Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rico Auto Ltd ....My old call....

I am happy to note that my old call of Rico Auto which I gave at Rs.25.60 on 16 Nov 09 has found place in HDFC Sec Auto Ancialliary pick.
They have come out with a report on Auto Component play with 4 stocks and one is Rico Auto other being Amtek Auto, Motherson Sumi and Bharat Forge.
These call from HDFC again give me immense confidence that I am thinking in right way and in right line.Though I have no Infrastructure to get information of stocks I still am able to pick stocks which finds place lateron in wellknown houses.My picking up the stock method is raw and not a researched based, like cash flow,ROEC etc  but still coming out winner.

A Southbased analyst in his column on Monday, today, has come out with a buy call on Rico Auto for a medium term target of 40.


  1. Rajeev,

    Great to know :). Glad.

    Are they tracking you ;).

    Keep up the BEST work

  2. Hi Rajeev,
    came across a stock - Nitta Gelatin. Looks good as per your multi-bagger criteria.
    But is it a better investment than Navin Fluorine?

  3. No one can match Navin as of Now....

  4. Thanks for boosting my confidence in navin.

  5. Dear Rajeev,

    Excellent work , please keep it up and thanks for enrich all of us.

    just a suggestion, is it possible for you to create a table format for all you recommendations which has the dates , the scrips since this blog was started. the thereafter one can browse trough it and decide the scrip he will like to find out more info. it is sometime difficult to go tru all the old articles and to find out the recommendation.

    i recently came across some scrip that are already very high in price so it is difficult to enter them. A tabular format that is updated whenever a new recommendation is mentioned will really be appreciated.

    thanks for all your hard work

  6. has,
    That will be very difficult for me to do.I am barely able to take out time and write here.....I think one of the reader named Shree is doing that.Request him , he may send you the list in excel....with price recomended and how much it is up...

  7. Dear rajubhai

    Happy republic day

    give regards to your family

    how is nakul

    best wishes


  8. Dear Mr Rajeev

    I have gone thry your recommendation Ennore coke
    iam very much impreseed with Ennore coke it is certainly in multi-bagger stock , I have decided buy this stock
    on wednesday, Thanks

  9. Hi ramesh,
    Happy Republican day to u as well.

  10. Dear Rajeev

    Capital Market has come out with 12 Infra stock benefit from increase investmnt in roads,power, ports
    1) IRB Infra
    2) sadbhav Enginnering
    3) Gujarat Apollo Industries
    4) Neyveli Lignite
    5) Jsw Energy
    6) Adani Power
    7) BHEL
    8) GMR Infra
    9) GVK Power
    10) L&T
    11) Mundra port
    12) Container Corportion

    Rajeev Sir
    Most of Stocks are already recommended by you, I like to have your valuable advice regarding Adani power

    Thanks in advance

  11. Dear Rajeev

    There is good news about your latest pickup Spanco

    India Infoline News Service / 13:59 , Jan 13, 2010
    This will be the second potential SDC order for Spanco who is eyeing 4 more such SDC’s. Spanco had in last quarter bagged the Odisha SDC which was the first SDC order in the country

    Spanco Ltd. has been declared lowest bidder for the Rajasthan State Data Center (SDC) project beating HCL, Sify, TCS, and Reliance. This will be the second potential SDC order for Spanco who is eyeing 4 more such SDC’s. Spanco had in last quarter bagged the Odisha SDC which was the first SDC order in the country. SDC has been identified as one of the important element of the core infrastructure for supporting e-Governance initiatives of National eGovernance Plan (NeGP).

    Under NeGP, it is proposed to create SDC’s for the States to consolidate services, applications and infrastructure to provide efficient electronic delivery of G2G, G2C and G2B services. These services can be rendered by the States through common delivery platform seamlessly supported by core Connectivity Infrastructure such as State Wide Area Network (SWAN) and Common Service Centre (CSC) connectivity extended up to village level.

