Thursday, March 11, 2010

Can this year be of Midcaps/SmallCaps or Penny stocks?

I have been thinking on that and I came out with a  conclusion that , YES , this can be the year of Midcap/Smallcap and penny stock.But beware when I write penny stock it means there should be or must be some story brewing on.It may happen that operators can brewup some story which is not there and jack up the price and so the best way to defend such massacre is "SELL 50% AS SOON AS THE STOCK DOUBLES"...
That is the strategy I have been recomending from my MMB days.That is the best defender....
Utmost care should be taken when one invest in penny stock and Midcaps or Smallcaps.....There will many stories that will get aborted in between and one may end up heldiing these stocks in hand and there are no buyers....
But , I personally feel this year , Apr '10 to Mar '11 can be a Midcap/Smallcap or penny stock year.It doesn't mean that A gr stock will not move but the return will be much bigger then Agr stocks....
I just read that a very old woman donated a HUGE wealth and that she was able to garner while buying just 3 shares of Abbot Lab....that is the beauty of stock market.Even 3 shares can give enormous return.
This is what she did:

"How did Groner build her wealth? According to the Los Angeles Times, “In 1935 she bought three $60 shares of specially issued Abbott stock and never sold them. The shares split many times over the years, Marlatt said, and Groner reinvested the dividends. Long before she died, her initial outlay had become a fortune.” A $180 dollar investment ballooned to $7 million dollars after 75 years. This is truly an example of having patience and investing for the long run."

That is how wealth is created........

This again vindicates my stand that remaining LONG is the best way to multiply wealth.There is no alternative for that.That also implies my theory that even 100 shares can give you immense wealth.
So , I again write here, buy whatever you will like giving mutlibagger returns.Don't rely in anyone.Have your own conviction.Conviction is not sold in Bazaar.You have to do yourself.Diggin ..........Diggin.......Diggin...that is the the things yourself......try to project the price yourself.You have to learn by yourself.Project a target and see where the stock goes.If it touches your projected price then try to see where it can go....if you feel stock can still go higher then held on to that after BP....
Coming back to Mid/Small Caps and Penny stocks, I would like to write that many stock from hereon can and will give 5 times 10 times or 20 times return in a year.Only thing is one should be lucky to be holding it.
Who is having what and who earned huge return will be known at the end of the next fiscal year.
I have been recomending many stocks here in Mid/Small Cap category as well as penny category.Maybe not much on penny side but SmallCaps, I know I have given a lot.Midcaps like Petron Eng @ 169 or Gayatri Pro @ 165 , Stride Arcolab @237 ,Lumax Ind@95,Surya Roshni@ 43,Sabero@32 and many more.....They are innumerable.....
I wish all my readers make huge return and become wealthy.......


  1. All Midcap Stock Wat You Have Recom Has 3x-5x , Now Sir , Which Scrip You Would like To Invest Or Add Or Stay Invest Even It has Come 2x to 5x . We Like To Hear From You Top 5 Scrip You Will Stay Invested For Next 3-5 years . Wat Ever May Market Down the line

  2. raju bhai,
    i also would like 2 know your top 5 picks for 3-5 years.

  3. hai rajeev,
    how are you doing?
    i am Ram from UK
    can you help me out for investing and making money i have 30k evrymonth to invest which i am doing as of now but loosing loosing i am just being with patience to get my rates

    can you please recommend me some small and midcap stocks for 1 to 2 yrs time frame
    currently i have 1 lakh to invest can u suggest please?


  4. Hi Nimi, Sandeep and others,
    That is what I use to tell.It is hardest to pick a stock in bull market as the stock has ranup and one has to pick from that or that has not run...and still give big return....
    As the stock market moves up, it becomes harder and harder to find stock......
    I have been receiving mails asking for paid service if I am giving.
    I am not doing that but I am thinking of going for that so write me on my id who would like to join that....
    Though I haven't decided anything yet what will be the fees etc...

  5. Dear Rajeev

    If you decide to have paid blog, I would be interested in subscribing to it.

  6. salute to you Rajeev.
    Sometimes I am forced to think how it's possible that MOST of the stocks that you recommand starts moving WITHIN FEW DAYS.
    I know you pick up stocks with sound fundamental story.
    My dirty mind sometimes think either you are a operator you have a great network to get insider information of a company.

    But whoever you are .. you are simply gr8.

  7. partha,
    What ur saying is not true.Not every picks starts running as soon as I recomend.
    I have been writing many times, I am not an operator nor have any inside news for any stock.
    If you have seen, the picks are just good on valuation base.
    Just try to look at all my picks....
    Let me make it clear to one and all here as well, that if I am going to start a paid service, even then there will not be any inside information as I have none.
    I will give call on my own personal research and my own conviction.
    I want to make it very clear that any picks will not be for ST....if one is ready for a year or two investment then only it is going to work.....

  8. partha,
    the reason u r seeing stock moving is now many people has started visiting my blog and after my call some buying is taking place which was not there in initial stage....

  9. sandeep what do you mean by gul tek
    can u please xplain.

  10. Rajeev, thanks for the reply.
    Is there any script that you have recommanded so far can be invested through SIP method? The reason being, I believe many of those who follow you and your pick is salaried person (like myself) and they can invest in monthly basis out of their salary. SIP will help me and likely persons falls in my category.
    Pls. suggest.

  11. Hi Rajeev

    Do you track CCL Products?


  12. rocky,
    Hikal looks fully priced as of now....