Monday, March 15, 2010

SNL Bearing ......Updates...cmp..40.50

My smallcap pick has hit a 52 week high of 41.80 recently.I recomended here at a throw away price of just Rs 11.00 on 24 Nov 09 and in less then 4 months the stock has quandrupoled to 40......from 11 to 40!....
I hope my readers must be reaping big returns from my calls.
I have been getting request to again give list of my pick which I do in Mar month but that I have already given in march...I gave a list on 2nd Mar some 13-14 stocks.Go through it again and find your pick.....
It makes no sense repeating same stocks every now and then......Go through that list again and see if any stock u have not bought from it.If it is so then after DD go ahead and buy it..........
I know there are certain readers who wants to have constant my stamp on my picks but that is not possible for me.....everytime....Even Ramesh Damani comes once a week......I am here everyday....


  1. Rajeev Bhai, Why is Laffaans down. It came down from 40 to current 30 odd.It consolidated at 40 considerably but i am not able to figure out the reason for this downturn.

  2. hi sri/nirash
    i request u to send me the detailed sheet on my mail id

    Many thanks in advance....

  3. Hi Rajeev,
    Do you track Sturdy industries?
    After split, FV-2, cmp-5/-

  4. Sajith,
    I like Sturdy Ind...a good buy at this rate...

  5. Suarbh,
    Maybe Laffans is my rank bad call...

  6. Rajeev Bhai, I went through the details of your call and am still convinced about its potential but i am not able to figure out the reason of this downturn which may be for few days or months.

  7. Rajeev,

    I wanted to know your view on this stock : Astral Polytechnik Ltd. I liked their sector and has good growth.

  8. hi sandeep

    Forwarded as requested

  9. Scripscan:Concurrent (India) Infrastructure Ltd.
    Code:531261 cmp:19.35

    by Arun from

    I had a long 4 hour face to face interaction with the CEO and this is what the outcomes look like:-

    1)Their sales was 56cr in 08-09,would be 80crs in 09-10,200crs in fy10-11,350crs in fy11-12 and above 500crs for the next fiscal.The NPM would varry in the range of 8-20% for their verticals.So 10%-12% npm we can expect on an average which would transalate into an EPS of 11.5-14 for 2012-13.Now since stock market is a place which discounts future it should quote at 3 figures in 2011-12 taking forward PE of 9-7 conservatively.

    2)I and my group owns over 2 million shares in the counter and am in talks with big guys who are interested in this counter.

    3)There are further few things which if understood can give a world of confidence and conviction in the counter.Like they are doing the preferential stuff to the same guys who were the land owners for that 25acre land.Those guys would never sell the shares of the company until they get a minimium price of 100bucks.Now the land rates are very expensive and total land value comes superior to the present market cap of the company.

    4)Order execution the main threat is actually not a problem here as the company plans to pass the orders to other vendors for the executing their projects.Its like you bag your contracts through your rich contacts charge a decent enuf margin and pass the same to other vendors at half the margin of that.Sudhir is a very influential and visionary guy with huge powerful contacts.This guy works from morning 5 to 12.30 at night.To make the board stronger he is making a padamsree guy joining the board.

    5)You may notice concurrent being in the bulk deals for huge selling from a particular company named ABSOLUTE LEASING & FINANCE PVT LTD.Its a company of MR G.K.Agarwal who was the erstwhile owner of kushagra,he was told to exit the company and thus he offloaded all his 15 lakh odd shares in the market.Weaker hands gone out and I and my group bought the most of his quantity.

    6)Concurrent has made an acqusition of kazi aviation for zero bucks.They hope to bag orders from riyadh airport for handling and maintaince.If everything goes right this high margin vertical would contribute 100crs topline in the coming few years.

    7)Its about to bag a big order from andhra cement for captive power plans.It would be a huge contract with time spanning a period of 20-30years.

    8)A press conference is soon round the corner in mumbai,Sudhir plans to make Mr Vilas rao desmukh as the cheif guest.A couple of deals could be signed infront of him.

    9)Kushagra operations are nearly stopped,even concurrent has returned all their offices and stuff to them.Its a great sign of a strong aggresive visionary entreprenur which fascinated me the most.

    10)Its the CEO himself who called me and fixed the appointment with myself.Before that I hardly had any idea about concurrent.After our dialogues am a proud shareholder of the company and hopes to be with it for the next 3-4 years.Am in active touch with the management and thats helping my cause a great deal.Cheers.

    btw:Me and my group are having the shares at 8-9 levels and got no plans to exit until we make a killing in it

  10. Hi Sri/Nirash,

    Could you please fwd that list to me as well. My email id is

    Thanks in advance.


  11. @Nirash:

    Even I read this review sometime back. I am just not able to decide whether this company is really a gem or a dud who have approached this guy to do some publicity!!!

    Hoping Rajeev can show some direction.


  12. Hi nirash,sumo,
    I have been tracking Concurrent Infra since it was 9-10.According to their site they have 1470 cr orders and majority is in Srilanka.
    Yes, as Sumo said, when person like Arun writes on his site that he and his friends has taken big stake and will not sell untill they make a big killing then the stock may take a retreat in near term.
    The main question is , will the Co be able to execute such a big order book in time.I know they can give work to subcontractors but still the question mark remains....
    Some big names are behind this stock and hence they will take to great highs....but after running 100% I would not prefer to put my money now...let it react down and then think of it...
    I maybe wrong in my analysis....

  13. haah, you are one arrogant self-righteous man. stop singing cause you got one call right.

  14. hi sri/nirash,

    Can you please send me the list to me. My email id is

    Many thanks in advance


  15. Hi Sri Astro / Sri Manish

    mail forwarded as per the request

  16. Hi Nick,
    was your comment for Mr Rajeev or Arun ?
    Get lost if that was for Mr Rajeev, since we know very well whose picks gets right.
    I have seen Arun's picks, and they lack the maturity in analysis, and most dont run.
    Also pls dont visit Rajiv's blog. It does not look good to post anything you like on somebody else's blog.

  17. RajeevBhai still waiting your comments on Laffans

  18. Saurabh,
    I too have no idea why Laffans is down.....

  19. Hi Rajeev,
    Thanks for your comments on Sturdy Industries.

  20. Hi Nick,
    You do not deserve a comment for that post, but still, If you had gone though the posts in this blog for at least a week and seen the recomendations, sure, you would not have made such a statement.

  21. hello sri/nirash, could you pls send the file to me as well at