Monday, January 18, 2010


I know there are some readers who must be feeling that why I sometimes gives calls which have no earnings or co still making loss.
My call like those were Bombay Dyeing and Bombay Burmah which I gave on 11th Dec 09 at Rs 408 and Rs 292 respectively.
Both are firing all cylinders and now after 1 month they are making new highs.....Bombay Dyeing today touched Rs 593 up from 408 and Bombay Burmah touched Rs 417 up from 292.
Still a very long way to go.
Same is with Stride Arcolab which has started moving up.
My old call Apcotex Ind is making new high and has almost doubled from my call of 61.It is today 115.


  1. Dear Rajeev,
    thanks for the wonderful call, i got stake in Bombay dying at 511, and as you still say long way to go.. I will get some more of both BD & BM with next dip.. in SNL i entered at 28, i was late in it, from your price of 11. but can you pls suggest if you still maintain buy on SNL, PAEL, Stride ?

  2. OM,
    SNL is good still.Buy on dips as well.PAE and Stride also looks good still...

  3. Rajeev, I must say thanks for my investment in Apcotex.
    Actually I missed your old call on apcotex since I am traking your blog since sept.
    But when you recommended Apar industries, I compared it with other player i.e. Apcotex. And as i always love debt-free and good dividend yield, I immediately jumped on it as such a wonderful company which was below book value. I have it averaged at 85.
    And now I am enjoying the ride.
    And at CMP, still I think Apcotex is better than Apar (my personal view)
    But can you tell me the reason for Apcotex's sudden rise of 20% today?
    With Regards,

  4. Thanks very much Rajeev,
    I am actually F & O trader, but i hv lost more money then i made, by trading, and in 2010 resolution , i want to avoid trading.. at least your calls are making me recover some of my huge losses till now.. god bless you for this wonderful work.

  5. Vikas,
    There can be no comparision between Apar and Apocotex.
    Apar is par in excellence.It is a huge co and huge turnover and also a debt free as well as cash rich....

  6. Dear Rajeev,
    Please advice wether I should buy Carol Info Service @ CMP Rs. 66/= F>V>10/=EPS 17.45 BV 125/= Industry PE 49.0 share PE only 3.83 52 week H/L 26/78.Without your advice I will not go ahead. Thanks

  7. anjum,
    I was tracking Carol Info in past but not tracking now.It was/is Wockhart gr co ...not sure whether they have sold it out.But they have Hospitals with them and hence looks good...