Thursday, January 7, 2010


DQ Entertainment, Method Animation and MK2 to collaborate to produce TV series, movies


AMINAH SHEIKH Mumbai, 6 January
“A day without a laugh is a wasted day,” said Charlie Chaplin in his famous comedy character. Now, several decades later, that icon of the silent film era will dawn on our television screens in an animated avatar.

An Indian animation and special effects company, DQ Entertainment, headquartered in Hyderabad, has acquired the animation remaking rights of Charlie Chaplin from the Chaplin family, in collaboration with two French companies, Method Animation and MK2.

The legendary comedy show will be produced by them in animated format, as a television series and as movies.

While a formal announcement is expected in this week, the production is already reported underway. Tapaas Chakravarti, the Chairman and CEO of DQ Entertainment was not available for comment.

Sources say DQ is also in talks with multiple channels internationally to telecast the animated series worldwide, including Europe, Japan, Australia, UK and China. The telecast rights in India are yet to sold.

The Charlie Chaplin series had started in the early 1900s, featuring a character who captured the hearts of generations with his toothbrush mustache,a funny walk and two prized possessions, a hat and a bamboo cane.

The sources said the TV series will first go on air, followed by the movies.

DQ plans to raise around Rs 150 crore through an Initial Public Offer, for which it is divesting close to 25 per cent of its equity. Earlier, the company had announced filing of its Draft Red Herring Prospectus, on September 30 last year, with the Securities and Exchange Board of India. The lead manager for the issue is SBI Capital Markets and the syndicate banks are YES Bank and India Infoline. According to sources, the company will raise an additional Rs 62 crore from internal accrual and bank loans.

DQ is a production house for visual effects, digital animation for television, feature films, and animation games for PCs and consoles. It has worked with Walt Disney Television Animation, Marvel Comics, Nickelodeon Animation Studios, Electronic Arts, the BBC Group and NBC Universal, among others. Some of the projects have been The Jungle Book ,Casper Iron Man animation series, Omkar ,Little Nick Tara Duncan.

In December 2007, DQ had listed on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange and raised $56 million. The funds were used to boost its distribution network globally, to develop production facilities in India and other business plans.

Currently, it employs around 2,800 permanent staff and 700 freelancers. It has offices in Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Paris, Los Angeles, and Tokyo.

My Comments:
I think the IPO of DQ Entertainment would be a great thing to apply for.I donno what is the issue price so can't speak much on that.Let us see at what price the IPO comes.But this is one IPO where investor needs to lookout for....and I think DQ stands for Data Quest and there is one co who is publising Data Quest Magazine, I can't remember the name but it is an IT Co a listed one...and hence they maybe holding stake in DQ Entertainment....try to find that Co....


  1. Dear Rajeev,

    Goldstone Infra has now got fired up. Last two days it has flared up from 26 to 36.

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    SNL bearing is not taking any's on high from 11 to 28.25.

  3. Mitz,
    Goldstone Infra consolidated around 25-26 for more then 6 months.The accumalation seems to be over.Looking good still.
    Let us see where it goes now....

  4. OM,
    SNL is firing all cylinders.
    There was almost no floating stock in this counter and as soon as the operator saw that there is not much coming for selling, he is putting this counter everyday in UC....that is the reason I use to write,buy a small quantity one knows which is going to run.....Within 3-4 days SNL maybe be giving 300% return from my call....i.e. 2 months..

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    I also find Bharti Shipyard in this space and after Great Offshore takeover it look even more compelling. What's your view?



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  7. And i just forgot to mention 'Dujodwala products' and 'Excel crop care'..both are doing great..thanks for making efforts to dig n make unknown picks noticeable.

    Also thanks to Mitzzzz...for being bullish on 'Om metal n infra' since it's lowest around 5.

  8. hiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    finally apar ind is on track

    im holding a big chunk of apar.. why should i ignore this stock if i believe in power story coming up in nxt 3-4 yrs.


  9. I think it is cyber media,the publishers of dq magazine

  10. idig,
    Yeah, u got it right.....Keep a watch on Cyber Media......

  11. dear raju bhai

    That means the saagrr infra answer in deep industtries board is wrong.

    does artson engineering fit the anwer?

  12. Thanks OM,

    At Rs 5.75 there was not a single soul asking one to buy it and now when Om metal has gone all the way to Rs 37 you can find every channel airing buy calls.

    I still continue to hold it and infact my bro has added about 75k for a target of Rs 100 in a year or two.

  13. dear rajubhai

    wtith the trust on power and coal held companies going to benefit a lot,dont you think some day gremach infrastructure will catch up and regain its glory,or the managemnet is dud and one cant say.

    I remember vividly you writing that one needs to have gremach and seamac 500 shares only for retiremant.

    you never went wrong.

    any update on gremach

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    a freind of mine told me that he vividly remembers that there is a trade litigation filed against cyber media by Dq entertainment,he told me to check it out coudnt catch hold of the same,any idea what.