Monday, January 11, 2010

Houses expecting good nos for Dec qr 09....

When I sometimes get stumbled upon such news it blows off my mind.I am reading this NEWS in each and every business paper.ET,BS etc.....all the FII's houses and local houses says that Earnings will be better for Dec qr.When they were giving a negative bias for SENSEX weren't they knowing this?The reason they are giving is Low base.
So now what the so called analyst are gearing for?A rally in market that will takeout 21k before Budget or Mar 10?I will never be able to understand what they are upto and what they wants to tell the investors community.No one was bullish for 2010 and now when they says that Dec nos will be better ,what can be derived from it?That market will runup............
There are many who are still on the sidelines and with each and every upmove , they are becoming more and more Skeptics.They are selling stocks and are remaining in CASH.For them CASH is the King and they believe in the theory that better Safe then Sorry.
I think I have nothing to say here .Each and everyone has the right to think in his own way and charter his plan of future.
But I like this scenario.When experts sell, I feel very Safe because their apprehesion gives me more confidence.The day these expert will start investing , I will become catious.The day they will have no CASH left, I will become catious.Untill the expert have Cash in hand I am trouble free.I sleep very calmly at night.These experts has been catious since 14000 and see where are we?After 14k for each and every 1000 points they are catious and market is not listening them.Now the reason for them is penny and small and midcap has start running and hence now almost end of the journey.No way...the rally in Cash gr is going to get aborted.It will go on.They have to catch up with the sensex otherwise even at 21k , these stocks will be at the same level where they were at 8k.When the cash gr rally gets the momentum , some cats and dogs also run.Sometimes it also happens that one feel that they are cats and dogs but there can be a story brewing up.
There are scores of Midcaps /Smallcaps which are available at 4-5 p/e ratio.They have to buck up the trend.......I am bullish for the year 2010, disregarding what experts feels.I may prove wrong but that is my view.
Market is cosolidating with each and every move.There is no hurry to break 21k.So there is no rush.When market takes it own times to move ahead ,then there can't be a huge correction in offing.
The only thing one need to do is Investment.Don't trade.Once you get the habit to trade , you will keep on doing that and no one has made money while trading.Actually one will have to sell the investment for paying up the loss in trading.I have seen that.....I have seen no trader making money .Maybe for couple of days or week one can see the profit but then it takes away all the profit and one end up in loss and one has to sell good fundamental shares.
So take a Vow that in New Year, there will be no day trading.There will be no playing in F&O.......


  1. Hello Rajeevji,how are you doing? any thoughts on Jindal Polyfilms, its at 330-350 since a long time now, any inputs on this stock please.

  2. Hi Rajeev,
    so true is your post. Especially the last red sentence. Absolutely NO INTRA-DAY and NO F&O.
    I personally think the results of intra-day trading are worse than gambling.
    And regarding F & O, world's best investors like Warren Buffett & Peter Lynch are of this opinion that F&O should be banned from stock-market.
    So please avoid Intra-day and F & O.
    With Regards,

  3. Hi Nakul,

    I had bought your old call - Jayaswal Neco and made money, still holding part of it.

    I think in stocks, there is God, there is Buffett and there is Nakul :-)

    Thanks a ton,

  4. Hi santosh,
    Good to see you here too.I remember you from mmb....

  5. Dear Rajeevji ,

    I hold Mundra Port .Can I hold it in my portfolio for one year or do you suggest any other scrip to interchange with it ?
    I hold a good quantity of Poddar Pigments and have made some good money in Apar Inds.
    Thanks for your advice and recommendations.
    Best Regards,


  6. mach,
    Mudra Port is good..u can hold it..