Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stocks that weathered the storm ..........

I am giving a list of stock which almost didn't budge at all or went down very less and came back to normal or is just shed lower.
1)Transgene Bio
2)Petron Eng
3) Venus Remedies
5) Ennore Coke
6)Lesha Energy
7)Spanco Ltd
8)GMR Ferro Alloy Ltd
9)LT Foods
10)Vishnu Chem
11)Lumax Ind
12)Surya Roshni
13)Sabero Organics

These are some of the stocks which I have discussed here are showing good strenght and hence I feel that these are still great buys at these level.
I am surprised to see Hazoor Media Proj is in UC right from the first trade and after discussing all negatives, I think one can still invest for 500-1000 shares for Rs 2500-5000, as if there was a loss in day trading and forget it.If by chance management delivers, we don't miss it...because on paper ,the projects and collobaration looks good....


  1. Dear Rajeev,

    I was going through you blog and really appreciate your knowledge and the picks that you have mentioned.

    What are the stocks that you recommend currently for the long term?

    I have Ennore coke in my portfolio do you recommend me holding it and for how long?


  2. manish,
    I never give a call for ST.

  3. Ennore Coke belongs to shriram EPC group which require no words to explain how expert they r in their business... Ennore coke journey has just started and accodring to me a lot of value to be unlocked still...May be you cant find a great balance sheet of ennore coke... to me, I believe it is a multibagger in making... Kind courtesy .. Mr Rajeev

  4. Dear Rajeev,

    I was asking your LT picks and not ST. As I came across your blog recently and was not sure which scrips look attrtactive for long term in current scenario hence I asked.

    Thanks for your prompt reply.


  5. Dear Nirash,

    Thanks for your prompt reply. I'll definitely keep that in mind and will hold Ennore for atleast a year.


  6. Dear Rajeev,

    I happened to read a blog and found an article on telecanor global.
    It had some negative info. I do not own any shares of telecanor just pasting the link for your info.


  7. dear rajeev

    RJ bought 6.25 lakh shares of SREI infra @ 69 again today.


  8. dear rajeev can you list once again the new a grade stock poicks as you mentioned last year in march....

  9. MR Ravi

    Your absolutely correct


    02-Mar-2010 SREINTFIN SREI Infrastructure Finan JHUNJHUNWALA REKHA BUY 625,000 69.31

  10. navin,
    I domain is Midcap/smallcap....but will try again to put A gr stocks...

  11. Yup Ravi,
    That another bulk deal from Rakesh in his wife's name....

  12. ravi and nirash......
    With 4:5 Bonus in Srei Infra...I donno what my readers are doing....asking for new picks, always ...why?Just go ahead and buy Srei Infra which has come down and never went over 100 in this bullrun, Ennore Coke which is showing enormous strength...
    Instead of trying to go for new stocks why not to go with oldones where we know the fundamentals well...PAE is also showing great strength...and other listed recently at front page.......

  13. dear rajeevbhai

    i again accumulated at lower circuit transgene

    somehow i am over confident in this share.

    one year from now is the time

  14. dear rajeev

    ya i have already bought good amt. of ennore,spanco, marg and apar.

    will buy srei tommorow


  15. By Priya chandran from MMB

    When you ask for a stock for a six months perspective, there can be many reasons to pick a stock from such a short perspective.

    First, stocks that are beneficiaries of the Budget. There are listed NBFCs like IFCI, IDFC, Reliance Capital, Bajaj Auto finance, etc. that are likely contenders for banking licence and may get a re-rating. Even existing public sector bank stock like Canara Bank that has a PE of only 5 and looks very strong on the charts is a good option. Infra structure stocks (due to greater Government expenditure), automobile stocks (due to more money in the hands of salaried class),etc. are also beneficiaries of the budget.

    Next are stocks were significant things happening in the next six months which should cause its price to move up.

    Cairn India`s production of crude oil is rising to 30,000 barrels per day to 20,000 barrels per day soon and further to 1.25 lakh bpd by October 2010. Further in 2011-12, the production could reach peak rate of 1.75 lakh bpd. Its consolidated EPS is expected to go up almost 4 times – from Rs.6 to about Rs.24 next year. Considering a best case PE of 15, the stock price could rise to Rs.360 by March 2011. The EPS for FY 2011-12 should be even higher but considering the volatility of crude prices, it may be better not to take a long shot at the Net profit and EPS.

    Cox & Kings is likely to commission a luxury train in March 2010 called Maharaja Express in March 2010. Events like IPL and Commonwealth games that increase foreign travel to India can benefit the company as well. A full year EPS of Rs.14 for FY 2009-10 should see the share price get a PE of 40.

    JSW Energy is another stock that has lots of things happening in the next six months. Its power production is expected to go up from 860 MW to 3140 MW – about 3.65 times – by October 2010. FY 2010-11 estimate of Rs.9 EPS should see the stock price get a PE of 20.

    If you can wait out a few years, previously over leveraged companies like Aban Offshore, Unitech, etc. will turn mutil-baggers from their present prices. Personally, I feel that these stocks, although not too technically strong right now from a short term perspective, are presently close to their lowest prices of the next few years.

  16. idia,
    Seems Transgene should give good returns this time proving all wrong..

  17. dear raju bhai

    i too think so and hence have put a lot into it.

    i remember the other day you wanted to know companies into gas compression.

    i am of the opinion that SRHHL of tgv group is into it.

    your comment and advice,did you got hold of any other than deep, is artson fit into the bill?

  18. Rajiv
    what is your long term view on
    Viceroi hotel
    kineting engn

  19. Hi Ashok,
    I am not tracking any of these...so no view...

  20. rajiv ji
    please sujjest me 5 stock which is long term buy at cmp.
    i hold these 5 software stock in my portfolio
    geomatery,kale, 3 i info,first sorce technology and tera software all at higher level.
    sujjest me which i hold and from which i exit or change from others.
    thanks in advance

  21. Hi ashok,
    I think u are more expert then me in stock market so I am not the correct person to suggest you anything.
    Well, I still like Geometric Ltd, Kale but do not track any of the rest so no views on others...
    Regarding stocks for suggestions, I always write at my blog ....so ahead and have a look at my picks...