Monday, March 8, 2010

Ennore Coke...Updates...

Ennore Coke recomended here around 40 has made a new high today at 71.05 and may break it and go up further.
The reason the stock is moving is BHP Billiton has decided to increase the Industrial Coke price by Whopping 55% which I read on Money control on saturday.
The market is giving thumbs up to Ennore Coke as the profitibility will be increased.
So is Transgene Bio which I recomended here since long and also use to recomend at mmb.It is again on UC at 88.Seems this time it may prove its mettle.
One of the reader just wrote me that Petron Eng has doubled, actually more then doubled.I recomended it at 169 and today it is 359.....
For further updates, Zodiac JRD was up by over 14% and making a new 52 week high at 28....
We are beating the Dalal Street in big way....isn't it?


  1. hi raju bhai
    reg: kisloskar ferro
    It was again Gul tek whose recomen always resembles yours. As I heard VBC ind from him first and then brousing on MMB, I found another great gem...thats you..
    he gave buy call on
    sujana tower.
    kirloskar ferro
    genus power
    sabero org

  2. Rajeev,

    Petron touched 359 at NSE today. I entered at 180 when you reccomended. Please suggest whether to sell 50% and secure my investment amount. This was a superb recco.


  3. Dhiman,
    U need to sell 50%.Discipline is discipline....take ur money out and invest in other stock which u feel is good...

  4. Hi Rajeev,
    Do you follow Interlink petroleum?
    They are in to oil exploration.

  5. Sajith,
    I track Interlink Petro and is looking good.Promoters are constantly buying from the market and increasing the stake.
    They have some oil fields but how much and what is the value I donno...This can be a multibagger as the management has changed and they have infused money.
    But I feel Lesha Energy is on better platform then Interlink..but I may prove wrong..I feel Lesha has got more proven reserve then Interlink...

  6. Hi Rajeev,

    Is Deep Industry still your favorite stock? Today it went up by almost 20% to 120. It seems it will be listed in NSE as well. Actually I bought this stock few days back around the same level of your recco around 115. Is it still buy?

  7. Yes Dhiman,
    Its looks good and seems on a verge of moving up...

  8. By Priyachandran from MMB

    The price band of Rs.300- Rs.350 decided by the Government is too steep a price for the NMDC FPO.

    I had previously mentioned with reasons that the fair price to which the stock price of the company will drift down in future will be between Rs.175 to Rs.240, BASED ON A NUMBER OF PARAMETERS.

    I was extremely pleased to find that CLSA, this morning, has derived at a realistic price that is quite close to my opinion.

    Even while the price is too steep, I am confident that the Government has in place its plans to ensure that the share price does not slip IMMEDIATELY on listing of the shares. This is to insure the success of the innumerable PSU offerings the Government has to make in future.

    Even while I know that the Government would definitely try to support the price close to the FPO price before it finally commences its downward drift, I would like to give the FPO a miss as it has disappointed all prospective investors with too steep a price.

  9. By Priyachandran from MMB

    I am sure you may have read to your children the story by the name `The Emperor`s New Clothes`.

    In the story, if you recollect, everyone was aware that the Emperor who thought he was wearing wonderful new clothes was actually wearing none, but all his people were afraid to speak the truth due to the fear of being the odd-main-out.

    So they went with the majority opinion to sing praise of his (non-existent) clothes. The truth could not be hidden for long till a small boy called the bluff and then everyone suddenly accepted the nasty truth that the Emperor was actually NAKED.

    Such stories are not contained in children`s books, but we have our very on in the stock markets as well. And the best case in this regard is the Reliance Power IPO.

    I cannot resist mentioning the worst fraud amongst power IPOs – that of Reliance Power IPO in January 2008 (although most of us with short memories have forgotten about this fraud). With not even one watt (one MEGA WATT looks too high in this context) of power being produced, even land purchase not complete for some of the projects and production expected to start only almost two years later in December 2009, Mr. Anil Ambani & Co. had the cheek to ask investors for Rs.405- Rs.450 per share for a Rs.10 face value share.

