Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Transgene Biotek files 2 patents for Liver & Breast Cancer drugs

Transgene Biotek files 2 patents for Liver & Breast Cancer drugs:
Mar 03, 2010

Transgene has filed 2 patents for its cancer drug technologies based on its proprietary RNAi platform.

The first patent, for a Liver Cancer drug, was filed following excellent results demonstrated in the latest animal studies, and it covers a novel technology that employs an AAV vector system genetically modified by Transgene to efficiently express specific microRNA that silence a particular metastasis-promoting gene in liver cancer cells. Liver cancer is the fifth most common cancer in the world, and the third most common cause of cancer mortality.
The second patent, for a Breast Cancer drug, describes another novel technology developed by Transgene that employs an efficient system which expresses short interfering RNA cloned in a viral vector that silence a particular metastasis-promoting gene in breast cancer cells. This drug is specifically designed not only to treat primary Breast Cancer but also to fight against potential metastafic tumours. Worldwide, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, representing 16% of all female cancers, and causes well over 500,000 deaths annually. This patent was also filed following exciting results in recent animal studies.
Both of these cancer drugs are built on Transgene's own novel RNAi platform which has been validated by the results of the animal studies, and utilize a novel gene silencing technology to selectively knock-down specific cancer-producing gene targets. Transgene's ability to generate its own novel mutant vectors for highly efficient drug delivery, which is vital in the treatment of such cancers, also forms a key part of both patents.
Transgene is expecting to file more patents on some of its other technologies shortly."
The stock has gained by 3% to Rs80. The scrip opened at Rs77 it touched an intra-day high of Rs81 and a low of Rs76 and recorded volumes of over 22,000 mn shares on BSE.


  1. hello Rajeev ji
    i read some news on open offer of Genesys Int at bse site.
    I could not interpret if that was for 19 Rs ?? or something else.
    Can you please check and enlighten how to interpret it ?

  2. Om,
    The open offer is at 120 ......and not 19...
    I recomended this stock at 100 and it is alreday 280.......

  3. Dear rajubhai

    added another 400 shares today and have completed my intended quanttiy

    i have around 20% weightage on this share and thats it i now wait.

    wait for,,,,till it succeds since,no selling thats for sure.

    i am confident,that this time will not let us down and does what its mouth speaks.

    iam confident that a major pharma will bite the bullet and then this comapany will start getting good revenues,

  4. ramesh,
    i liked ur of luck.....

  5. Hello Rajiv ji,
    I am getting confused if genesys open offer is of 120, why the stk price is going up ? should it not come down ? today its around 288 while i write this. Can you please clear this confusion.

  6. Om,
    That happens in market.....learn in believing that verything is possible in market....Fame India , Promo sold stake at rs 51 even though ADAG gave open offer for rs 81....why promo sold thier stake at lower offer and didn't went for 81?U have to ask that question to promoters of Fame India..likewise if the price is 280 and open offer is at 120 then u need to ask the promoters about it...
    I am surprised to see, that u don't understand the market and u are doing day trading....pehle market ko to barabar samjo..phir trading karo...kiska kya impact hoga , yahi nahi ssamjo ge to loss hi ane wali hai....
    Learn something from what u read...learn how to take a clue...

  7. Dear rajubhai

    thanks yaar,your best of luck and words of encouragement definetly helps.

    Thanks once again