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California Softwware CoLtd...cmp...42.35....

I am tracking this co recently and got to read that the Open offer was made in 2007 by Kemoil Ltd at Rs 100 and they tookover Calsoft Ltd at that time.They hold 66% stake in Calsoft as of now....but what has surprised me recently is ,I again saw open offer annoucement in bse site by Singfuel Investment Pte. Ltd at Rs 45.03.....Why more and more people are ready to take stake in Calsoft?What is there in the Co.....!

The Offer:

"This Open Offer is being made by the Acquirer to shareholders of the Target Company other than Kemoil ("Public Shareholders") to acquire 24,73,002 Equity Shares, being 20% of the Voting Capital of the Target Company ("Open Offer Shares"). This Open Offer is being made at a price of Rs. 45.03 per fully paid up Equity Share ("Open Offer Price"), aggregating Rs. 11,13,59,280.06 (Rupees Eleven Crores Thirteen Lacs Fifty-Nine Thousand Two Hundred and Eighty and Six paise only) ("Open Offer Size"), payable in cash in accordance with the SEBI (SAST) Regulations and subject to the terms and conditions mentioned in PA."

Calsoft has given a very positive np in last Dec qr.....np was 2.87 cr on an eq base of 12 cr....as 66% stake is held by Kemoils Ltd and 15% is held by corp entities means almost 81% is held by strong hannds and as I wrote , there is already an open offer for 20% stake at Rs 45.....I think Calsoft is a momentum as well as value buy at this juncture.....
Seems more and more people are interested in the Co stake and it seems that promoters are not ready to dilute the stake , we are seeing open offer for 20% stake.....
While going through all the annoucement for last 2 yrs , it seems Calsoft is on a growth path.....partnering with Oracle , making inroads in Digital  Home Market:

Here is the Press Release:

Announces Entry into Digital Home Market with New Services.Chennai, India - (March 29, 2010) Calsoft is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary Calsoftlabs, announces the availability of additional software services targeted towards the Digital Home Market. New service offering include browser porting and multimedia application development for digital home devices such as set-top box, IPTV, networked media and CE devices.

Calsoft will be targeting services towards software platforms based on embedded Linux, Windows CE and Android. Calsoftlabs already provides Flash 10 and Flash Lite 4 based solutions for the Digital Home Market as Adobe's distributor. Calsoftlabs also has significant expertise in wired and wireless protocols such as 802.11n that enable networked devices to communicate with each other.

The Digital Home technology, in which all devices in the home are connected to one another, promises to change the way things work in every household. Digital Home devices are a leading innovation in the consumer electronic area and a wide range of these are expected to provide browsing and multimedia capability.

"Calsoftlabs's combined expertise in embedded, networking and multimedia technology provides a very attractive value proposition to OEMs developing digital home devices" said Anand Joshi, VP of Digital Home Technology. "With over 100 delivered projects to date we are well positioned to build on our existing customer portfolio."

For more information on the available services, please visit


For additional details please contact your local sales representative.

About Calsoft: California Software Company Limited (Calsoft) is a product engineering and enterprise solutions company with a strong background in development and implementation. Headquartered in Chennai, Calsoft has a presence in 12 global locations. For additional information about Calsoft, please visit www.calsoftgroup.com For more information on Calsoft Labs please visit www.calsoftlabs.com "

If someone wants to look at more information one can go for all annoucement and read it on bse site or go to the website and look for that...........
I think there are many readers who are in IT field and hence it would be prudent for then to take a look at it and write here about Calsoft........what is the prospect and how good it is as a growth Co.....

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    Hope of revival in the financials of software companies are reviving with the revival in western economies. Investors with enough patience can look into small IT companies with clean management. We can include Chennai based California Software Company (CALSOFT) in this category. Calsoft is a Product Engineering & Enterprise Solutions company started in 1992.Calsoft having more than four subsidiaries in India and abroad. Calsoft, which has development centers in Chennai, Bangalore and Mysore, and in California and Boston, besides marketing offices in the US, Europe, Singapore and India.
    Last year company divested the stake in one of its subsidiary Informed decision corporation (IDC) and now planning to deploy the money for new acquisitions.At present Hong Kong based Kemoil is holding about 66 % stake in this company . Kemoil Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary and investment arm of Chemoil Energy Ltd. Chemoil Energy is listed on the Singapore Exchange with revenues of over $4.3 billion and a market capitalization of about $1 billion . Due to a change in the ownership of parent company Singapore based SINGFUEL has now announced an open offer for acquiring 20% stake in CALSOFT at a price of Rs.45.03.SINGFUEL is an investment arm of Glencore International AG ,which is one of the world’s largest suppliers of commodities and raw materials to industrial consumers.
    For the full year ended in March 2009 on a consolidated basis, Calsoft posted a sale of 258 crore and a net loss of 22 crore.For the nine month ended in December 2009 it posted better result than last year and with the help of its new owners company is expected to perform well in future