Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rico Auto,SNL ...Lumax Ind....

I am seeing Rico Auto is making new highs at 32.40 up from my recomended price of 25.60.There were lots of apprehension whether my call was good enough to be here.In one and a half month it is giving 26% return.
Lumax Ind has again started giving upper circuits.SNL is in constant UC .....and has more then doubled.
Well, the main reason writing here today this post is ,I just read on moneycontrol website which says that Experts sees market at new high by Mar 2010......now how that come?Why suddenly they become bullish.......misguiding or what?Why didn't they said in Dec?Within 10 days what happened that they changed the outlook?

Well, another thing I would like to mention here .....with the new look of my blog...while adding some more SEARCH ENGINES......now one can... WRITE ANY COMPANY NAME IN THE BOX AT TOP THE EXTREME RIGHT OF MY BLOG" Search This Blog" and one would find if I have written anything on that stock.....
This is a great advantage for my readers as this makes the things much easier to back track me for any stock......
I hope my readers will be pleased to see such thing ......


  1. hi rajeeev

    entered ennore coke , sujana towers, ind swift today.looking to
    add apar ind tommorow.made good returns in jsw of atleast 10% in one day.

    i am still holding geojit, gayatri and kpit among others.


  2. hi rajeev,
    thanks for replying about my question.
    From your answers i can understand that i have not been able to frame my question properly.let me clarify, from my first comment i have tried to say it clearly that i have no personal grudge against you or your blog.
    see, i am novice investor and i saw my portfolio go from 5L to 10L and back to to 4L now. after seeing such fluctuation i realized that my way of stock picking(from friends and broker) is not right. so, i started to read book about fundamental analysis,technical analysis , behaviour analysis and blogs(one of them i came across your), but got so confued with all of them.
    fundamental say technical is useless, technical say fundamental is useless and the best part is that behavioral say both is useless.
    i am back to square one position.
    what i meant while saying i want to learn from you is the thinking or thought process which goes when u analyze a company,so that i can also get confident and try to find stock with conviction. i am standing still with my holding nethier sold any nor brought any for the past 1.5 year due to this non confidence.
    and for your question of why i follow your blog, is that you are blogging on your own mean that ur interested in sharing your knowledge so may be i can gain it more by asking you question.

  3. Hi Rajeev

    I want to buy Marg Ltd. is this the right time to buy or shall I wait for any lower level.

    How it looks to you.



  4. Amit,
    I think I can't give opinion on each and every stocks.....that decision needs to be taken by oneself......That is PMS...Portfolio Management Service...and I don't give that..

  5. Rajeev

    As you have time and again given a buy call on MARG but when I tried to find out your archive write up from your blog on MARG, I couldn't find one. That's the reason I want to know about this company.



  6. Rajeev,

    I am going through your blog for quite some time now and i really find it useful. Thanks for that but what is also worrying is your tone. Most of the time i find it harsh. I agree that what you have been doing is indeed a fantastic job but if you can just check your blogs and replies i am sure you will get to know what i mean. It is just my opinion. Sorry for that

  7. abap,
    My tone becomes harsh only when I am asked for which I am not suppose to answer.....Please remember, buying selling decision is made by individual and not me.....I am not doing any PMS service....I am doing just to bring out undiscovered stocks and rest is readers discretion whether to buy them immidiately or wait for his own DD.....Actually, I am not suppose to answer any buying or selling decision....that is upto readers...seems people are expecting too much from me...Moreover, I am not here to convice anyone to buy my recomended stocks..that Conviction needs to be with readers...When people keep on asking me , whether they should buy a stock or not, that is impossible for me to answer that....because that becomes a responsibility...There are many readers who are just silently following me without asking me any question and from the blue they write me that they have benifiited...I hope u understand what I mean to say....

  8. Point taken Rajeev.What is your view on Sundaram Finance.



  9. Amit,
    I think Ramesh Damani use to recomend this stock in his chat....

  10. Rajeev

    Let me tell you something. I am in Stock market since 1998. But for 1998-2002 I was only doing IPOs from 2003 I started investing in secondary market. After a few investment my dealer exposed me to F&O and there I lost a whole lot of money and I promised to god that I will never do Futures trading ever in my life and just get me my lost money and you won't believe a gentleman like you told me to buy Unitech(Pre Split Pre Bonus) and that was in 2005. I bought 1000 unitech at 300 and sold those at 800 after a few months against the advice of that gentleman and after that as all know Unitech was a life time chance that I missed...... Anyhow I recovered my losses but lost contact with that gentleman since he was annoyed with me, and you won't believe Rajeev, I see that guy in you. I know your time is valuable and what you are doing is commendable. I apologise if I have hurt you in any way but honestly speaking, I am still looking for that one stock which can change whole life of a person. I don't know if I will ever get that chance in my life again but with you A RAY OF HOPE IS THERE.

    Best Regards


  11. Amit,
    Thanks for understanding me.If you have seen I am asked by many about buying selling decision.That is not possible for me.
    If someone asked for opinion for a new stocks I have given the answer but buying selling decision is not my forte...that is readers discretion.I know ,I becomes harsh sometimes but I am also a humanbeing.I am not over and above GOD.
    Moreover, my nature is somewhat agressive.If someone don't understand a simple thing, I get upset and ends up giving some harsh reply.
    But I have tried my best to help in whatever way I can.
    One should remember, that there are phases that I am also in no mood to give answers.I have my own responsibilities to fulfill , like my job which I have to do to run my house.
    I think, what one needs to understand that and ask himself why I am harsh?I am not paid for anything.I am not a professional who is paid for what I am doing and hence I need to be cool and calm always.....I try to do that but sometimes I also get disturbed....

  12. Rajeev

    I completely understood your point. On a lighter note any Unitech type stock on offer :):):):):):):)

  13. mit,
    No one knows which can be next Unitech.It can be from my pick as well.......a la Kwality type...

  14. Rajeev,

    I am holding Hindalco at 120 levels.

    This stock is on the move along with other aluminium stocks.

    Recently, Hindalco purchased a Coal Mining in Australia from which it will be using the Coal for smelting.

    Is the current move supported by any other Fundamentally Strong Reason or is it just along with the Metal Boom.

    Please let me know your comments on this.


  15. Hi Rajeev,
    Indowind energy is looking good.Can you give any suggestions on that.

  16. Prashant,
    I do not track Hindalco now.

  17. ram,
    No idea of Indo Wind Energy...do not track now...

  18. Rajeev,

    A small question about telecanor global. Do u have any idea what is happening there? The last news was about some mistake in their balance sheet.

  19. Rajeev,
    forget my question, I did not see the comments in previous post.