    SEBI placed some restrictions based on a complaint about the formulation of the IPO. A public interest litigation was filed against the company regarding its astronomical pricing. However, the Supreme Court had to intervene and it passed a ruling clearing the IPO.

    Personally, I had asked my friends not to invest in the IPO and I remember calling it a `daylight robbery`.

    However, media made investors believe that those fortunate enough to get the IPO allotment would be really lucky as most (so called) analysts believed that Reliance Power stocks may get listed at Rs 900. On the first day of its IPO, it was oversubscribed 10.5 times creating a record of sorts.

    Truth was revealed when the share price closed 17% lower than its issue price of Rs.450 on the day of listing. Seeing the anger of investors and in a last ditch effort to salvage his image, on February 25 2008, Mr. Anil Ambani decided to issue 3 bonus shares for every 5 shares held.

    At last traded price of Rs.143, the original investors holdings today are only worth almost half their investment in the IPO after having held the stock for more than a year.

    There are many such amazing stories to tell in the stock markets I have seen for about 22 years now.

  10. nirash,
    There is always two sides of the Coin.
    Seems these boader sees always the negative part of the otherside.
    As she wrote there are many such stories where investors were taken for granted,I have many such stories where Analyst and experts like this boader gave negative guidence and small investor didn't go for it and that IPO became a big success....
    And I have always said, speaking on valuation is a very subtle.One can go wrong in big way.
    But let me write here that I rarely go for IPO because it is very difficult to judge what is the Co untill it get listed....Unless I am convinced , I never give a Subscribe call for any IPO....

  11. Hi Rajeev,
    Thanks for the comments on Interlink. One thing that is worrying about lesha energy is promoters hold only <8%. I know you would have better reasons to recommend this stock knowing this. It has gone up a lot from the price you recommended.

  12. sajith,
    actually u r looking the SHP wrong way.
    You need to see non-promoters stake as new promoters stake....

  13. Hi Rajeev,
    Thanks for correcting me.
    'Bodies Corporate' hold 65%. Is this the new promoter's stake? might be a stupid question, please do not bother to answer this. I am not good in reading balance sheets. Will try to look into this more myself and try to understand what you have said.

  14. sajith,
    the non-promo stake is 76%.I donno where u read 65%.
    Go to the annoucement and u will see these are the ones who got prefre allotment...they r the new promos

  15. Hi Rajeev,
    Thanks for correcting me.

  16. Hi Rajeev ji,
    Do you track Hanung toys ?
    It has run up a lot, in one month.
    P/E around 5, EPS around 26.. can you suggest if its still a buy at this level ?

  17. Om,
    I already had mentioned as a great buy to someone 15-20 days back or a month back...
    I still request,please read my replies to queries on comments otherwise u will end up losing....

  18. Hi Rajeev,
    Same way as Hanung Toys, you had mentioned about MAN in comments section as a multibagger in making as answer to query from someone about a month back. That was @55/- that time and it has gone up to 65/- now. Looks still very good for long term. Thanks a lot for that recco. also.

  19. Yes Sajith,
    Man Ind is looking excellent even at this level.....

  20. MAN has again gone up today by 15%, @77/- now.

  21. Hello Rajiv je,
    I tried to search for "Hanung" in the search this blog option, before asking the question.
    It is showing "no result"
    Does the search option, not search in comments section ?
    I take position in all your recent calls which you give on blog section e.g. DHP, Hazoor , Rico Auto, Tata Chem. I have taken man ind as well.
    Can you please suggest if I can enter in Hanung at this level of 160 ?

  22. Om,
    Hanunag Toys still looks per my view...I may go wrong...

  23. Hi Rajeev,

    Would like to know your opinion on ghcl ltd and jbf industries.thanks

  24. has2008,
    do not track ghcl but JBF looks good...but can't say when it will run...