Friday, March 12, 2010

Supreme Petro new high @43.75...Updates....

I gave a call on Supreme Petro in past many times but came out with more information on 9th Dec '09.At that time it was still at 27.55 and now I am seeeing that it has made a new high of 43.75 couple of days back.
Supreme Petro still looks good to me as the growth due to MOU has still to come.
Rest your take.......but in 3 months from 27 to 43 is a great return......These are such stocks which will come in those category where no one is tracking and they are making a very silent upmove and when one remembers to have a look after 2-3 months it has alreaddy doubled.......
See , in 3 months Supreme Petro has moved very sliently.......and no one knows about it......


  1. Dear Mr Rajeev

    After your seeing your recommendation I have invested in supreme petro 450 share at Rs 27 on 10th Dec 2010, iam traking all my investment
    thru excel work sheet, that iam very happy
    this investment is nearing 100% profit, in a span of three months Thanks for wonderfull recommendation

    Iam ever greatful to you

  2. Hi Rajeev,
    There is no doubt about your recommendations.
    Its just amazing to see the % of your picks turn up as multi-baggers.
    OK. I have one question.
    You always suggest for potential multi-baggers, to take out 50% of profit out once that stock doubles. Does this apply to evergreen stocks like Infosys,BHEL,L&T,BEL & EIL?
    With Regards,

  3. Rajeev,

    Thats wonderful as most of the stocks have gone sideways since october.

    But i see huge accumulation taking place in many of these counters for big moves later this year onwards.

    Every body knows that the actual money in stock markets is made in these B Group stocks. A group stocks rarely give multibagger returns .

    While small and mid cap stcoks if researched properly give 5 to 10 bagger returns and you are an exert when it comes to finding such hidden gems.

    BTW read your article that u are considering giving paid advice. I am thrilled for you. Hope you are able to make a lot of money for yourself as well as all your investors.

    There is so much you can do with your knowledge and investors can make a killing by using your advice soundly.

    All the Best for your new venture.

  4. Hi Nirash,

    I remember Rajeev was telling that one of the reader Sri is maintaining excel sheet of all recommendations provided on this blog. Now as you mentioned that you are tracking it thru excel file. I would appreciate if you could share the excel file with me. It would be of great help to me. My id is Thank you in advance.
    As always, thanks to you Rajeevji for providing tremendous help to investor community.. most of your picks are right on target.

  5. Hi Guru

    Around 75 % of my portfolio consists of the stocks are Recomended by Mr Rajeev and 25% of the stocks from own Digging i will sent you the Rajeev pick for A Group stocks and Rajeev Midcap / Small cap stock as Excel statment in the above said mail which was sent to me my the blog member, My main own digging stocks are as follows

    1) Opto Circuit
    2) Geodesic
    3) Spice Mobile

  6. Hello Nirash,
    I also was attempting to prepare a similar spreadsheet recently, but could not complete.
    Can you please forward me the spreadsheet which you maintain containing Rajeev sir picks ?
    My email id is :


  7. hi rajiv as you said before picking any stock you must consider the book value of the stock then hows ids murudeshwar ceramics having the book value of 152.67 and cmp is 35which is near to 1/5 and face value is 10 how you rate the stock

  8. Navin,
    Good point....if the BV is 152 and price is 35 then sooner or later market will discover it and price will move up.
    But it is still making loss and that is eating up the BV.If the Co keeps on making loss the BV will be eroded and perhaps that is the reason why market is not discouting that....

  9. Navin,
    Moreover the sales is just nothing....34 cr in last qr...that is too low....they need to increase the sales and thereby increase the profit....but seems management is not doing the right thing.....they need to increase the NPM...need to come out from making loss....

  10. Dear Rajeev

    Biocon FV 5 CMP 271
    PE 16.6 EPS 15.72
    Promoter 60.9 MF 9 FII 4
    having 100% subsidary syngene and cliengen
    contributing 20% towards top line biocon
    expect to list this two subsidaries in FY11
    value unlocking is going to tack place,
    what is your valuable suggestion on this

  11. Dear Mr Om

    I have forwarded to your email.

  12. hi nirash

    can you forward it to me as well..thanks in advance,

    my e mail:


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  14. heloo please forward to me also any one of you

  15. dear unique

    forwarded as per your request

  16. Dear MR Rajeev

    What about concurrent Infra FV 10 at currnet Rate Rs 20 , the promoters increase the stake from 13% to 43% from sep 2009 to Dec 2009

    Concurrent India - Acquires major Stake in Kazi Aviation & Travel

    Concurrent (India) Infra Procures Earth Work Contract for Rs. 10 crore at Harihar, Karnatak

    Concurrent (India) Infra Procures Order for
    Supply of Laterite for Vedanta Aluminium Limited, Orissa

    Can this stock can mulitibaggar in making

  17. hi nirash,

    i would be deeply obliged if you could forward the excel to me too. I have just started tracking this blog and I am excited to see the wealth of analysis done here. I will be very greatful if you could send the excel so that I can see all the stocks at one place. Thanks in advace. Email id:

  18. Hi Rajeev,picked up Rasandik eng and Confidence petro about 6 months back ,require your opinion on SEL Manufacturing at CMP,please.Thanks

  19. hi me

    Forwared to your mail as requested

  20. Hi Nirash,
    Could you please forward the sheet to
    Thanks a lot..

  21. hi sajith

    Forward as requested


  22. hi rajeev, i have invested heavily in supreme petro. arround 2 lakh shares @ 24. I expect it can go upto 57 before diwali and 72-75 in year or two. What you say. Or should i get out at 47- 48 levels. regards, Shreesh

  23. Shreesh,
    U have invested huge amt in Supreme is almost 50 lacs rupees....I can't give u opinion on whether to sell or not...that become a portfolio advice....

  24. Hi Nirash,

    Could you forward the excel sheet to my id as well:


  25. Hi Nirash,

    Could you forward the excel sheet to as well.


  26. Hi Nirash,

    Could you forward the excel sheet to me at in advance.


  27. Dear Rajeev,
    i just want to know your view on supreme petro as the company is paying divided regularly and is in expansion mode in port and sez also. In this volatility period market behaved in jig jack manner but it maintained 40 up levels. so what you think that promotors are behind it or its some good investors behind it. should i stick to it.

  28. Shreesh,
    Supreme Petrochem is a buy and is in consolidation mode,as soon as the bottomline start going up, it will move...I have no doubt about the fundamentals..excellent management and excellent gr.....