Saturday, January 30, 2010

CCAP Ltd my old call on ....4th Dec Rs.85.25

I gave a call for CCAP Ltd which was also my old call from MMB days.
When I gave the call on CCAP Ltd I gave all reasons to buy it and explained it here.I am pasting my post here again......
CCAP Ltd has been  Rs 85.25 today and was in UC even when market was down.......for many days togather......
I donno, these are just calls where anyone can read and easy to understand what is going on but I am sure not many would have bought it......that is the pity.....It was very simple to assume and take a call.See that is where one needs to put money......and get return fast as well......maybe it may not happen with all such type of calls.....but still there was some story in it....

In almost 2 months stock has doubled....what fast ST return one wants from market other then this?

CCAP Ltd.....cmp Rs 41.70......


CCAP Ltd is my old call at mmb between 15-20.It is long time back and one of my reader here reminded me about it as well as CCAP was going up.

10-15 days back when I saw the price it was around 30-32 and now I am seeing the price of 41.70 and hence I decided to write it here before it shoots up more.....

The reason I had a look when it was 30-32 was that there was an open offer at Rs 80/share when the price was just 32....means when I read the annoucement the price was 32....and now it is 41.70 because the open offer is now closed......

CCAP - Open Offer :
Announcement: 7th Aug 2009...

Sumedha Fiscal Services Ltd ("Manager to the Offer") on behalf of M/s Ramayana Promoters Pvt Ltd ("Acquirer") has issued this Public Announcement ("PA") to the Equity Shareholders of CCAP Ltd ("Target Company"), pursuant to Regulation 10 & 12 & other applicable provisions as required under the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Takeovers) Regulations, 1997 & Subsequent amendments thereto ("Regulations").The Offer:The Acquirer is now making this open offer to the shareholders of Target Company (other than the parties to the Agreement) to acquire from them 7,14,033 fully paid up equity shares of Rs 10/- each, representing 20.00% of the subscribed equity share capital & 20.07% of the voting share capital at a price of Rs 80/- per fully paid up equity share ("Offer Price") payable in cash ("Offer or "Open Offer") in terms of Regulation 20 of the Regulations. As on the date of this PA, Target Company has 12,500 partly paid up equity shares of the face value of Rs 10/- each & the total amount of allotment money in arrear is Rs 43,000/-. The Offer Price for partly paid up equity shares shall be adjusted to the extent unpaid as per Regulation 20(10) of the Regulations.Schedule of Activities:Specified Date - August 21, 2009Date of Opening of the Offer - September 23, 2009Date of Closing of the Offer - October 12, 2009 ....

My Comments:

Well , the open offer is closed 12th Oct which was the last day.......and the stock hass started moving up because it is still below the open offer the price should atleast catchup with the open offer price.
Well, it may not always happen like that but it seems to be case here....
Before buying DD is a must.
Herein also , there is one more stock to take note of that....any guess?
Well, the stock in talk is Sumedha Fiscal (I hope readers find this name in this post )and it is a listed entity and it is the Manager of the offer and they will get good money from this type of work.So the point to be noted here is one needs to see who is the manager of the offer and if the name keeps coming with some other offers then we need to understand that the Co is having a very good name for the open offer management as generally the manager use to value the co and put a price for open offer.....
So, friends according to me Sumedha Fiscal is looking good and I have given a call at other forum in last bull run around 10 and it went on to touch something like 28.....
Sumedha Fiscal is a Calcutta base brokerage co ....
Now in very desi language I will say, ki ab Sumedha Fiscal ki janam kundali nikalo along with CCAP..........
Got it.......!


  1. Hi Rajeev,
    Yet again your call of CCAP was great, which doubled in 2 months.
    You are a genius at picking the multi-baggers.
    But more imp. than that you have given your valid reasons (for study others) by again posting your old call of CCAP.
    ok.I have one query on Spanco. I took small position at 70. But I am concerned about the interview with CNBC-TV18, Kapil Puri, Chairman of Spanco Telesystems.
    Though he says the growth will be 60-70% for next 4-5 quarters, i am skeptical about him not at all telling company's order book even if asked twice.
    Hope something is not cooking.
    I posting the link of MMB here.