    State Data Centre in Rajasthan would provide key functionalities like Central Repository of the State, Secure Data Storage, Online Delivery of Services, Citizen Information/Services Portal, State Intranet Portal, Disaster Recovery, Remote Management and Service Integration etc. SDCs would also provide better operation and management control and minimize overall cost of Data Management, IT Resource Management, Deployment and other costs The SDC scheme was approved by the Government in January 2008 at a total cost of Rs 1633 crore. DIT has sanctioned SDC proposals of 23 States at a total cost of 1077 crore.

    Spanco has been present in the eGovernance space for several years now. Its eGovernance business unit is known to execute large, complex projects. Its Government Transformation Services approach uses IT to create efficiency and scalability. Spanco successfully launched the Maharashtra SWAN in the month of August 2009 and is currently executing Odisha SWAN which is in its last stages of completion. Spanco has also bagged the project for establishing and operating 3689 CSC’s in the state of Maharashtra.

    Commenting on this important win, Vidur Sehgal, Senior Vice President said “It gives us immense pleasure to chronicle the achievements of Spanco, which, we believe, will be remembered as an important turning point in the group’s history. Our company’s vision is to target about 5 to 7 SDC projects in the country

  12. nirash,
    I have gone through all these.....

  13. Dear Rajeev

    I want to have more exposer in power sector

    1) Torrent Power
    2) Adani Power
    3) Jsw Energy

    kindly advice which one is better

  14. Hi Rajeev,
    Is Spanco really can be a multi-bagger?
    I liked it because its below book value, has good EPS. But has large equity, tough competition, poor dividend high debt.
    Do you think it really has a good growth potential in future to become a multi-bagger.
    With Regards,

  15. Vikas,
    I can't say can become a multibagger may not....u are again talking of present tense and u still forget to look at the future....

  16. Hi Rajeev,
    Thanks for your views on Spanco.
    But I think you dont have any doubt about PSL can be a multi-bagger?
    Because in your words-PSL Ltd is the Best Bet......going still at throwaway price.......
    With Regards,

  17. Dear Rajeev,

    Looks like the market has already corrected even before the Monetary policy.

    Do you see anything in particular for this panic ??

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  19. From My point of view,

    High exception of investors didnt met by companies earnings, mkt fell by High valuation.
    Fear of china $ reserve offloading, Lots of short covering in Nifty Future due to 2 moro last day square off...even if RBI hike rates still we have 50-60k crore liquid money no point to fear. Corporates top line growth was flat. Fear of increase in input cost of commodities which effects bottom line. Banks NPA are not encouraging. No credit off take as expected, revise of GDP figure.

    Hope to hear more from rajeev :)

  20. Dear Rajeev ji,
    I am looking to put 3L investment from my life saving in this correction.
    Please suggest at least 5 picks each from Largecap, midcap and small cap, that can give decent returns and are available at cheap rate in this correction ? after losing money today, i hv decided now to quit trading and become investor, I hv no materialistic desires , but i am looking to pay off my home loan from your picks. god bless you for your time and selfless help.

  21. Mahesh,
    My comments here on your view is let us see what happens in next 2-3 months.....or 6 months....let us see how market reacts at all your concerns...

  22. Mitz,
    I has always said that 1000-1500 points correction is always there for taking....and that has happened..we are down by 1k ....still 500 points can be taken out...No pertiular stock to track...except our old picks...

  23. OM,
    Remember not to expect from market.Don't make wishes.Market never oblige......I hope u never trade.I have written many times here that quit trading and playing in F&O....u r asking too much from me and market...i.e. paying homeloans...there is no ST gain in market...that u can pay homeloan installement...otherwise just keep track on my picks....

  24. Dear Rajeev,

    In a way I am happy for this correction. One it will prevent markets from over heating and two it has given me a chance to buy a few more stocks that i like at lower prices.

    Today i bought Rohit ferro and HEG. If I get a chance tomorrow too maybe i will add more of PSL and PAE.

  25. hi RAJEEV, SPANCO LTD has come out with a spectacular result for the dec quarter,16rs EPS for 9 months,thaks for spotting us a gem of a stock,will add more on declines,bye for now take care.

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