I still feel that Man Ind, MSK Pro  and Marg Ltd are still a good I am just updating my calls DD and if feel comfortable then buy...........


  1. Dear Mr Rajeev

    I have tacken man Industries at Rs 55, thanks
    for the nice recommendation, i have also tacken
    ennore coke little late at Rs 60, even though
    you have recommended around Rs 40 yesterday
    ennore coke hits 52 Week high of Rs 76. iam
    thanking you for suggesting such excellent picks

  2. nirash,
    It is not a big think to do that, picking stocks .What needed is passion...I am non economics guys...actually a science student...the thing is one need to keep on trying to find ways to picks stock by all comes with experiance...

  3. Hi Rajeev

    I want to know your views on Bajaj Holdings and Investments Limited (BHIL), trading at 575 levels Reliance Capital picked up stake at 550 and recently Rahul Bajaj said that they will be increasing the promoter stake in BHIL. The company is an investment arm of Rahul Bajaj Group and with a market cap of 6000 crores but investments of nearly 15000 crores. Which includes more than 30% stake each in Bajaj Auto and Bajaj Finserve. 25% stake in Maharashtra scooters. 16% Stake in Force Motors 2% stake in ICICI Bank and many other investments. This to my opinion is a Value Buy. What's your call on this.



  4. Hi Rajiv ji,
    on MSK Proj, thr is open offer of 130 May by Welspun Guj.. CMP 146, wht can be impact of the news ? i just guess , price wl come down to 130 lvls.. but need ur expert insight