  2. Hi Rajeev,

    I just watched George soros interview in which he is saying if stimulas is withdrawn then we saw the double dip . and believe he is right in some of his forecasting.But one thing is there we don't belive him in long term as he is also one person who want to become richer by others act.

  3. Vikas,
    I have no comments for your query nor for comments posted at MMB.I have gone through that as well....

  4. Hi Rajeev,
    Its ok if you dont want to comment on Spanco.
    Once again I went through your old post. And studied Sumedha Fiscal Services.
    It looks really good one.
    +ve - Low Equity, FV-10( others like India Infoline and Motilal Oswal are already split),Promoter's holding- 53%,No FIIs/ MFs, very ggod EPS,less debt, Excellent dividend yield.
    -ve - Small player so tough competition. ? Limited growth

    So do you think Sumedha Fiscal has any growth potential so that it can become a multi-bagger?

  5. Vikas,
    I think it is impossible to teach someone here.I need to give my full time how to look at things because even after showing what is there in Spanco you still came out with questions and I don't have time for each and every such question.
    Sumedha Fiscal, I donno how you liked it ? If you have doubts on Kapil Puri then u even don't know Sumedha's MD and not read his interview.How can you say that this is a good Co?
    Anyway,It is now becoming harder and harder for me to give answers perticularly when I have written what needs to be looked in Spanco etc....I will only say that you are again acting like an analyst...which I once wrote you.....FINDING FAULTS.......I again write, I can't convince anyone to buy a stock.....I think I will keep only one day to give answer...of queries..maybe on other day there will be no answers from my side....

  6. Dear Rajeev,
    I wanted to know your views on KPIT cumins now that the results are out and they are not so good. should we hold these for an year or so?

  7. Dear Rajeev,

    I agree to your point of view. Sumtimes when we find that if sumone is willing to spend all his time to answer all our doubts we keep running to him/her.

    Sometimes people do not realise that you are going through lots of trouble as it is in finding out new ideas and stocks.

    Vikas I am sorry to say this but you cant be spoon fed in investment matters. Do your due diligence and only if you are convinced buy a stock.

    By rushing to Rajeev with every doubt of yours will only make his job of finding the next hidden gem even more difficult.

    Please dont take it personally. I am just airing my views on this. And I am sorry for the interference

  8. Sandeep,
    Again go through my post of KPIT Cummins.Read again.Try to understand what is there.Try to analyse by yourself what is written and try to take a view of future of the Co......

  9. Hi Rajeev,
    I am sincerely sorry about my last few posts. Its just that you are such an amazing person that I depend so much on you.
    As you correctly said, I still have analyst's mind. Will have to learn to look for growth like you.
    Perhaps my problem is that I already have some 20 stocks in my portfolio. And you always come with so many gems, so I try to find some negatives in them ( so as to convince myself!)
    Nevertheless once again sorry. Now wont bother you with such queries.
    Will try to limit myself to few essentials only.
    With Regards,

  10. And Rajeev,
    Please just because of me ,dont keep your answer day as only Sunday. Because people need your expert advise on weekdays also.
    I promise not to bother you with my foolish questions!
    Will try to learn myself, and select stocks after DD.

  11. Hi Rajeev,
    CCAP is on UC for some days now.
    Can you please suggest if it still looks good to enter in CCAP, Petron Engg, Tata Chemicals etc.
    Or do you find them highly overvalued at this level?

  12. Rajiv
    please advice some scrip which benifited by forthcoming commonwealth game in india
    would u like
    noida toll bridge
    mic electronic
    thomas cook

  13. Rajiv ji
    please give your view about BOMBAY BURMAH. this scrip underperform always the market.
    i hold this scrip from long time and want to switch .
    please advice me which one is better choice for me.

  14. Rajiv ji
    i m not receiving any newsletter of yours in my email from last 1 month.
    please send your view on mic electronic for long term at cmp.

