Friday, January 15, 2010

Textile and IT......

I am again taking stock of my picks.Yesterday ,Surya Roshni and RS Software were in 20% UC.There were buyer of 1,31,000 in Surya Roshni at the end of the day which I was able to see from the bse site and hence all chances for another 20% UC.There were buyers of 83,313 in RS Software means equal chance for RS Software for another 20% UC.Watch out for RS Software as well as Surya Roshni.
Lumax Ind too made a UC for 5% making a 52 week high of 229.I told that Lumax Ind is a stock which will move up when market will be down and hence if one is having in ones PF then he need not sell all holding.As it has already more then doubled from my recomended price of 95, one can sell 50% and keep the rest FREE....
My Textile pack of Super Spinning ,Super Sales, Suryavanshi Spinning, Suryajyoti Spinning, Suryalata Spinning all are moving.This year can be a year for Textile along with IT sector.Ofcourse Capitals Goods , Infra are the core sector without which the economy will not grow.
Textile pack is still loooking good to me and one can still take exposer here with DD.
My old call MSK Project is making new highs too.
Before I forget to write let me mention two stocks.One is my old call GSPL and another is a PSU stock, Petronet LNG.Both will gives great returns in 5 yrs times.Both looks good still to me.My old call IFB Agro and IFB Ind both are making newer highs.Lesha Energy is making new highs too at 125!
I have given call on Religare Technova Solution and Religare Enterprise.Both has started moving.Religare Technova still looks good to me.
There was a bulk deal in Jupiter Bio yesterday at Rs 96.I have not to say more on that now.
Seeing Tinplate making new highs and also seeing some houses giving buy calls on it now where as I recomended it at 45 or 62 ,not sure, that too before right.
I know when everything is moving it makes no sense to count my picks but have still dared to write them here.If someone feels the other way he needs to ignore this post.
With inflation going up there can be a CRR hike by the end of the month RBI policy and hence a correction can happen of around 1000-1500 point at that time but before that we can see 18k.


  1. You Simply Rock Rajeev..........

    Hats Off to you for your all picks :-)


  2. hello RAJEEV,

    how is GITANJALI GEMS looking for an investment of 3 yrs?

  3. kitty,
    Gitanjali Gems is a good brand but not tracking so do not know whether it is cheapor not.My call in same segment is Zodiac JRD MKJ....which is around 27 now...

  4. Some Thoughts for Rajeev's Blog Readers.

    January Last Month : End of Result Beginning of RBI Action. Year End 2010..Effect of Base, FED in Action, $ carry trade reverse, govt. exhaustion of printing money{USA}. Bankers to Obama : You cleaned our hands as promise and we cleaned your hands as per stipulation now lets gets back off from the stock market slowly steady

  5. Dear Rajeev,

    I came across a report on PSL Ltd by firstcall. They have given a medium to long term target of Rs 200 (only).

    However in the report I came across some data which is amazing. If the demand supply gap is projected to be so huge then SKY SHOULD BE THE LIMIT FOR PSL. Kindly give your comments after analysing

    "The replacement of the old pipelines in USA is another growth driver. 1.5 mn miles of pipeline is layed in USA of which more than 1 mn miles pipelines were layed during 1960’s and 1970’s.

    Considering that the annual
    production of pipes have been over 16-17 mn tones, globally, the replacement of pipelines would take around 25 years. India is set to benefit from this demand – supply imbalance. Majority of the growth in the pipe industry is expected to come from growth in large diameter pipes."

    There are many more positive points but this was the most important one. I will send the whole report as attachment by mail for your referance.

  6. Dear raju bhai

    sks logistics is hiring helicopters for charter services,and later on entering to freight services by air.

    a good sector to be in,therby being a completely logistics company.SOURCE...Business line sunday edition.

    with a good solid land bank,becomming a complete logistic player and excellent results with low p/e.this stock is to rerate itself in the comming future.

    Thanks for the pick

  7. Dear Rajiv,
    I saw a stock and could not resist asking for your comments. It is Micro Technologies (India) Ltd. which has gone up almost 40% in the past few days. It has an amazingly low PE about 3.7 or so and the promoters stake is also high plus the sector of security is also alive and thriving. Any views though it is highest at Rs 202/-. Your views please. SANDEEP.

  8. Sandeep,
    I have discuss this stock in comment section.You must have missed that...
    Looks good....

  9. Iam Reproducing my earlier communication with Mr Rajeev
    regarding to micotech for the benefit of the readers

    Dear Rajeev
    how about Microtech this company makes security softwares n products for home security, car security, visit at dot microtechnologies dot net, lost laptop and mobile tracer, one of the three or for best under a billion indian companies in FORBES asian companies list. consolidated eps in 2009 was 65.66 cmp is 150 FV 10 bk value 243
    December 12, 2009 9:53 PM
    Rajeev Desai said...

    Micro Techno is looking good and I recomended at mmb in last bull run.But market is not giving discounting much on eps as the management take the stake at very low price in last bull run and hence market didn't like that and so it didn't run in last bull run.
    But the perception can get changed this time ....anything can happen...

  10. This appeared in jumpingstocks dot com web site on 15th January. This is just for information(why the stock went up by 20 percent within 10 minutes? any manipulation?)
    Traded @ BSE/NSE (500336)

    Target.....Unbelievable.......Oh Yes...

