Thursday, January 28, 2010



S means Srei Infra,Simmond Marshal and Sabero Organic.
All have come with great results and still going cheap.Aries Agro my old call has also come out with great results.Readers needs to follow and buy if found good......Buying and Selling decision is YOURS....I just point them....

Updates: Quippo Infra is getting merged with Srei Infra which will add value to shareholders and creditors.That is a great development that is taking place in Srei Infra.....
One more "S" has come out with excellent result which I have recomended.It is Surana Corp ltd which is in Jwellary Business.This is the 4th "S"....
Surana Corp has posted 14.78 cr NP against 3.21 cr last year same qr.Surana Corp has an eq of 21.86 cr.Do the math yourself....Np has gone up by 360% and sales up by 514%.
I know there are many readers who use to look at many things and when they look at my pick they gets puzzled because when I recomend there is nothing to say about.But then the story unfolds slowly......and that takes time....remember this always with my call......there cannot be instant appreciation....if that happens then it is your LUCK.........


  1. Hi Rajeev,
    I took exposure to PSL , Rico , Spanco,GSPL today.
    Will fish for your 3 'S' tomo.
    Can you pls suggest some more, apart from my above picks ? i already hv apar , bombay dying etc of your calls.. Please suggest some good picks for bulk investment

  2. Hi rajeev,

    surana up 20%, somebody is spying ur blog ;)

  3. Rajeev,

    Telecanor global was UC 10% yesterday and today!!!
    Guess, the results are going to be good.

  4. Hi Rajeev,

    Please research on Heidelberg Cement if u know please throw some lights on that stock.

  5. Mahesh,
    That is already my one of the 2 picks in Cement sector.Other being Prism Cement....Heidelberg is a cash rich co which we rarely find in this sector.....

  6. rajeev....nw tht the rbi policy is also out....wat is ur opinion on the short term trend/tgt levels of the mkt..

  7. S is lucky....S for Spanco....S for Sujana...S for Three more in the post