  15. Rajiv ji
    i have 1000 spanco @ 70 can i add more at cmp. scrip look very good to me at cmp for long term
    dont ignore my wuestion. I m very small invester and learn so many thing from U.

  16. Dear Ashok,
    I know u since when I was at ISG and so there is no reason to ignore you.
    Spanco looks good still.....I think below 100 it is a buy....

  17. Rajiv ji..i heard lot about you and your blogs..Would love to get your ideas for investing...

  18. i watch so many expert of stock market but like very few people Rajiv Desai is one of them.
    i never loose a single panny on Rajiv ji recomandation in long run.
    Thanks Rajiv ji

  19. Rajiv ji
    why noida toll bridge underperform the market.
    i hold 10k @ 45
    i book loss or hold.
    if any good scrip to switch please advice

  20. Ashok,What I can say here is Noida Toll is having a very big eq..186 cr is huge...since last few qr the np was never over 10 cr...
    now if Noida has to put an eps of 5...means with 10 p/e , it should become 50....then they will have to make a np of 93 cr for whole year so that it makes an eps of 5 and the price can become 50..where you 45...means near to it..
    But , with 186 eq, it is hard to earn that much big np too soon....
    That is the first thing I wrote in my post"How to Pick Multibaggers"...that first criteria is...eq should be small.....

  21. Thanks Rajiv ji
    if i got proper guidance from senior like U i also outperform market once again.
    thanks for your kind reply.
    next time when i pick any new stock i try to fulfil all criteria of multibagger and slowly slowly exit from all under performer stocks.
    thanks once again for your prompt reply

  22. Dear Mr Rajeev

    NHPC the stock which was recomended by you , I have observed the equity base is quite high, how this share will fulfil the multibagger category.

    Waiting eagerly for your reply

    Thanks in advance

  23. nirash,
    I never recomended NHPC on front page list.Maybe written in replies that it is good.
    but still I feel overtime it can be around 100-125 range and that is 3-4 times from cmp....and that is ofcourse a multibagger return....
    I know the eq is huge....123000 cr....but then in next 5 yrs they have huge plans too....

  24. Rajiv ji
    i hold gmr ferro alloy from 25 level. i always sell above 35 and re enter near 30 level.But when i see your recomandation i stop trading in gmr ferro.
    today i sell 50% of my holding in UC and 50% hold.Due to you i make huge money in gmr ferro alloy.
    please advice me at which price i reenter in gmr ferro alloy.
    i learn so many thing from you and always need your valueable advice in future.
    thanks with best regard.

  25. ashok,
    as u wrote u hold 50% now hold it...for a year...and if u feel selling and booking profit u can do that inbetween..

  26. Rajiv ji
    today i sell lot of stock like la-opela,uniphos ent,aditya birla nuvo,viceroi hotel, shasun chemichal,valliant comunication etc worth rs 10 lac.i decided slowly slowly i exit all uncommon stock and enter only popular and growth stock recomand by seniour like you
    i want to add some value and growth stock which give me good return in future.Because at present i hold so many underperform and kachra stock like noida toll, mawana sugar,3 i info ,first source solution and endless list of textile stock.
    i m highly obliged if u sujjest me some good stock.
    i hold sabero organic,srei infra, spanco,subex, geomatry,transchem bio which recomand u in this blog.
    i m highly obliged if u recomand and help me to choose some good stock for long term
    thanks in advance

  27. Rajiv ji i want your view on lokesh machine(532740)cmp 51
    thanks a lot for for spanco
    i hold buy @65

  28. Respected sir,
    plz advice me on cerebra intigrated,i have 4900 share,i want to know abt its feature and e-waste plant.plz try yr level best for me.
    urmil desai

  29. Urmil,
    U didn't write at what price you bought it?

    sorry i bought cerebra intigrated at 26 level i want to keep it for minimum three year.

  31. Urmil,
    Cerebra is in waste manegement and the sector is upcoming.Will take time to run...