    Surya Roshni (SRL) is the manufacturer of lighting products in India. The product ranges include fluorescent tube lamps, GLS lamps, energy efficient lamps and sodium and mercury vapour lamps. Surya is the second largest seller of GLS and FTL in India. The company has manufacturing units at Bahadurgarh in Haryana, Kashipur in Uttar Pradesh and Malanpur in Madhya Pradesh. SRL has two subsidiaries abroad, i.e. Surya Roshni, USA and Surya Roshni (HK), Hong Kong.

    Surya exports its products to 40 countries. SRL has 19 branches, 250 dealers and 6,000 retailers spread across the country. The company has been awarded ISO-14001 and OHSAS-18001 certifications related to environment and safety respectively. IOCL, OIL, Essar Projects, GAIL, EIL, Reliance Petro, ONGC and L&T are some of the major customers of the company.

    SRL becomes the first recipient in India for its tube lights to be labeled for their energy efficiency. The company will carry the bureau of energy efficiency label showing its products as 3- star & 4- star lighting products.

    The company is planning to expand its retailer network to 400,000 in around 18 months from the existing 300,000 retailers.

    What`s d Buzz.......It`s Our Buzzing Stock.............Yes Once Again, We`re Here with Our Buzzing Stock..........

    It`s a Buzz......that.....SURYA in Expansion Mode....and Nearly.....15000 Cr. Order Awaited for SURYA ROSHNI......By PUNJAB GOVT...

    As....PUNJAB GOVT. is Planning to Become India`s Only State...Where....EVERY SMALL Village...Will Have Only CFL Lights.........

    Yes...It`s Hint for 20% UPPER-FILTER in Today`s Trade...

    Insider...Already Knows...this MEGA NEWS....And Yes...They`ll Buy LikeAnything..... in Today`s Trade.........

    Huge-Huge Gap Up Opening Expected................Almost 12 to 13% Up..............

    But...Still...Advisable to Buy for UPPER-FILTER...Today`s and Tomorrow`s too.

    Buy @ 91 to 91.50

    Yes.....................Non Stop........Target 20% UPPER-FILTER..................

    Buy Immediately...After Opening...for SUPER-DUPER Gain........

    Our Ultimate Target.........180+

    SL : 60

    given in jumpingstocks dot com
    disclosure:i have holdings in this stock..

  11. nice picks, thanks for putting them out there early.

  12. Dear Rajeev,

    K I come back with some more news which is positve for PSL. I would like to state that it is in my own vested interest as PSL constitutes33% of my portfolio.

    Today Gail announced a spectacular result where net profit went up from apprx 250cr to 860cr.

    They also came out with an announcement that they will spend 5500cr next year(2010-2011) and 90% of it will go into PIPELINES.

    The last few orders given out by GAIL have all gone in favour of PSL Ltd.

    So hopefully next year PSL might get some robust orders from GAIL, Reliance etc in the domestic market

  13. Sir,

    I would like you to have a look at Nakoda texliles....though its in Textyle Business but recently have taken exposure in Wind energy and have set up 6.75 Mw plant in Tamil nadu.

    Need your views,


  14. Is it time to book profit on Surya Roshni with 100% profit or should I hold for some more time.

  15. Hello Rajeev,

    Any views on Atul Ind.

  16. Hi Rajeev

    Do you track V-Guard Industries.



  17. Dear Rajeev,

    I am pasting below an article that came in a suplement page along with todays the Economic Times "BEYOND RECESSION"


    With the gas supply scenario today looking promising, concurrent development of the entire valuechain is essential to develop the gas sector. Pipeline infrastructure in the form of 'Natural Gas Highways' would be key to transport the emerging volumes of gas.

    Over the next 5-6 years, India is poised to expand its pipeline network to a level of 25,000 Kms from its existing level of nearly 11,000 Kms.

    GAIL, which currently operates a network of nearly 7300 Kms is expanding it to a level of around 13,000 Kms by 2012-2013 at a capex of nearly Rs 30,000 CRORES.


    That would mean an annual spend of Rs 12,000cr to 15,000cr JUST TO BUILD PIPELINES.

  18. Hi Rajeev,

    What is your view on Alok industries? This was recommended as BUY by equitymaster in December 09. Since you have become bullish on Textile industries, I just wanted to share this information. I am yet to do a research on this. It would be helpful if you already have any info on this stock.

  19. Heart,
    Nakoda looks good.If u want to have Bonus plus stock split, buy tommorow.Whatever quantity u buy will become 4 times after XB and XS...

  20. WK,
    I have posted reply to nirash in one of my comment for Surya Roshni .You missed it.

  21. TT, Atul is good Co with sound fundamentals and sound management..

  22. Rajeev,

    Apar Industries it seems is going to take off.
    Results I understand are excellent.



  23. Dear Rajeev ji,

    Can you please provide your views on Subhash Projects , Phipis carbon ,and tourism finance corporation of india ?
    Also what it means by XB and XS code words which you use for nakoda ?

  24. Hi Om,
    I dont know about the stocks at which Rajeev is best.
    But Yes about XS & XB
    XS- Ex-split i.e. After stock-split
    XB- Ex-bonus i.e. After bonus

    I hope its clear.
    With reagrds,

  25. Om, All 3 u wrote are looking good..